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James Nielsen is a 41-year-old father of two, who is married, lives in Surrey and works as a personal trainer. Like many of us right now, most of his time is spent looking after his kids. James has been taking LYMA for 18 months and it's totally transformed his life. Read on to find out just what a difference LYMA has made to James.


I heard about the LYMA formula from a friend who was already taking it and, after I’d seen what a difference it had made to him - his mood, his energy, his outlook on life - I had to try it out for myself.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for about fifteen years and, needless to say, have tried every potion under the sun to help me feel my best. I was intrigued to see what LYMA could offer that other supplements could not.

Without doubt the biggest difference I’ve felt since I started taking LYMA is the increased calm, clarity and peace of mind I have. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, with LYMA I feel better able to handle the ups and downs. LYMA restores a sense of balance to my body and mind. For example, when I feel run down or tired, LYMA lifts my mood and restores my energy. When I feel stressed or anxious, LYMA calms me down. When I feel my focus and drive and dwindling, LYMA works to get me back on track.

I am lucky that my job and my passions align and I train every day, making sure to get a mix of running and weights into my routine. I have to keep moving, find it hard to sit still. Since I started on my LYMA journey, I’ve noticed a huge difference in how quickly I recover from my workouts. Even though I run between 70 and 90km every week, it is very rare that I experience pain or fatigue in my body. This hasn’t always been the case. It’s only since I started taking LYMA that I’ve been able to keep this momentum up.

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There have been a couple of times that I’ve forgotten to take my LYMA away on holiday with me, or have forgotten to re-order my subscription. And, I tell you, it wasn’t pretty. My wife will be the first to attest that I revert to pre-LYMA levels of irritability after a couple of days without my supplement. My focus and concentration suffer too. If I do forget to take it, it just reminds me why I started taking LYMA in the first place, and reminds me of just how much has changed.

“We often hear from subscribers who feel so much better after taking LYMA for a few months that they pause their supply as think they no longer need any help. But so often they’ll then find themselves back where they started. Once they start taking LYMA again, they rediscover the benefits, helping with their sleep, anxiety and a sense of balance. It’s a great reminder that becoming your best self is a journey, and one which we’re all on together.” Lucy Goff, Founder

Over the past year and a half, I have come to realise that by taking the best supplements, you are building a better you. I didn’t believe it before. But I certainly do now. LYMA has made me feel balanced, more in control of my life, and more positive about the future. I know that I’ll be able to keep working and moving well into older age.

I recommend LYMA to friends and clients all the time. I really do believe that it’s the ultimate supplement and that if it can have such a powerful effect on me and change my life, it can do the same for you.

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LYMA contains K2VITAL® DELTA, the world’s most bioavailable, all-trans Vitamin K2. Although this nutrient is considered to be one of the most underrated and important vitamins for various aspects of health, vitamin K2 deficiency is shockingly common. Over time, supplementing with K2VITAL® DELTA has been shown to improve bone density and prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Furthermore, there is a link between long-term K2VITAL® DELTA supplementation and increased arterial and cardiovascular health.

LYMA also contains Vita-algae D3 to help to support the brain, immune and nervous systems, with studies showing that it can regulate mood and reduce the symptoms of depression over time.

“K2Vital® Delta and Vita-algae D3® is a potent combination for bone, heart and immune health, and the actives we use have been shown to enhance bone and vascular physiology, and a range of immune functions.” Dr Paul Clayton PhD, Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour.

Originally published Mar 12, 2021.


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