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Naturally Occurring Autacoid, Levagen®+ 350mg

Levagen®+ is a natural autacoid. Improve the way you perform and feel

What Is Levagen®+?

It is an adapted version of PEA (palmitoylethanolamide), a fatty acid which occurs naturally in the body and in foods such as egg yolk and peanuts.

PEA works as a powerful anti inflammatory, and to reduce pain. Without PEA, even the smallest injury would be incapacitating.

Children have optimal amounts of PEA in their bodies, which means they can fall down, bump into things and injure themselves with minimal disabling pain. As we age, our bodies are not making as much PEA as they used to.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the physical distortion of cells which prevents them working properly, particularly when it comes to immunity.

This happens naturally as we age but has been exacerbated in the last twenty years by stress, the rise of processed foods and technology. Technology has led to less active lifestyles meaning we now have more inflammation than we deserve.

Who Uses It?

Levagen®+ is used to aid recovery by international sports teams, physiotherapists, and personal trainers. It is also used by those who suffer from joint problems by promoting a healthy inflammation response.

Why Is It Sometimes Called The Bliss Molecule?

People often report feeling better when they take PEA. This is thought to involve another molecule called anandamide, which binds to the receptors involved in pain perception and mood regulation. PEA inhibits the enzyme that breaks down anandamide, thereby increasing levels of this fascinating and unique compound.

How Is It Absorbed Into the Body?

Levagen®+ is adapted with LipiSperse® technology, making it 1.75 times more absorbable than naturally occurring PEA. LipiSperse® also increases the format breadth, allowing the PEA to be uploaded directly into the body's plasma.

What is the Recommended Daily Dosage of Levagen®+?

LYMA contains 350mg of Levagen®+, the optimum daily dose identified by studies.

As with all LYMA ingredients, this places The LYMA Supplement at the top of the field not just for proven science and bioavailability, but also dosage.


Levagen®+ in Detail

Clinical Dose350mg
SourcePalmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
Organic LimitsGeneric PEA is poorly bioavailable, so hard to ingest sufficient quantities as part of a balanced diet
ValueLevagen®+ increases the bioavailability of PEA by 1.75 times compared to standard
BenefitsAnti inflammatory
TechnologyDue to its fatty nature, PEA has poor absorption in the body. LipiSperse® is a revolutionary technology that results in superior absorption and format breadth.
DataSeveral peer-reviewed clinical trials

Your Questions About Levagen®+ Supplement

Is Levagen®+ a food supplement?

Levagen®+ is a patented ingredient that contains palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), a fatty acid that has huge benefits for joint health and sports recovery among other things. PEA can be found in some foods - soybeans, peanuts, egg yolk - but Levagen®+ is proven to be more bioavailable and potent than any amount of PEA you might find elsewhere in your diet or via supplementation.

What is Palmitic Acid Monoethanolamide?

Palmic Acid Monoethanolamide is another name for palmitoylethanolamide, which is often abbreviated to PEA. PEA is not derived from the similar sounding legume, so don't confuse this with pea protein: PEA is a type of fatty acid that the body produces naturally, but production decreases as we age: PEA is the reason why, when you fall or injure yourself when you're younger, you're able to pick yourself up easier, and your body heals better. PEA has been found in studies to be anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective, and is known as the 'bliss molecule' for the way it soothes and improves the body. LYMA's tenth ingredient Levagen®+ is a patented version of PEA.

What is Levagen®+?

Levagen®+ is a patented version of PEA (palmitoylethanolamide), sourced from palm kernel oil, and contains no allergenic ingredients. It is particularly bioavailable due to Levagen®+ including LipiSperse ® technology, meaning the body is able to absorb it better than in other forms.

What are some of Levagen®+'s benefits?

PEA works as a highly localised and fleetingly active hormone, with a specific purpose: to act as protection, reducing pain and inflammation when and where tissues are damaged. Without PEA, even the smallest injury would be incapacitating.

Due to our modern lifestyles, the body may not be making as much PEA as it should. This means that we end up with more inflammation and pain than we deserve. Taking a PEA supplement restores the balance, pushing inflammation, pain and injury into the background. In other words it is a natural pain-killer.

What are the Levagen®+ Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA protein) side effects?

According to studies into PEA, “no serious side effects have been reported” to supplementing with Palmitoylethanolamide, which Levagen®+ is a patented variation of.

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