How the At-Home LYMA Laser Eliminates Pigmentation

Meet the first ever at-home laser powerful enough to treat pigmentation at home.

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12.10.20 (Updated 28.03.24)

Understanding pigmentation is the strongest start to effectively treating it. Pigmentation refers to the discolouring of the skin and can relate to either darkening or lightening of the skin. Hyperpigmentation, on the other hand, is the specific name given to a condition that causes your skin to darken.

Pigmentation results when levels of melanin in the body get out of balance. Melanin is the natural pigment that is responsible for giving our skin, hair and eyes their unique colour. A destabilisation in melanin production can be triggered by a huge variety of factors, but some of the most common causes of pigmentation include too much sun exposure, hormonal changes, aging, or trauma to the skin.

Pigmentation can be localised to small patches of skin or it might affect your entire body. Whilst pigmentation is usually harmless, it can occasionally be indicative of an underlying medical condition so if you’re concerned make sure to book an appointment with your doctor. The fact remains, however, that pigmentation tends to be a cosmetic, rather than a medical, issue for the vast majority of people.

Can at-home skin devices really reduce pigmentation?

The global market for skin gadgets might be huge and growing exponentially but the evidence for most at-home skin devices that effectively remove unwanted pigmentation is minimal. This is because for traditional light therapy gadgets to be approved as safe to use by a non-professional in the home, they have to be much weaker. This renders the majority of at-home skin devices far too weak to remove or fade dark patches to any discernible level.

Cheap LED masks and at-home lasers

The options in at-home LED masks have skyrocketed in recent years with LED masks, wands and pens all hopping on the latest trends. The issue is the very formation of LEDs' light structure - a scattered light source unable to pass through skin without losing almost all of its power.

Consequently, all at-home LED devices work on skin's surface alone so they are capable of brightening and evening out the skin tone but do not possess the power to remove pigmentation. In a similar vein, DIY skin laser devices typically send out pulsed light between 5 and 20 mw, in comparison to clinic-grade lasers that operate around 500mW. These at-home laser skin devices are generally deemed very safe, due to their low power outputs but they are not without danger. There is still a risk of thermal damage, burns and injury to the eye area if not used correctly and for the directed amount of time.

The world's first at-home laser able to fade out pigmentation

Until now, at-home skin lasers haven't worked anything close to wonders on reducing pigmentation. This is because for traditional light therapy gadgets to be approved as safe to use by a non-professional in the home, they have to be much weaker and as such, haven't managed to achieve the transformational results.

The LYMA Laser changed everything.

The first at-home laser powerful enough to reverse pigmentation. The LYMA Laser is an industry shifting innovation with proven results. A clinical study into the efficacy of the LYMA System concluded that, when used at home for 15 minutes daily, the LYMA Laser was responsible for a reduction in pigmentation by 62% and skin redness by 42%.

Originally developed as a medical laser in a research unit in Leipzig, the LYMA Laser’s original purpose was to heal injuries that had occurred deep inside the body without having to resort to invasive surgery. During the medical laser’s clinical trial period, it emerged that when the Laser passed through the skin in order to reach the damaged tissue, the skin began to visibly transform. In the course of these initial trials researchers noticed that the Laser had a profound ability to tackle pigmentation, blemishes and scarring, as well as to smooth wrinkles and reduce inflammation.

When used consistently, the LYMA Laser’s unique photobiomodulation beam technology restores the cell function in lower layers of the skin such that it is able to reverse the visible signs of aging including sunspots and other age-related pigmentation, rejuvenating the skin and restoring it to a more youthful state.

Results like these have never been seen before in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, and the accidental development of the LYMA Laser marks the beginning of a whole new category of beauty devices that could seriously change the way we approach skincare therapy in the future.

The LYMA Serum Reduces Pigmentation

What makes the LYMA Laser so unique?

What sets the LYMA Laser apart is that it’s the only clinic grade laser that’s entirely risk free. Devoid of heat, totally pain-free and no injury caused to the skin means no associated downtime. It’s an at-home beauty device that can be used daily in any location, anywhere on the body and for as long as you like.

LYMA Laser has revolutionised laser pigmentation removal by offering a non-invasive, zero damage, entirely natural way to remove hyperpigmentation across the face, neck and chest. Operating at the exact power level to create photobiomodulation; a process whereby ageing cells are reignited to operate with the vigour of young ones, the LYMA Laser does not disrupt the skin in any way.

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When can you expect to see the results?

The LYMA Laser is the best laser to remove skin pigmentation within weeks. If you can commit to applying the Laser to the problem area for just 15 minutes each day, you can expect to see stark results within the first month. For best results, however, you should continue to administer the laser daily for three months. Only then will you really be able to realize that the LYMA Laser is the best pigmentation treatment at home.

LYMA’s at-home Laser system is a three part protocol that alongside the Laser, includes the 100% Active Stabilised Oxygen Mist & Glide skincare products and could reduce your skin hyperpigmentation in as little as five weeks.

Are there any side-effects associated with the LYMA Laser?

No - there are no side effects associated with using the LYMA Laser. With the LYMA Laser you will be at zero risk of infection, scabbing or reddening.

As if that weren’t enough, using the LYMA Laser is pain-free and can be used anywhere on the body, even around the eye area which is famously sensitive to laser treatment, and you won’t need so much as to wear goggles. Zero pain: pure gain.

LYMA PRO eco skin system

The LYMA Laser forms a vital part of the LYMA Ecosystem; a closed loop solution to pigmentation. The LYMA Supplement supports skin health establishing healthy cellular turnover from within, whilst LYMA Skincare is the world's most powerful epigenetic skincare delivering actives to optimise gene expression towards brighter, more luminous skin. All three elements boost the performance of each other, creating your best skin yet.


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