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The mood booster. Harnessing the historic power of saffron with the technology of a uniquely effective delivery system

What Is Saffron Good For?

Saffron has historically been used in Ayurvedic and Persian remedies with a host of benefits. Now affron® uses the latest nutraceutical technology to bring the ingredient into the twenty-first century. Saffron has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years, for its many benefits; it is believed to be a powerful antioxidant, and has been reported to improve mood and a whole list of additional benefits.

LYMA's variant of saffron supplement, affron®, brings this ancient tincture into the 21st century.

Does Saffron Extract Work?

While there are a number of organic and generic forms of saffron extract on the market, none have pre-clinical or clinical studies to support their efficacy, bioavailability and effects. affron® is the first saffron extract on the market to be backed by peer-reviewed studies.

Why affron® Is the Best Saffron Supplement

affron® is creating a buzz amongst academics and scientists as it is the first saffron extract demonstrating the ingredient may have positive benefits. affron® also displays an impressively rapid absorption rate, showing effects after just one hour and prolonged improvement when taken at the clinical daily dose of 28g. This is the dose we include in The LYMA Supplement.

What Is affron® (Saffron) Made From?

Originating from Spain, affron® is engineered from one of the purest sources of saffron. affron® is made at a highly concentrated level, with long-lasting stability through a patented 1,2 low-temperature proprietary production process. This technology allows for superior saffron quality with less industrial processing, less energy use and zero chemicals.


affron® in Detail

Clinical Dose28mg
Organic LimitsGeneric saffron comes with no guarantee of origin, traditional harvesting and levels of actives
Cost250x standard saffron extract
TechnologyQualitative and quantitative composition bioactives. Saffron extract: Lepticrosalides® > 3.5% (crocins >3.5%, safranal 0.03%) by HPLC- DAD. Lepticrosalides® is a complex of bioactive compounds responsible for the beneficial and organoleptic properties of affron®.
DataSix peer-reviewed affron® clinical trials

Your Questions About affron® And Saffron Extract

Are there any side effects to taking saffron extract?

When taken within the daily recommended dosage, saffron extract is medically deemed very safe. Saffron has also been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate so a doctor should be consulted for those with existing conditions.

Where does saffron come from?

Saffron comes from many parts of Europe including Spain, Italy and France but also India and the Middle East. Saffron extract such as affron® is the harvested and dried stigmas of the crocus flower.

How does saffron help depression?

Saffron has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to reduce symptoms by affecting the biological inhibitors of certain hormones within the body including serotonin and dopamine.

How does saffron work for weight loss?

The increase of serotonin can create a positive mindset that is more conducive to reaching goals and motivational upkeep. Saffron’s anti-inflammatory ability is also being further researched in obesity treatment. 

Can you take saffron with antidepressants?

In some cases, saffron is advised to be taken alongside pharmaceutical antidepressants as it can help aid their effects on adults with anxiety or depression. Always consult a doctor before taking saffron extract with any other medication.

Why is saffron so expensive?

Saffron is the most expensive food item in the world because the harvesting process is so delicate and must be done entirely by hand, making it highly labour intensive.  At LYMA we have chosen affron®, the most peer-reviewed saffron extract, that costs over 250 times more than most standard saffron extracts.

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