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14.02.22 (Updated 07.11.23)

At LYMA we believe in scientifically validated and clinically proven technology to benefit you. We are very wary of the skincare industry, as so many of the claimed ingredients cannot be absorbed topically, or even orally (see collagen supplements, about which there is not a shred of evidence to say they work).

However we were very curious about CALECIM®, a company that shares our principles of harnessing cutting edge medical technology and applying it to at-home beauty. LYMA founder Lucy Goff tried CALECIM® in conjunction with the LYMA Laser with outstanding results and reviews: “I love the science behind CALECIM® and have been using the Restorative Hydration Cream with my daily Laser treatment. The results on my skin are very impressive.”

Where the CALECIM® skincare technology comes from

CALECIM®’s parent, CellResearch Corporation, (CRC), is a biotech company developing a pipeline of drugs to tackle a range of ailments, from wound healing to neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases, and even some forms of cancer. They have developed a technology to harvest and produce stem cells from the umbilical cord lining with a 99% purity (the industry benchmark was previously around 60%). Calecim found these stem cells had a mechanism whereby they released proteins that messaged existing cells in the body telling them to heal and rejuvenate.

Out of this technology CRC have created an active ingredient, made out of the stem cell proteins (not the stem cells themselves). It is this ingredient they are using in their cosmetic line. They started out by selling this to doctors to aid with healing after cosmetic surgery, and after experiencing great results have now made it available for use in everyday skincare.

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How stem cell technology works

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the body that can become any other type of cell. They are also responsible for the renewal and repair work in all parts of your body, including your skin. Ageing takes place when the quantity and quality of stem cells diminish as we get older. Our skin is not able to produce enough glycoproteins, such as hyaluronic acid and elastin, and starts to sag. Stem cells are no longer sending messages to the epidermal layer to renew itself; this leads to a dry and uneven surface that accumulates pigmentation.

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Why most skincare doesn’t work

The way our cells signal each other is through a release of proteins: those proteins work as messengers when they hit the outside of other cells and instruct them with what to do. These instructions might include producing more hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, the three glycoproteins that provide your skin with youthful vitality.

A lot of skincare tries to put these glycoproteins directly into products, but the truth is, it is not actually possible for our body to absorb them all that much. What Calecim does is look at how a mixture of stem cell derived proteins work as messengers, signalling your cells to produce the glycoproteins themselves.

Calecim is designed to work on the basis of actually interacting with your skin and making it produce the proteins it needs. The umbilical cord technology is compelling, “because everyone looks great as a baby,” says CEO Nick Lang. “We basically take nine month old messenger proteins and apply that to the skin.”

We provide Active Mist and gliding Serum with the LYMA Laser to maximise the effect of our light energy through the key ingredient of Active Stabilised Oxygen. However we recognise that we all have our own preferred everyday skincare, and encourage our Laser customers to use this as ‘slip’, helping the Laser slide smoothly over the skin. If you are looking to switch up your skincare routine, do take a look at CALECIM®, as we are impressed by their technology, and their results (please note LYMA has no financial interest or association with CALECIM®, other than a shared love of science).

More science? Let’s go further

Here’s a deeper look at why CALECIM® Professional’s source of stem cells is so unique and relevant to skin revitalisation, and how its active ingredients can help maintain your skin’s tightness, elasticity, radiance, and overall health.

The umbilical cord lining produces two types of stem cells:

Epithelial stem cells — which are able to morph into surface lining cells, such as the epidermal layer of the skin.

Mesenchymal stem cells — which can differentiate into structural cells such as your inner organs, nerve, fat, or cartilage, as well as the dermal layer of skin.

Because of their ability to constitute the entire structure of the skin, from the dermis to epidermis, mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells are your essential tools in renewing and repairing your skin, helping to keep ageing at bay. Stem cells do their work by sending out proteins that communicate with skin cells. These proteins act as messages that regulate skin function, signalling old skin cells to shed, and new cells to proliferate. Stem cells are also the command centre for action when a wound or traumatic injury is sustained; sending out messages for surrounding skin cells to move towards one another to close the wound, and encouraging the production of new skin cells.

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CALECIM®: medical world endorsement

We are also really impressed by the endorsements the CALECIM® line enjoys from medical practitioners around the globe.

“CALECIM® Professional is particularly exciting because of the extensive body of science behind it. This is the first time that cord lining stem cells – or stem cells in general – are being truly utilised in skin health.”

Dr Mitch Goldman Founder of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego

"I have just concluded a 4-week trial using CALECIM® Multi-Action Cream, and have been quite impressed with the changes in my patients’ skin, even after only 2 weeks of use. In addition to an improved overall complexion, I have observed increased skin tone and skin fullness resulting in a lifting effect, a tighter jawline, elevated eyebrows, and enhanced facial definition. Our results have been consistent across a range of skin types and patient ages, with high patient satisfaction.”

Dr Ziv Peled, M.D. San Francisco

Pairing CALECIM® skincare products daily with the LYMA Laser will result in a consistent and healthy renewal of cells crucial to maintaining your skin's radiance.


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