How LYMA Made Me Feel My Best After The Surgical Menopause

Emma Skeates on thriving through menopause and feeling her best by supplementing with LYMA.

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My name is Emma Skeates and I am the author of The Menopausal Mayhem Mothers blog. Six years ago I had a full hysterectomy and went into the surgical menopause, in other words I went from feeling normal one day to experiencing totally mad mood swings overnight. Thank goodness this is not how most women start their journey into the menopause. Usually the symptoms are gradual and therefore often extremely confusing. Common symptoms include a sudden onset of anxiety, unpredictable moods, depression and insomnia as your periods either end or become more irregular. Many women also experience the joys of weight gain and hot flushes, amongst other more obscure joys such as tooth and hair loss.

I started writing the blog about four years ago to help women see that there is indeed a lighter side to the magnificent and mysterious menopause. By sharing my own experience, including my ridiculous antics which are generally connected to unexplained brain fog and memory loss, I hope to help women feel less alone. Just reading about my often-hysterical shenanigans seemed to be great therapy for thousands of women who were going through the same baffling time as me. I wanted women to see that this was the harvest time of our lives rather than the twilight years.

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I personally was tired of women flaunting their perfect bodies and diets as they floated effortlessly through this tricky phase with all its symptoms. The blog was initially only meant for a few women who I knew were suffering, but it now reaches over 5 million women per month and has a following of over 250k. It turns out that the menopause and the suffering women are enduring, mainly in silence, is much larger than I first anticipated. Help was needed as I started to become inundated with private messages from ladies who said that my no nonsense, ‘real’ approach to the menopause was the only thing keeping them afloat. Honestly? I was shocked.

I had been put onto anti-depressants by my GP but they didn’t really work, so I went to see a menopause specialist doctor who realised my oestrogen levels were scraping along the floor and immediately put me on HRT which helped tremendously. I also tried some high street supplements which had absolutely no effect at all. I really wanted to make a difference to my ever-increasing following who related to my ridiculous brain fog and lack of memory incidents, but I felt they needed more than just someone real who was struggling alongside them.

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So, a year into this dreadful pandemic, I have found myself, along with so many others having no energy, no patience, moods all over the place and feeling like I felt back at the beginning of the menopause. The anxiety was back and my sleep was worse than ever but - horror of horrors - I had lost my trusty coping mechanism. My sense of humour had disappeared. I even asked one of my children this morning if they could actually see me as my sense of self has evaporated so drastically. I look in the mirror these days and I barely recognise myself. I have gained over two stone, I have aged terribly, I am pale and, quite frankly, I am unrecognisable to myself. I’ve desperately tried to motivate myself to exercise during lockdown to combat these feelings, but my get-up-and-go got up and went. And so the spiral began into a dark place all of my menopause symptoms combined and, with my self-esteem at a truly low ebb, I couldn’t see a way out.

I realised that something drastic had to be done. I am not one for reaching for the pharma drugs, so I thought I would do some research and as I hadn’t paid for my hair to be highlighted for a year, or had a manicure or a haircut, I would invest in something that would actually make a difference to me, inside and out. The research began with a vengeance.

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The one product that screamed out at me and was also recommended by several friends was LYMA. It was not an over the counter, generic supplement. It was a high-end, scientifically researched capsule that seemed to have everything I had been told was going to help this menopausal mess re-discover her va-va-voom and all in pretty meaningful doses and with some amazing reviews to boot.

To me, LYMA felt like a no-brainer. I needed to find my smile again and I needed to do it soon. My friends have stopped answering my calls and my husband has moved into his man cave to avoid having his head chewed off just for breathing.

So, ladies, I am five days into my LYMA experience and last night, for the first time in 18 years, I just got my first fullnight’s sleep. Unbelievable. I nearly had to pinch myself when I actually woke up at dawn rather than the three or four times during the night that has become routine. But it happened and I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference that has made to my mood today.

So, a great start, and it has all happened so fast. I will let you know with regular updates about how I get on with what appears to be an amazing, effective and results-driven product. I’m usually a sceptic - not going to deny it - but so far so fabulous. Let’s see whether LYMA helps this Menopausal Mayhem Mother find her smile again. I have a sneaking suspicion it just might.

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