Introducing the LYMA Eco System: A Final Full Stop To Aging

LYMA's world’s first 360 anti-aging protocol has guaranteed us all skin vitality for years to come

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20.06.23 (Updated 18.10.23)

The majority of us mix and match our cosmetic techniques and products in a somewhat ad hoc fashion, designing our own skincare protocols. But thankfully for our collectively confused skins, LYMA has created the very first skin anti-aging ecosystem to treat both the signs and root causes of skin aging. “We all have multiple steps and components in our skincare regimen, so it was vital to create not only advanced products that work in isolation but that complement each other and achieve even better results,” says LYMA founder Lucy Goff.

And how does a skin ecosystem work exactly?

“All LYMA products work together to modify the structure of skin, muscle and bone. First we launched the Supplement, then introduced the Laser, and now we’ve closed the circle with LYMA Skincare. I’m calling it, "The Holy Skinity” of skin health!” muses Goff.

The LYMA Eco System: Combating skin aging from every level

LYMA Supplement: provides internal inflammaging and antioxidant protection from within

LYMA Laser: beams energy into the nuclei of skin cells to reinvigorate their function

LYMA Skincare: treats the root causes of skin aging in all layers of the dermis

Key skin aging mechanisms and how LYMA halts them

The LYMA Eco System is a multipronged, coordinated approach to resolving the root causes of aging from every angle. Here’s how each product plays its individual part to reintroduce youth to skin.

LYMA skincare graeme glass holding creams

Aging Process No1 - Hydration Drop

Skin’s own Hyaluronic Acid reserves start depleting from age 25, slowly making skin less plump and firm.

LYMA Skincare: PrimaHyal™ 50 is the deepest sinking Hyaluronic Acid in existence, optimizing skin’s hydrous flow and preserving precious water circulation.

LYMA Laser: Increases microcirculation for better delivery of hydration throughout every layer of the dermis

LYMA Supplement: Cynatine® HNS is the world’s first hydrolyzed soluble keratin, clinically proven to significantly restock skin moisture reserves.

Aging Process No2 - Cell Energy Slump

The energy sources of skin cells start to lose their regenerating powers.

LYMA Skincare: MitoPrime™ increases the number of mitochondria (aka cell power sources) by an impressive 20%.

LYMA Laser: Beams laser light energy directly into skin cells to recharge failing mitochondria.

LYMA Supplement: Lycored Lycopene™ - the most potent anti-aging carotenoid delays cell damage and smoothes out wrinkles.

Aging Process No3 - Flagging Immunity

The stronger skin’s immune system, the better it can protect itself from lifestyle attack.

LYMA Skincare: Wellmune® beta-glucans activate the skin's immune response to strengthen the skin matrix and add resilience.

LYMA Laser: Polarized light activates an immunological chain reaction to increase defensive action.

LYMA Supplement: Wellmune® beta glucans back up the body’s immunity along with super powerful anti-inflammatory HydroCurc®.

LYMA skincare yellow cream in hand

But wait, there’s more…

Not only do the components of the LYMA Eco System work alongside one other, when used in combination, they have the ability to push the anti-aging results even further. The skin-nourishing ingredients of the Supplement optimize skin health whilst also creating an improved canvas for the Laser to glide seamlessly over. Cynatine HNS®, one of ten patented, power ingredients formulated into the Supplement, has been clinically proven to significantly increase skin moisture, improve skin elasticity, reduce skin wrinkles and refine skin’s texture. After just 30 days of taking the LYMA Supplement, 80% of people report that their skin is visibly smoother and more hydrated. By delivering reinforcement to the skin internally, the Supplement supports the Laser’s supercharging action from the outside.

How the LYMA Laser boosts the effects of your skincare

Paying it forward, the LYMA Laser also increases the efficacy of LYMA Skincare. The LYMA Laser uses complex technology to boost the transportation of molecules into the skin and the uptake of active ingredients. Unlike microneedling and microcurrent, this doesn't require making holes in the skin, compromising its vital barrier function, but leaves the skin’s architecture intact. By temporarily re-aligning the lipid molecules in cell membranes, the polarized light indirectly opens ion channels, increasing the diffusion of lipid-soluble compounds whilst also enhancing the uptake of water-soluble compounds. The 660-808 nm wavelength of the LYMA Laser also enhances ATP energy production in cells, optimizing their associated carrier systems, and increases local capillary blood flow leading to better the internal supply of key nutrients to the cells, as well as oxygenation. All these elements make the Laser the perfect trans-dermal topical delivery system.

A complete anti-aging system, fully proven to work

Just as with the Supplement and the Laser, LYMA Skincare is embarking on the most comprehensive clinical testing ever undertaken and using biopsy results to demonstrate the changes affected in the skin on a cellular level. So the depths to which the LYMA Eco System can transform the aging trajectory of skin are still yet to be fully realized. And what do the world’s finest dermatological minds make of this marked shift in how we approach skin aging? “The LYMA Skincare protocol has essentially closed the loop in that we now have three products which together are addressing different yet complementary aspects of the aging process to reintroduce youth and vigor in the skin,” says Dr Graeme E. Glass MD PhD Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery. “The LYMA Eco System is complete.”


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