What Vitamins to Take for Very Dry Skin

Why you need more than vitamins to help dry skin.

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03.03.21 (Updated 13.12.22)

Dry skin could be the result of anything from not drinking enough water or micronutrient deficiency, to seasonal shifts, poor dietary choices or even menopause.

Depending on the cause of your dry skin, you may need to make adjustments to your lifestyle or routine. Habit modifications such as increasing your water intake, investing in effective skincare solutions and taking the right supplements can all contribute to increased skin hydration, a smoother complexion and enhanced glow.

Many people turn to vitamins to improve the look and feel of thirsty skin, but there is a limit to what generic multivitamins and supplements can achieve. LYMA is in a class of its own when it comes to improving the appearance of parched and lacklustre skin.

Whilst most vitamins work at a purely superficial level (if indeed they work at all), LYMA’s peer-reviewed patented ingredients get to work on a cellular level to generate increased skin health with real staying power. LYMA is the holy grail of beauty.

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Cosmeceutical Cynatine® HNS is the best keratin for the skin

LYMA contains a handful of beauty-boosting ingredients, including Cynatine® HNS; the world’s first 96% solubilised, active keratin that has been dubbed a ‘revolutionary cosmeceutical’.

Keratin is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins known as scleroproteins and is the key structural material making up hair, nails and the outer layer of skin. We lose keratin as we age, which can lead to damage and signs of ageing including the emergence of dry and papery skin.

Cynatine® HNS is the most bioavailable keratin ever formulated and is more readily absorbed by the body than any other form of the beauty-enhancing protein. LYMA uses cutting-edge science and technology to deliver a highly bioavailable, stable and clinically proven form of these natural keratin peptides, directly to skin to repair, protect and rejuvenate.

Researchers in Salt Lake City, Utah, were able to show that women who supplemented 500mg of Cynatine® HNS daily for 90 days experienced a significant improvement in skin moisture, elasticity, wrinkle depth and overall appearance, compared with a placebo group.

Another randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial investigated the effect that supplementing with 500mg per day of Cynatine® HNS has on skin health. In 100 people aged 41 to 70, 80% reported that their skin was more radiant at the end of the study.

“Cynatine® HNS, a patented and bioavailable form of solubilised keratin designed to support nail and hair growth and regeneration. With a growing evidence base behind it, Cynatine® HNS is increasingly recognised as a genuine cosmeceutical with enormous potential in aesthetic improvement.” Dr Paul Clayton PhD, Clinical Pharmacologist.

Cynatine® HNS has also been shown to combat dull and dry skin associated with autoimmunity.

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Why our scientists prefer Cynatine® HNS to other forms of keratin.

Keratin is not naturally soluble or digestible in its organic form. External keratin treatments are ineffective remedies in that they fail to address the nutrient deficiencies from stress or diet that often lie at the root of dry, depleted skin.

Cynatine® HNS is composed of solubilised keratin that is easy for the body to absorb and utilise. Whereas most generic keratin supplements use keratin derived from waste products such as chicken feathers and fish scales which don’t contain the same structural make-up as human tissue, Cynatine® HNS is derived from sheep’s wool and contains the same amino acid profile as required by humans.

Furthermore, the anti-ageing potential of Cynatine® HNS is second to none. Cynatine® HNS reduces fine lines and wrinkles through its zinc and copper complexes bound to proteins, and promotes firmness and elasticity in skin by improving the protein structure of the skin at a cellular level.

Carotenoid Lycored Lycopene® protects the skin

LYMA also contains a technology-enhanced natural carotenoid, Lycored Lycopene®, formulated to enhance skin luminosity, reduce wrinkles and protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Lycored Lycopene® is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and all-round beauty powerhouse, but the body cannot manufacture the nutrient itself so you need to take a supplement.

Studies have shown that consuming 30mg per day of Lycored Lycopene®, as formulated in LYMA, has the power to inhibit the impact of ‘collagenases’ which is the enzymatic breakdown of the skin’s natural collagen reserves that occurs over time. By interrupting the breakdown of your skin’s collagen as you age, Lycored Lycopene® helps your skin to remain hydrated, plump and radiant for longer.

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Antioxidant and anti-infmammatory HydroCurc® restores skin natural glow

Finally, curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, both of which can contribute to plumped skin, a brighter complexion, and the return of your natural glow.

LYMA contains HydroCurc®, the most bioavailable and effective form of curcumin in the world. When turmeric is consumed in its wholefood form, the body is only able to absorb 5% of the curcumin present. However, studies have shown that supplementing with HydroCurc®, results in an increase in absorption of the active curcuminoids by over 250%.

HydroCurc® is effective against environmental stresses that can lead to dry skin and a dull complexion. If you live in a busy city and are being exposed to pollution on a daily basis, supplementing with LYMA can help to revive your skin.

LYMA isn’t just a supplement, at least not in the traditional sense. LYMA’s ground-breaking formula contains peer-reviewed ingredients, all dosed at active levels, and proven in clinical trials to improve the health and appearance of your skin, and to protect against dryness and the signs of ageing. The LYMA formula includes ingredients that cannot be found in effective doses through food alone, or through multivitamins or generic supplements.

Unlike the majority of the supplement industry that formulates with low quality, unproven, ingredients, LYMA only uses peer-reviewed, validated ingredients. This is the highest category of supplementation available. Each ingredient has been fully characterised and fully standardised, so that you know exactly what the active component is, and you can guarantee that there is a standard amount of this active present in every capsule. We call this evidence-based nutrition.

This is the way forward. This is LYMA. And this is the future of nutrition.

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