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As our holidays approach us, most of us are stressing about everything vacation related. In the following piece we’ll aim to make the whole process behind travel preparation, flying and acclimatising that little bit easier, to help you feel your best. You’ll find tips on foods to eat and clothes to wear and we’ll also explain why the balanced formula of LYMA - and two of its award-winning ingredients in particular - could be your new best friend on a long haul.

With over three billion passengers taking to the skies each year, the in-flight transmission of germs and infections continues to be a global health concern, regardless of flight distance.

The air circulation at 31,000 feet is only cleansed every two hours, making the body more susceptible to germs and illness, and, on top of this, there’s jet lag. Symptoms can include difficulty sleeping, concentration and the more physical problems associated with indigestion and bloating. When the body is in this weakened state, the chance of becoming ill can be increased three-fold.

Why take LYMA?

Because there’s no better feeling than feeling your best. With the recognition of nootropics and adaptogens on the rise as a way of combating effects of air travel, LYMA is provides ultimate quality with a complete, transparent 360-degree approach.

Two of the ingredients in the LYMA formula that could help to reduce jet-lag and avoid the common aeroplane nasties are:

Wellmune®, the multi-award-winning beta glucan, clinically proven to prime the innate immune system without over stimulating. Studies have shown that those taking Wellmune® are less susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections (URTI’s) including coughs, colds and the flu. Clinically dosed at 250mg per capsule.

KSM-66® Ashwaganda is known to support 22 areas of health, with 300 scientific references to its name. LYMA’s KSM-66® Ashwaganda is a full-spectrum extract, with the highest concentration of all major root only extracts. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, lowering cortisol, promote and enhance memory, cognitive function, strength and muscle recovery.

What to wear?

Wearing clothing made of natural fibres, such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or wool can go a long way to increase comfort and decrease travel stress.


Exercise in airports and during your journey can help your circulatory, digestive and immune systems. Try some squats, downward dogs and when you arrive at your destination, go out for a run.

What to eat?

Unroasted, organic packs of nuts and seeds pack a B-vitamin and choline punch – perfect for reinforcing neural cell membranes and synthesis of neurotransmitters for the mental sharpness to match your style. Berries pack a high level of antioxidant power too.

Tea snobbery at the airport should be welcomed. L-theanine rich grades like gyokuro and matcha contribute greatest to upregulation of the chill neurotransmitter GABA; a perfect antidote for the pending delay at customs. FYI - pack your own.

Load up on melatonin rich foods like morello cherries. This neurotransmitter puts you on cloud 9, sending you to the deepest realms of R&R allowing you maximize short recovery periods.

At LYMA, customer testimony is what drives our passion and product innovations. We knew how amazing our ingredients could be, but hearing from our customers about their personal improvement is also very gratifying.

“Travelling 200 hours a year takes it toll. On LYMA, I never get sick.”

James Rhodes
Classical Pianist and Author

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