The Most Clinically Validated Vitamin K2 as MK7

MenaQ7® Matrix 75µg

The most bioavailable, all-trans Vitamin K2, considered to be one of the most underrated and important vitamins

What Is Vitamin K2 Good For?

Calcium is vital for bone building and strengthening, however you need to ensure calcium is not deposited in the arteries, where it can build up and cause serious cardiovascular risk.

MenaQ7® Matrix regulates calcium balance.

Why Do We Need Calcium?

Our bodies need calcium to maintain strong bones, the heart, muscles and nervous system also need calcium to function properly.

Why Choose a Natural K2?

Fermentation by microorganisms represents the natural process of producing vitamin K2 in its most bioactive, all-trans form. By mimicking nature, natural vitamin K2 undergoes production untainted by additives or chemical interference, ensuring a clean-label process.

Why Do Our Scientists Prefer MenaQ7® Matrix?

MenaQ7® Matrix is designed to be stable in formulations containing other ingredients. This ensures vitamin K2’s stability and shelf-life, even in complex formulations, to ensure its efficacy.

How Much Vitamin K2 Should I Take Per Day?

Peer reviewed studies point to an optimal dose of 75μg per day. This is the dose that we include in The LYMA Supplement formula.


MenaQ7® Matrix in Detail

Clinical Dose75μg
SourceVitamin K2 Mk7
Organic LimitsDerived by natural fermentation, MenaQ7® Matrix comes in the most bioactive form of vitamin K2, as all-trans MK-7 isomers
Cost10x standard Vitamin K2
TechnologyThe clinically proven benefits of MenaQ7® are delivered with the very latest in vitamin K2 protection, with an innovative clean-label technology. With MenaQ7® Matrix, vitamin K2 stability and efficacy is ensured – even in the most complex formulations
Data22 peer-reviewed MenaQ7® clinical trials

Your Questions About MenaQ7® Matrix And Vitamin K2

What foods contain vitamin K2? 

Though vitamin K is present in many foods, vitamin K2 can only be found in animal sourced foods and fermented plant foods. Chicken, pork chops, beef liver, and many organ meats all have high levels of vitamin K2. Soybeans, sauerkraut, and cheese are also rich in vitamin K2.

What are the symptoms of vitamin K2 deficiency?

Vitamin K2 deficiency symptoms can manifest as improper clotting or increased bleeding, including bruising easily, small blood clots under the fingernails, nose bleeds, and blood in stools.

What are the side effects of vitamin K2?

Supplementing with vitamin K2 is generally considered very safe and does not interfere with normal blood clotting function, however it is not recommended for those with high blood pressure. You should always consult your medical practitioner before taking any new supplement, including vitamin K2, alongside any other medication.

Do vitamin D3 and K2 help with weight loss?

Vitamins D3 and K2 have been widely credited with supporting weight loss as they optimise the body's metabolism by promoting healthy thyroid function, supporting glucose breakdown, and helping to balance insulin resistance.

Is Vitamin K2 good for skin?

Not only does vitamin K2 increase the skin’s healing capacity but it also supports its natural barrier function. In addition to this, by directing calcium to the most deserving areas of the body, vitamin K2 inadvertently boosts skin health. By lessening the calcification of elastin within the skin, both collagen and elastin are preserved for a more youthful appearance.

When should I take Vitamin K2?

For maximum health benefits, Vitamin K2 should be taken alongside vitamin D3, ideally in a combined supplement and close to a meal.

The LYMA Supplement Starter Kit

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