The Science Behind the Causes of Aging and Skincare That Works

Scientists have just made a huge discovery about what causes aging and how skincare can reverse it.

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When Prof Paul Clayton, a world respected mind in pharmaconutrition, published a medical paper about the science of aging, identifying the mechanisms that make skin age and how to reverse them, the scientific community sat up and listened. And for a medical paper, it makes for very good reading.

Enter LYMA Skincare. Code cracked.

Following Dr Clayton’s discovery, LYMA began to develop the world's first and only epigenetic skin science able to influence the skin's behaviour on a cellular level, tricking it into behaving like healthy young skin. “LYMA Skincare has the highest concentration of active ingredients, hand-picked for their ability to reverse, or slow down the underlying causes of skin ageing,” says LYMA Founder, Lucy Goff. At a never-before-achieved ratio of 80% stabilised actives to 20% water, LYMA Skincare is packed with patented ingredients, clinically proven to transform skin and trick it into behaving like it did when it was young.

1. Degradation of the Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM)

The ECM, is an intricate network made up of cells, collagen, elastin, fibronectin and connective tissue. It’s a hive of activity, constantly changing and being remodeled as cells die off and new ones migrate to the surface.

At the risk of oversimplifying, the more ECM you have and the better shape it’s in, the younger you look. In other words, it’s the antidote to crêpy skin in old age because the ECM is where all your innate collagen factories are. “One of the main mechanisms of age-related dermal atrophy is a reduction in the amount of ECM, particularly collagen in the dermis. This is largely due to decreased collagen production and increased degradation of collagen,” says Clayton. In which case, it’s wholly worthwhile taking excellent care of your ECM, which Clayton aptly refers to as ECM Economics.

What LYMA Skincare does: A breakthrough approach to restoring the skin’s underlying architecture, modified beta-glucan Wellmune® is hydrolysed to a smaller molecular weight which allows it to penetrate deep into the dermis. This tricks the skin into thinking that it is damaged and instructs immune cells to regenerate and produce more fibres, which in turn increases and rebuilds the ECM.

2. Senescence

Not the early 2000’s angst-ridden rock band that first springs to mind, but the accumulation of dysfunctional cells in the dermis. These are cells that refuse to politely die off but instead, hang around releasing harmful and pro-inflammatory toxins to others around them. It’s not surprising they’re often referred to as ‘Zombie Cells’ and they need to leave the party sharpish.

What LYMA Skincare does: Ephemer™ selectively eliminates destructive senescent cells, clearing the way for young, highly regenerative 'active' cells to take their place.

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3. Epigenetic Aging

Environmental and lifestyle factors that trigger gradual shifts in the molecular patterns in DNA. Stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol, and diet can all dial up or down our gene expressions, thus contributing to epigenetic aging. Firm proof indeed that managing stress, making good life choices and opting for an anti-inflammatory diet, outright protects your face.

What LYMA Skincare does: Tego® the highest concentration of Betaine, turns back the epigenetic clock to protect DNA function and prevent decay. Production of collagen, elastin, and ceramides is dramatically increased and the surface lipid layer radically improved.

4. Cellular energy decline

Mitochondrial damage and dysfunction, leading to reduced energy (ATP) generation in cells. The less power they have, the less cells are able to regenerate, repair and do their vital jobs. Enter the LYMA Laser’s powerful light energy transference and the LYMA Mist & Glide's highly concentrated dose of stabilised oxygen to turbo-charge mitochondrial energy levels back up again.

What LYMA Skincare does: MitoPrime™ protects mitochondrial decline from environmental stressors and increases their numbers by 30%. Skin renewal is accelerated and wrinkle formation significantly reduced.

5. Immunological decline

When skin slowly loses its ability to protect itself, there follows an increased incidence of skin infections, reduced barrier function and immune incompetence. The resulting changes in the microbiotics contribute to chronic inflammation, aka inflammaging. “The best-known immunomodulators are the 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans derived from baker's yeast, natural compounds which provide increased immuno-surveillance and immune-modulatory effects,” reports Prof Clayton.

What LYMA Skincare does: Levagen® brings down cellular inflammation throughout the skin and reinstates its resilience to stress.

6. Shift in skin microbiology

Say microbiome and our thoughts understandably zip straight to gut health and all the millions of bacteria that rule the gut. But skin also has essential flora and fauna which are just as important to keep balanced. Increasing the numbers of good skin bacteria improves skin structure and barrier function by upregulating collagen production and lipid synthesis in aged cells, with resulting improvements in skin elasticity and hydration.

What LYMA Skincare does: Working in tandem, L22® and aurafirm P create an optimal microbiome environment that strengthens skin, reducing redness and restoring firmness.

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7. Declining dermal capillary blood flow

It’s vital to keep the blood pumping so that it can deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to skin cells. “By age 70, blood flow to the skin has fallen 40% below levels occurring at age 20,” warns Clayton. But this is not an end state as, “Anti-aging strategies including smoking cessation and physical exercise have been shown to regenerate the dermal microvascular system and improve skin perfusion in elderly subjects.”

What LYMA Skincare does: Quercevita™ (Quercetin) restores skin capillaries, boosting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in skin cells, and increasing elasticity for smoother skin.

8. Skin Hydration

“As skin ages, the progressive loss of ECM contributes to increasing dryness with loss of elasticity and increased wrinkling,” reports Clayton. “In tandem with ECM regeneration, improved hydration improves dermal viscoelasticity and reduces wrinkle count and depth.” Skincare needs to step in here, “Betaine is a highly effective hydrating agent, as is Hyaluronic Acid. The structural and cosmetic effects of these compounds are relatively short-lasting, but can be used to generate early results in more sustained anti-ageing campaigns.”

What LYMA Skincare does: PrimaHyal™ 50 Hyaluronic Acid floods all layers of skin and creates an anti-dehydration shield. This boosts the skin's hydration barrier function by 150% and increases skin hydration by 72%.


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