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The World's First 96% Solubilised Keratin, Cynatine® HNS 500mg

Keratin is a major structural component of hair, skin and nails. Now available in a soluble, bioavailable and digestible form

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Keratin?

Keratin plays an important role in the health of the body. Keratin is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins known as scleroproteins, and is the key structural material in hair, nails and the outer layer of skin. We lose keratin as we age, which can lead to damage and visible signs of ageing. As a major component of hair, skin and nails, it helps keep us looking healthy, naturally. Evidence suggests a daily dose of this ingredient provides significant beauty benefits.

Are Keratin Supplements Safe And Effective?

Keratin is not naturally soluble or digestible in its typical form. If you put a strand of hair in a glass of water, it would never dissolve. This demonstrates how difficult it is for keratin to penetrate hair, skin and nails. Many keratin supplements use sources derived from waste products like chicken feathers or fish scales. However, chickens and fish do not have the same amino acid profile as humans, meaning these forms of keratin are not compatible with our bodies and therefore have zero effect when consumed by humans.

What is Cynatine® HNS And Why It Is The Best Form of Keratin

Cynatine® HNS is a revolutionary cosmeceutical ingredient comprised of solubilised keratin. Derived from sheep's wool, it contains the same amino acid profile as required by humans. It is a highly bioavailable, stable and clinically proven form of natural keratin peptides, capable of being delivered directly to hair, skin and nails to repair, protect and strengthen.

How Effective Is Cynatine® HNS?

Clinical studies with Cynatine® HNS have shown that a daily dose of 500mg over three months can deliver stronger nails, healthier skin and glossier hair. It can also reduce hair loss.

Is Keratin Good for Hair?

The unique ability of Cynatine® HNS to bond with hair in the body has been shown to reduce hair loss and improve the strength, brightness and lustre of hair. Studies show that after 30 days there is a 65% increase in hair glossiness, and a 18% increase in hair structure and growth.

What Does Keratin Do for Nails?

Stronger, healthier looking nails are the goal. Cynatine® HNS is capable of binding with the nail and providing improved strength, elasticity and moisture retention. Studies show that after 30 days there is a 88% increase in nail colour recovery and 88% harder nails.

How Does Keratin Work on Skin?

Cynatine® HNS reduces fine lines and wrinkles and promotes firmness and elasticity in skin by improving the protein structure, improving moisture retention, and reducing redness from inflammation or sensitivity. This powerful cosmeceutical improves the brightness and radiance of skin through its ability to promote the production of the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) and the powerful antioxidant glutathione. Studies show that after 90 days there is an 80% increase in the smoothness of skin.


Cynatine® HNS in Detail

Clinical Dose500mg
SourceHydrolysed keratin derived from the finest New Zealand wool
Organic LimitsKeratin is not naturally soluble or digestible in its typical form. Keratin treatments and topicals are expensive and ineffective remedies for weak and damaged hair because they fail to solve the "root" problem - nutrient deficiencies from the stress of age or diet.
Cost5x generic keratin
BenefitsHair, skin and nails
TechnologyCynatine® HNS Is based on a breakthrough technology to produce highly soluble keratin powder made from New Zealand sheep's wool through a unique and patented process which preserves the originality of the amino acids profile. This process allows for a unique blend of oligopeptides optimised in size and structure for absorption. Once it is orally consumed and assimilated by the body, it can contribute significantly to improve the vitality of hair, skin and nails
RegionNew Zealand
Data8 peer-reviewed Cynatine® HNS trials

Your Questions About Cynatine® HNS And Keratin

Is keratin treatment good for hair?

A lot of keratin treatments are topical, which means that the keratin is applied to the body. However, keratin is not naturally soluble or digestible in its typical form, meaning it won’t do the good things it is meant to do. The cause of keratin deficiency is often dietary or stress-related, meaning something that works from the inside out is much more effective.

What foods have keratin?

Different types of food support keratin production in the body. The most common ones are eggs, salmon and beef liver but keratin-boosting nutrients can also be found in onions, kale, carrots, sweet potato, garlic, mango and sunflower seeds.

What is keratin made of?

The majority of keratin supplements are sourced from waste animal and marine products, most of which are not biocompatible with the human synthesis of keratin and therefore are of little to no use in the body. The exception to this is Cynatine® HNS, the world’s first solubilised, active keratin matching the exact aminogram of human keratin. Cynatine® HNS is made of lanolin and comes from sheep's wool.

What is the difference between keratin and biotin?

Keratin and biotin are commonly confused as both are used to increase the strength of hair, skin and nails. However, the difference between keratin and biotin is that biotin is a water-soluble B Vitamin and keratin is a fibrous structural protein. Biotin can enhance the cell growth of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, whereas keratin is the protein itself. Biotin supplements feed the body nutrients to create enzymes and indirectly boost the production of amino acids, the building blocks of keratin, but taking Cynatine® HNS is a far more direct route. In the debate of keratin vs biotin vs collagen, it is far more efficacious to take biotin and Cynatine® HNS than any collagen supplement. Collagen is also a structural protein in the skin but collagen supplements are widely disproved with scant evidence to suggest any existing nutraceutical has the delivery method to allow it to be absorbed by the body.

What are Cynatine® HNS side effects?

Cynatine® HNS has been extensively studied and investigated in peer-reviewed studies and no prevailing side-effects have been identified. The World Health Organisation has also found Cynatine® HNS to be completely safe.

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