The Power To Change Your Longevity

These good life choices will make you live longer, learn about the secrets of the Hunza tribe.

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13.02.23 (Updated 07.02.24)

All this time we thought that living forever would be down to cryogenics when in fact, it’s taking it back to ancient ways. It’s possible to live long and prosper right now.

How long do the Hunza people live?

You may have heard a lot of ‘Hunza hype’ recently because scientists are fascinated with the Hunza Tribe and with good reason. The Hunza live in the northern mountainous region of Pakistan and not only do they often surpass their hundredth birthday but their average life expectancy is around 120 years.

More importantly, they’re all smiling and brimming with vitality. Their population is exceptionally fit and predominantly disease-free, irrespective of age. The Hunza valley women are renowned for their beauty and some can even fertile until after the age of 60, whilst the global population’s long-term health is on the decline, hence why the western world is so keen to learn their secret.

Secret No 1. An anti-inflammatory diet

Hunza people eat a highly effective anti-inflammatory diet of naturally grown ancient grains, raw fruits and vegetables, and lesser quantities of meat. Their strong immunity and low disease rate has been repeatedly linked to their high consumption of vitamin B-17, found in apricot kernels. We can certainly mimic their anti-inflammatory diet, we can even set up a subscription to the world’s purest mineral water. But before we all go on a Whole Foods snatch n’ grab mission, it’s worth considering what else makes the Hunza people live longer and healthier lives.

Plant-based Hunza Tribe diet

Secret No 2. Social health

Congrats on the excellent 10k time and you’re deadlifting like a dream but how’s your 360 health? How the Hunza people live happy and healthy long lives can be largely attributed to their superior emotional state, living in peace and within a close-knit community.

The McKinsey Report aptly refers to this broader definition of health as “adding life to our years”, because there’s no win in adding on the years if they’re not spent in happiness. Social health refers to meaningful connection, forming nurturing relationships and reciprocal support. Research shows that loneliness and isolation can be just as damaging to a person’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Kunza oldest people, beautiful hunza valley women

Secret No 3. Spiritual Health

Scientists have identified other dimensions of health every bit as important as the physical.

Spiritual health is integrating meaning and purpose into your life makes you feel rooted, mindful and present. US scientists have distinguished a link between greater purpose and a lesser probability of suffering a stroke.

Secret No 4. Calmness saves lives

Mental health goes far deeper than just your happiness barometer, it’s your ability to adapt, memory recall, process emotions and apply logic to situations.

Chronic stress and anxiety has been proven by Yale University to shorten your lifespan so mitigate that to retain the years.

Woman beautiful as integrates spiritual health to her lifestyle.

Secret No 5. Amp up your immunity

Research from the World Economic Forum shows that globally, we’re living longer than ever before but spending more of those years in poor health. Chronic disease is on the rise; conditions like arthritis, dementia, diabetes and obesity that won’t necessarily kill us, but will compromise our quality of life.

“We may be living longer but we’re ageing a decade faster than our parents’ generation,”

LYMA founder Lucy Goff.

McKinsey Longevity report

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We must become modern ancients

One of the longest living tribes, the Hunza people remind us that there are many elements to being healthy beyond a daily smoothie habit and a new PB. Admittedly the Hunza needn’t trouble themselves with tax returns or performance reviews like the rest of us but we can eat for longevity, move in the outside world daily, offer supplementary support to our body’s vital organs and work towards a healthier mind state.

We can all assess our own health trajectory and put the change in now, when it matters. Inspirational or not, perhaps our life’s aim should be to die in perfect health.



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