How Levagen®+ Could Keep Me Running Ultramarathons Until I'm 80

18 months into his LYMA journey, James Nielsen is feeling better than ever.

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12.03.21 (Updated 15.08.22)

James Nielsen is a 41-year-old father of two, who is married, lives in Surrey and works as a personal trainer. James has been taking LYMA for 18 months, and it has transformed his life. But the addition of Levagen, he says, has really changed the game. Read on to find out just what a difference LYMA has made to James.

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James is a bit of a superhuman: a father of two at the peak of his physical health, running 80-90km a week as well as hitting the gym. His secret? He’s been taking LYMA for two years.

“I would definitely say it gives me an advantage in life,” he says. “The mental clarity, the focus, the drive and the recovery. I can train better, race better and deal with my family better.” If he feels stressed? It calms him down. If he’s tired? It helps with recovery: a better night’s sleep means a better mood, and a body healed up for bigger feats. “It just seems to fill in the gaps that are needed.”

James says that within four to six weeks of taking LYMA, his mental resilience began to improve. But the physiological improvement was almost immediate. “I’m generally a much better person, and therefore my whole family is also happier.”

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James has tried a million things in the past, he says, but “hand on my heart, this is truly the first thing that I’ve stuck at. Because it works.” He’s recommended it to friends and family, who have also seen amazing results.

Due to his incredible training regimen, we wanted to see how James found the introduction of Levagen®+ to the Supplement. After two months, James said, he felt a definite impact on his aches and pains. “Whereas before I might have taken magnesium or used Epsom salts, now Levagen has just taken over. It’s pretty strong.”

With the help of LYMA’s ten ingredients, James says, he hopes to be able to run ultra marathons into his 50s, 60s and even 80s. But also, he says, he just wants to live ”a happy, healthy life, and be there for my wife and family. That’s the main goal.” That, he says, is something LYMA gives him an advantage with too.

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How does the LYMA Supplement work?

Most supplements out there on the market today are a placebo: they use ingredients with no medical evidence to back up their efficacy, in amounts that vary per capsule, in forms that aren’t necessarily bioavailable and therefore useable by the body.

This is what we wanted to tackle: a market full of options that don’t seem to work. No more trying to devise a cocktail of perfect supplements from the shelves of your local shop. Our beautiful capsules come to your door once a month, and manage to truly supplement your health in ways a healthy diet can’t and any other supplement could never manage to do. Whether it’s your immune system, mood, sleep or physical appearance, the LYMA Supplement’s combination of patented, clinically trialled and proven ingredients are the product of top scientists figuring out how to give you a real advantage in life.

How our other ingredients helped James

“We often hear from subscribers who feel so much better after taking LYMA for a few months that they pause their supply as they think they no longer need any help. But so often they’ll then find themselves back where they started. Once they start taking LYMA again, they rediscover the benefits, helping with their sleep, anxiety and a sense of balance. It’s a great reminder that becoming your best self is a journey, and one which we’re all on together.” Lucy Goff, Founder

LYMA contains K2VITAL® DELTA, the world’s most bioavailable, all-trans Vitamin K2. Although this nutrient is considered to be one of the most underrated and important vitamins for various aspects of health, vitamin K2 deficiency is shockingly common. Over time, supplementing with K2VITAL® DELTA has been shown to improve bone density and prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Furthermore, there is a link between long-term K2VITAL® DELTA supplementation and increased arterial and cardiovascular health.

LYMA also contains Vita-algae D3 to help to support the brain, immune and nervous systems, with studies showing that it can regulate mood and reduce the symptoms of depression over time.

“K2Vital® Delta and Vita-algae D3® is a potent combination for bone, heart and immune health, and the actives we use have been shown to enhance bone and vascular physiology, and a range of immune functions.” Prof. Paul Clayton PhD, Personal and Preventative Medicine.

How Levagen is helping James

Levagen®+ is a patented version of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), a fatty acid that occurs naturally in the human body to help us bounce back from bumps and scrapes. We produce a lot of it as children, but these levels decrease as we age, hence why we can't always recover as quickly as we'd like from a workout or mischief. "If we weren't capable of making Levagen, if I were to bang my head on the table, I would be incapacitated by pain," explains Prof. Paul Clayton. "We're constantly down modulating, we're buffered six ways from Sunday. And PEA is one of those internal buffering compounds: it makes life tolerable, it makes life possible."

Our ingredient Levagen®+ makes a patented form of PEA particularly bioavailable, meaning your body can use it better than any other version out there. PEA is also known as the 'bliss' molecule because, as well as recovery, it also creates a feel good sensation that works fantastically with our KSM-66® Ashwaganda and affron®.



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