Mind, Body, Soul and Sun. LYMA is Here For Your Healthiest Summer Yet

Use these proven summer health tips to stay brimming with vitality all summer long in 2023.

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When you're a kid, summer is a string of sunshine days that may or may not entail ice cream. Then as you grow up, things get altogether more complicated, and suddenly it's all flight schedules, heat rash and keeping linen flat. For most of us though, summer still brings with it glimpses of that carefree positivity, the chance to temporarily check out of the hustle and feel the sun warming our grateful faces. It also gives us the added impetus we need to nourish our minds, bodies and receive some much-needed summer wellness.

Vitamin D for a full body boost

When the sun shines, our Vitamin D levels skyrocket (as does our happiness) and everything just feels better. A solid Vitamin D3 intake is among the best benefits of summer, impacting everything from your mental health and the quality of your sleep to your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular strength, and even your skin, hair and nails. It’s little wonder then that our intake of Vitamin D supplements is prolific, only our collective global Vitamin D deficiency has reach such levels that over 90% of nutraceuticals aren’t dosed strongly enough to make any discernible difference. The LYMA Supplement contains 2,000 i.u. of Vita-Algae D3™, an optimized daily clinical dose, as opposed to the woeful 600 i.u. found in the majority of generic supplements. Vitamin D3 plays a particularly vital role in the body’s immune function and vegan friendly Vita-Algae D3™ is a fully patented and highly bioavailable strain with plenty of clinical studies backing its ability to support the brain and nervous system, regulate mood and reduce the symptoms of depression. So if you’re someone who prefers a holistic approach to health as opposed to being rattling with pills, slipping the LYMA Supplement in your suitcase is the smartest move you'll make all summer.

LYMA supplement summer healthy tips

So, what are your summer plans?’, and other assorted anxieties

Someone, somewhere, fictionalized an entire narrative that when summer comes, we all suddenly shrug off our entire stressed out existence and just like, chill out, man. Although there's a grain of truth in that, there's also a very real thing called heat anxiety. A sudden lack of daily routine, concentrated family time (a mixed bag when teenagers are at play), the Tetris nature of summer travel plans, competitive holiday adventures (you climbed which mountain?!), and the pressure to ‘make the most of the summer’ all feature on the Summer Stress Jams ‘23 playlist.

And while cocktails by the pool definitely help, it's not a sustainable solution. Nootropics are far a more reliable and proven route to dissipating anxiety of any kind, and LYMA is formulated with the top three most powerful ones. Cognizin® is the world’s leading nootropic for mental focus, concentration and memory, ensuring you're fully switched on, KSM-66® Ashwagandha is a thousand-year-old solution to stress and affron® is a certified mood-booster with the power to haul you out of that funk. Breathing exercises will forever remain a solid stress relief option and just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t instill some element of predictability by sticking to a daily routine to combat stress. Whether you take part in the annual mass exodus from the city or not, summer can be disorientating, so taking an evidence-based supplement to remain on an even keel and retain a strong sense of sanity, is a great health hack.


Sleep: the sneaky downside to summer

Bedsheets off, fan on, and don’t even think about touching me! Sleeping in the heat isn't easy for anyone. Suddenly we find ourselves quietly longing for cool, dark winter nights and the lost pleasure of snuggling down under a downy duvet. Summer’s heat and light-filled evenings are not conducive to getting good quality sleep, even more so if you’re grappling with time zone travel induced jet lag. Sleep experts warn against medication if you can help it, recommending you support your sleep instead with proven nutraceuticals like KSM-66® Ashwagandha which have been shown to enhance the body’s sleep process, helping it to travel through all the necessary sleep stages and amassing enough REM to leave you feeling restored when you wake up. And while we're at it, the latest up-to-date science says we should all be making the switch to wool bedding. Fully moisture wicking, with built-in climate control and proven to make you sleep better whatever the season.

LYMA supplement summer health

Boost your hair health

Heat and humidity put hair at breaking point — figuratively and literally. It's also a time when many reach for the bleach to get that sun-kissed look so overall, hair health plummets in the summer months. Hair health depends heavily on our nutritional intake so don’t underestimate the positive effects of eating the right foods to boost hair growth. Effective supplements for damaged hair can take it from frazzled to full-bodied but only if they’re proven and dosed at sufficient amounts to fully nourish the cuticles. Keratin is the main headliner of hair supplements and justifiably because we’re all basically made of blood, water, keratin (and emotions). But in all seriousness, the human body alone produces 54 types of keratin and 11 of them are found in our hair. The hair cortex is made up of 95% keratin, so if you want to politely decline frizz, taking a keratin hair supplement is a non-negotiable. When it comes to keratin it’s an absorption game and in that respect, Cynatine®HNS is the daddy of all keratin supplements. The world's first 96% solubilized keratin, it’s been engineered into a bioavailable, human compatible form that’s also potent enough to measurably strengthen your hair. Studies show that after 30 days there is a 65% increase in hair glossiness, and an 18% increase in hair structure and growth. Sun, salt, UV blasts and balayage all take their toll on hair, but a daily dose of keratin is the essential defense your hair needs this summer.

So while summer may well conjure up a full spectrum of feelings and come with its own pressures (nobody dare utter the word bikini), you can sit back and relax on that sun lounger because LYMA will ensure your health need not be one of them.



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