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17.09.20 (Updated 09.08.23)

Not to be confused with ‘attention span’ which is the length of time we are able to focus on a given task, concentration refers to the mental energy that we are able to give to a task in the here and now. Reduced concentration levels can impact our ability to get ahead. So how can we improve concentration, achieve a better attention span, and consequently progress at work?

Attention span, focus and concentration can be impacted by being in a distracting environment, hunger, a lack of sleep and even age. Low mood, life stresses and poor mental health can also impact your ability to concentrate.

Finding yourself unable to concentrate can lead to frustration and irritation, which ironically can make it even more difficult to concentrate. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you just can’t seem to get your head in the game, read on for some research-backed tips and tricks to help increase concentration and improve your focus at work. As you will see, smart drugs and nootropics are one of the best ways to give your brain a boost.

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1. Take the right supplements.

LYMA contains the world’s leading nootropic: Cognizin®. Concentration, focus and attention depend on the health of your brain, on sufficient oxygenation of the brain, and on efficient communication between nodes and throughout neural networks. Cognizin® is a patented and extremely powerful form of citicoline, a brain-health boosting smart drug that works to improve oxygen levels and communication in the brain.

Cognizin® has been extensively trialled in otherwise healthy adults who suffer from poor focus and concentration at work, and it is only on the back of these scientific studies that it has been formulated at a clinical dose of 250mg in LYMA.

Cognizin® has been demonstrated in peer-reviewed, randomised and double-blind studies to significantly improve memory, mood, attention, focus and reaction speed in healthy adults when taken every day.

Cognizin® has also been extensively trialled in relation to reduction in concentration as it pertains to the ageing process. Supplementing with Cognizin® has been found to significantly improve memory, mood, focus and attention in older people when taken daily. Some such studies go one step further in demonstrating that supplementing with Cognizin® may even help to prevent dementia or other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s from developing as one ages.

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2. Make sure you’re getting enough good quality sleep.

How important is sleep? Better quality sleep is desirable for a number of reasons, including offering a boost to your mental processing, metabolic function, hormone regulation and appearance. Sleeping well will also enhance your concentration and ability to focus throughout the day.

To improve your sleep, try our bedtime routine hacks to help you unwind, focus on eating sleep-promoting foods in the evening, and support your sleep cycle by taking the right supplements.

LYMA contains a sleep-promoting adaptogenic powerhouse. The natural root extract is derived from raw and natural sources and is potent at inducing a good night’s sleep. Research has shown that 600mg per day, as is present in the LYMA formula, will likely improve sleep quality, as well as reducing sleep onset in those suffering from insomnia.

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3. Train your brain.

They don’t say “use it or lose it” for nothing. If you treat your brain as you would your body and exercise it every day, it will continue to serve you well. Keeping your brain supple will enhance your productivity and have a positive impact on your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Puzzles, sudoku, crosswords, reading, practicing a musical instrument. These all count as brain training. Every time you partake in one of these activities you are encouraging your new neural pathways to develop in the brain. As communication pathways proliferate, these improved connections translate into improved concentration, memory, focus and attention, and into better mood and a feeling of being more mentally alert.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a 20-year-old brain well into your fifties, and even beyond, you’d be well-advised to begin some form of daily brain training regimen now.

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4. Move your body.

The health of your brain and of your body are intertwined. If improving your concentration is the goal, you’re going to need to get your body in good working order.

Research dictates that moderate intensity, physical exercise can drastically improve concentration, attention span, focus and motivation in healthy adults when engaged in regularly over a six month period.

Regular movement also has the bonus impact of being stress-busting, mood-enhancing and sleep-supporting; all of which further augment focus and concentration levels.

Improving your physical health can also help to keep your weight down and support insulin metabolism. Improved metabolic health has been linked to a reduction in inflammation in the body and brain that can have a knock-on effect on mental cognitive processing, learning and attention.

Your brain could benefit just as much as your body from regular exercise, so don those trainers and head out for a run, or get started with one of our recommended home workouts.

Other ways to boost concentration and improve attention span could also be useful. We’re huge proponents of breathwork and meditation, as well as following a healthy diet and taking regular breaks to get outside and into nature.

At LYMA, we are dedicated to helping you to reach your full potential. And whether you’re looking to get more done at work, improve your memory, or boost your overall brain health, our science-backed, patented formula can help you reach your goals.

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