Consumer Affairs Journalist Reviews LYMA Skincare for Redness and Skin Texture

After achieving incredible results with the Laser, beauty buff Sarah wanted in on the skincare too.

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My obsession with improving my skin started when I was around 14 and I bought a lipstick-shaped chubby concealer from Boots. Thankfully my approach has evolved over time, and in my twenties and thirties I hunted for the best products out there, trailing various LED masks and night creams touted as ‘age-defying’. But I have only really noticed a huge difference to my complexion this year, after finding the LYMA Laser. This came about by chance, through my job writing about consumer products, and it has honestly changed my life – as much as a skincare product can.

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My hormonal skin required a lifestyle overhaul

In my twenties I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and at the time my skin was bumpy, with under-the surface spots. It’s amazing how much this can impact your confidence levels – I piled on make-up to try and hide the redness and break-outs that would flare up. PCOS is caused by an imbalance of hormones that affects acne levels.

I have improved my condition dramatically, regulating my menstrual cycle through diet and exercise but struggled to stick to a solid skincare routine. To be explicit, a product alone cannot help with acne if you have an underlying hormonal issue or medical problem. But through lifestyle changes, the level of acne I have has reduced significantly. Despite this, I have yearned for the kind of complexion some my friends have: one that is smooth and blemish free. I have always noticed red patches, places where spots gather and a bumpy texture on my forehead.

Hand on heart, LYMA Skincare has revolutionised my skin

Enter LYMA, I cannot stress enough how much this has transformed my life. I have been using a combination of the serum and cream every day and night, the supplement and my favourite product of all-time: the Laser. I noticed a difference around the one-month mark, but introduced the Laser slightly later. The main reason I was reluctant to pick it up is that I have tried LED masks before and found the idea of using them every morning tedious, knowing you have to lie down with a clumsy big mask on. I used to have a product that had a faulty strap so it would always fall off my face.
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I would never normally write a review of a product but I feel so strongly about this

But it was when I introduced the Laser that I really noticed a big change. And it’s not just the fact it has definitely improved fine lines, blemishes, marks and made my skin feel a lot better in texture, but I also enjoy the process of running it along my face. I can do it with one hand and it feels like a special time in my morning where I get to focus on myself. One of the best aspects of this product is how easy it is to use and it genuinely feels like you’re getting an expert treatment at a salon everyday. I would never normally write a review of a product but I feel so strongly about this that I want to advise others that if they have the budget this is probably the best technology to buy. Or if you’re someone – like me – who would spend loads throughout the year on gadgets, facials and creams then invest in the laser instead. You could even use it alongside another night-cream and supplement.

The LYMA Laser is an outlier in that unlike other similar style products it does not work by inflicting thermal damage to the tissue to stimulate collagen production. Instead it uses a technology borrowed from the medical industry (low level laser therapy) where it is used to treat issues from rebuilding cartilage to healing tendons. The laser light is very powerful, and I like to keep my battery topped up by charging it daily. It’s so strong in fact it can reach, not only the deepest layers of the skin but also the fat and muscle tissue underneath.

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Now I'm hooked on the entire LYMA Ecosystem

The supplement has helped because I have noticed my hair is fuller and longer. To be honest I have a lot of hair but I have been getting hair extensions, even though this often made my hairdresser laugh. Since taking the supplement I have scrapped the extensions because my mane is out of control, long and thick.

Even my mother, my harshest critic, has noticed that my skin looks fantastic. This is the mother who once frankly told me I had a lot of spots, after I returned from a year in China, living in Beijing, where the pollution caused havoc with my complexion. Over the last few weeks, she has been beaming with pride and telling me how good I am looking. I have even struggled to know when my period is coming because my regular break-outs are not as noticeable.

Now I am a complete convert to LYMA, and it takes a lot for me to commit to one company when it comes to skincare – I am usually a tad promiscuous. After two and a half months I am still using all the products religiously and my wellbeing and mood has also seen an uptick. There’s so much out there now that it’s harder than ever for consumers to know who is genuine in the beauty industry and who is just selling you snake-oil, so I hope this review can be a guide for those looking to distinguish between this excellent product and ones that will cost you a lot and give you very little.


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