How the At-Home LYMA Laser Eliminates Pigmentation

Hands down LYMA has found the most effective way to treat pigmentation at home.

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12.10.20 (Updated 25.09.23)

Understanding pigmentation is the strongest start to effectively treating it. Pigmentation refers to the discolouring of the skin and can relate to either darkening or lightening of the skin. Hyperpigmentation, on the other hand, is the specific name given to a condition that causes your skin to darken.

Pigmentation results when levels of melanin in the body get out of balance. Melanin is the natural pigment that is responsible for giving our skin, hair and eyes their unique colour. A destabilisation in melanin production can be triggered by a huge variety of factors, but some of the most common causes of pigmentation include too much sun exposure, hormonal changes, aging, or trauma to the skin.

Pigmentation can be localised to small patches of skin or it might affect your entire body. Whilst pigmentation is usually harmless, it can occasionally be indicative of an underlying medical condition so if you’re concerned make sure to book an appointment with your doctor. The fact remains, however, that pigmentation tends to be a cosmetic, rather than a medical, issue for the vast majority of people.

If you’re worried about pigmentation and it’s affecting the way you feel or who you see when you look in the mirror, then rest assured that there are steps you can take to placate it and get back to looking and feeling like yourself again. LYMA’s at-home Laser system is a three part protocol that alongside the Laser, includes the 100% Active Stabilised Oxygen Mist & Glide skincare products and could reduce your skin hyperpigmentation in as little as five weeks.

There are several types of pigmentation, all of which the LYMA Laser can help to treat. Some of the most common types of pigmentation are outlined here:


Melasma is thought to result from hormonal changes and imbalances, and is most likely to develop during pregnancy or menopause. Melasma most commonly appears on the stomach and face.


Sometimes referred to as liver spots, sunspots are common in older people. Sunspots get their name from the fact that they’re a result of accumulated excess sun exposure (hence their propensity to develop later in life). The hands and face are most prone to this kind of pigmentation as these areas of the body are most routinely exposed to the sun.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation generally comes about as a result of injury to, or inflammation of, the skin. Blemishes, for example, can be a precursor to developing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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What makes the LYMA Laser so unique?

Originally developed as a medical laser in a research unit in Leipzig, the LYMA Laser’s original purpose was to heal injuries that had occurred deep inside the body without having to resort to invasive surgery. During the medical laser’s clinical trial period, it emerged that when the Laser passed through the skin in order to reach the damaged tissue, the skin began to visibly transform. In the course of these initial trials researchers noticed that the Laser had a profound ability to tackle pigmentation, blemishes and scarring, as well as to smooth wrinkles and reduce inflammation.

When used consistently, the LYMA Laser’s unique photobiomodulation beam technology restores the cell function in lower layers of the skin such that it is able to reverse the visible signs of aging including sunspots and other age-related pigmentation, rejuvenating the skin and restoring it to a more youthful state.

Results like these have never been seen before in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, and the accidental development of the LYMA Laser marks the beginning of a whole new category of beauty devices that could seriously change the way we approach skincare therapy in the future.

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When can you expect to see the results?

The LYMA Laser is the best laser to remove skin pigmentation within weeks. If you can commit to applying the Laser to the problem area for just 15 minutes each day, you can expect to see stark results within the first month. For best results, however, you should continue to administer the laser daily for three months. Only then will you really be able to realize that the LYMA Laser is the best pigmentation treatment at home.

Are there any side-effects associated with the LYMA Laser?

No - there are no side effects associated with using the LYMA Laser. With the LYMA Laser you will be at zero risk of infection, scabbing or reddening.

As if that weren’t enough, using the LYMA Laser is pain-free and can be used anywhere on the body, even around the eye area which is famously sensitive to laser treatment, and you won’t need so much as to wear goggles. Zero pain: pure gain.

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Anti-inflammatory skincare to help pigmentation

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of skin pigmentation. But when inflammation happens deep down, at a cellular level, it's hard to find skincare that will provide any profound benefit. Enter LYMA Skincare, the world's most proven, effective skincare.

Developed by plastic surgeons, geneticists and skin cell experts to treat the 8 key mechanisms of skin aging, LYMA Skincare is an outright proven solution to skin redness and neutralizing inflammation in the skin.

“LYMA Skincare has the highest concentration of active ingredients, hand-picked for their ability to reverse, or slow down the underlying causes of skin aging,”

says LYMA Founder, Lucy Goff.

At a never-before-achieved ratio of 80% actives to 20% water, LYMA Skincare is powered by Genolytic™ technology and packed with patented ingredients, clinically proven to transform skin and reactivate its youth state.

Skin’s innate immunity regenerates and repairs in response to the many intrinsic and environmental stresses that accelerate the aging process. It’s now possible to ‘fire up’ skin’s immune response and prevent inflammaging via bio-engineered skincare ingredients. The gold standard of these being Telangyn™ a patented peptide that decreases rednessand fast action anti inflammatory. Telangyn™ is specifically designed to decrease the appearance of facial redness caused by inflammation by reducing IL-6 and IL-8 aka inflammatory cells.

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What else can help to improve pigmentation?

Treating skin health from all angles through proven active skincare, a zero-heat regenerative Laser and the world's only peer-reviewed, patented Supplement. Solving skin from the inside, the outside, even beaming light energy in - welcome to the LYMA Ecosystem.

Making adjustments to your diet and supplementing with LYMA’s formula can complement the use of both the LYMA Laser and LYMA Skincare to further help pigmentation removal.

Because inflammation is a leading cause of pigmentation, if you want to restore the colour in your skin it stands to reason that you need to incorporate more antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. Leafy green vegetables, plant-based whole foods, berries and dark chocolate are all great. The best foods for fighting pigmentation, however? Lycopene-rich tomatoes, guava, grapefruit and red bell peppers. In fact any red or orange fruit or vegetable is great as these foods are high in lycopene. Lycopene has been clinically proven to have a lightening effect on skin, and to help reduce dark patches and protect against sunburn.

The LYMA supplement contains lycopene in the form of Lycored Lycopene™; a powerful, technology-enhanced natural form of the carotenoid. Lycopene supports the body by giving you a healthy dose of anti-inflammatories, providing you with a natural and powerful beauty-boost and helping to reduce excess pigmentation by restoring hormonal balance and improving your overall health.

LYMA’s formula also contains HydroCurc® - the only patented form of curcumin on the supplement market. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, is highly anti-inflammatory and can support your body in the fight against pigmentation-causing free radicals. By supplementing with HydroCurc™, your body is able to absorb 250% more curcumin than is possible by obtaining it through diet alone.

Also, LYMA Skincare was this year’s most hotly anticipated launch and among the 30,000 person long waitlist were a lot of beauty experts.

Proven results, confidence you can feel; the LYMA difference is everything.


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