Immunity, Inflammation And How To Protect Yourself Against 3 Age-Related Diseases

How to slow down premature ageing and protect yourself against common age-related diseases.

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15.10.20 (Updated 13.01.22)

What is inflammaging? In simple terms, inflammaging is premature ageing that results from chronic low-grade inflammation and is a consequence of over-stimulation of the immune system during the course of one’s life. Scientists have uncovered considerable evidence to suggest that many age-related diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, could be linked to a process known as inflammaging. Other possible effects of long-term, low-grade inflammation include suppressed mental processing, the development of fine lines and wrinkles, brittle bones and weakened hair and nails.

So how can you protect yourself from the deleterious effects of inflammaging? Anti-inflammatory supplements are a surefire way to protect yourself, as are making some lifestyle shifts such as getting more sleep and changing up your exercise routine . You will also want to start supporting your immune system through regular consumption of immunity-boosting supplements, improving your diet and doing your best to enjoy life.

In this article we outline some of the most common age-related diseases that are made worse by inflammaging. We explain how you can reduce inflammation and which anti-ageing vitamins and supplements you can take to strengthen your immune system.

The inflammation theory of disease

We have known for some time that inflammation was a symptom of many infectious diseases however research increasingly suggests that inflammation is also linked to many if not most non-infectious diseases. Since 2004 when scientists discovered that the ras cancer gene also played a role in inflammation, the inflammatory processes have been the focus of scientific research aimed at finding drugs that help to treat autoimmune disorders, cancer, coronary artery diseases, diabetes and other infectious diseases. It is now becoming clear the chronic inflammation plays a significant role in the development of many diseases.


Here are some of the most common diseases associated with inflammaging, plus what you can do to protect yourself from ageing prematurely:


Immunosenescence is a fancy word for the age-related decline of the immune system and its ability to function optimally. If you're suffering from immunosenescence, your immune system will tend to respond inappropriately (either under- or over-responding) to perceived threats in your environment. This constant ‘firing on all cylinders’ can result in low-level persistent inflammation building up in the body.

Immunosenescence is a relatively new discovery in the world of age-related disease and decline, but what scientists agree on is that immunosenescence not only increases our vulnerability to disease and infection, it can also result in the development of autoimmune disorders, impede wound healing, make us less responsive to even the most rudimentary of vaccines and may contribute to an increased likelihood of developing cancer. Immunosenescence is a serious problem for older people.

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LYMA contains a number of ingredients that have been formulated with the specific goal of boosting and supporting the immune system, keeping it working effectively and preventing it from tipping into overdrive and triggering an autoimmune response:

Vita-Algae D3™ and K2 Vital™ work together to promote the calcium metabolism and distribution that is fundamental to maintaining a fully-functioning healthy immune system. Calcium has been scientifically proven to play a pivotal role in the activation of immunity cells in the body, and the only way to achieve adequate calcium intake is to make sure you’re getting the recommended daily amounts of both vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 , both of which are clinically dosed in LYMA to meet your needs.


LYMA also contains our Wellmune® Blend, a highly specialized 1,3 1,6 natural beta glucan originating in baker’s yeast. Not all beta glucans are created equal, and LYMA’s formula has been shown time and again to boost and prime our innate rapid-fire immune response against disease and infection. Whilst it is possible to obtain beta glucans from dietary sources such as oats, barley, rye, algae and medicinal mushrooms, our Wellmune® Blend has been shown to be the fastest-acting and most efficacious supplement for keeping you well and pathogens at bay. Beta glucans can also help to lower cholesterol, fight back against diabetes and help to keep your blood pressure in a healthy range

Neurodegenerative diseases

As we age, our cognitive faculties tend to decline. This is often one of the most challenging aspects of growing older and is frequently perceived as being an inevitable, part and parcel, aspect of ageing. However, we don’t have to let our brain health slide as we age. By taking the right precautions we can ensure that neurodegenerative illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s remain far from our sphere of existence.

In a recent article titled ‘How to get the brain of a 20-year-old in your fifties’ we uncovered some of the secrets to keeping your brain healthy and your memory sharp as you age. In addition to increasing the amount of exercise you do (specifically of the dancing variety) and making sure you’re always learning new things, one of the most effective ways to maintain the integrity of your brain and mind over time is to take the right supplements.


LYMA contains Cognizin®, a natural form of citicoline. This brain health nutrient falls into the category of ‘nootropic’ due to its potent smart-drug technology and its ability to improve cognitive function and brain health completely naturally.

Regular supplementation with Cognizin® has been heavily implicated in reduced age-related mental decline, and has been shown to boost both memory and mood in older people. Some studies have even demonstrated a link between Cognizin® supplementation and dementia prevention.

In LYMA, Cognizin® is paired with anti-inflammatory compound HydroCurc™. When the two are taken in tandem, there is the extra advantage that your brain will be protected against the free radical damage, oxidative stress and inflammation which are leading causes in the age-related breakdown of neurological networks and of brain cells.

A second leading cause of mental decline in older people is reduced blood flow to the brain through small vessels that have calcified and become blocked. The above mentioned combination of Vita-Algae D3™ and K2 Vital™ present in LYMA not only encourages calcium to accumulate where it is needed by the body, it also ensures that excess calcium does not build up in blood vessels and tissues, offering a double whammy of protection against the potential effects of inflammaging.



Another seemingly inevitable facet of the ageing process is the proclivity of bones to become brittle and thus fracture and break more readily. It is true that as you age, your bone density decreases. Once this gets to a certain level it can be defined as osteoporosis. But you don’t have to let it get to that stage.

Again, the answer lies in optimising calcium metabolism (surely the most magical of anti-ageing minerals) through adequate intake of vitamins D3 and K2 as formulated in LYMA. Osteoporosis occurs when your body begins to draw on bone matter rather than food for its calcium supply, weakening the bones and making you more prone to injury, so it is paramount that you don’t allow your calcium levels to drop below a healthy level. Your teeth will thank you for it too!

Musculoskeletal integrity can also be improved by ramping up the amount of gentle exercise you do. Even walking can reap enormous benefits for keeping your bones strong and healthy as you age.

Ageing, then, doesn’t need to be the disastrous deterioration that we’re often taught it is. There are so many things you can do to slow the process - and it’s never too early to start! Find out more about how to fight inflammaging through exercise , and what to eat to kick inflammation to the curb . And, of course, the sooner you start taking the right supplements, the less risk you’ll have of experiencing age-related disease down the line. There’s no time like the present, so what are you waiting for?

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