Introducing LYMA’s Brilliant Tenth Ingredient: Levagen®+

Everything you need to know about the 'bliss' molecule or palmitic acid mono ethanolamide.

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12.04.22 (Updated 02.09.23)

Science is always growing, developing and changing. That’s why LYMA grows, develops and changes too. Whenever a new ingredient emerges with compelling, proven evidence about its ability to engineer our body into performing at its best, LYMA takes it into consideration. The latest ingredients to win our medical team’s approval is Levagen®+.

What is Levagen®+?

Levagen®+ is a patented form of palmitic acid monoethanolamide (otherwise known as palmitoylethanolamide or PEA), a fatty acid the body naturally produces and which can be found in egg yolks and peanuts. As children, we produce huge amounts of PEA, but as we get older that amount decreases. It is almost impossible to get significant amounts to replace it through diet alone. PEA helps us recover when we’re in pain, acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and also has mood lifting benefits too.

"If we weren't capable of making Levagen®+, if I banged my head on the table, I would be incapacitated by pain," explains LYMA’s medical director Prof. Paul Clayton. "We're constantly down modulating, we're buffered six ways from Sunday. And PEA is one of those internal buffering compounds: it makes life tolerable, it makes life possible."

Why Levagen®+ works in the LYMA formula

The LYMA formula is honed to produce very specific outcomes in the body: to fight inflammation, improve your hair, skin and nails, and enhance sleep, health, immunity, mood and mental and physical performance. The LYMA medical team have added Levagen®+ (palmitic acid monoethanolamide) not just for its ability to soothe and improve your body, but for the way it will compliment the nine other ingredients in the formula and work beside them to build cumulative benefits in the body.

Why take Levagen®+ rather than PEA?

Levagen®+ uses Lipisperse™ technology – which LYMA also features in their HydroCurc® – which allows this ingredient to be more bioavailable for users, and therefore be more efficacious.

Levagen®+ is proven to work on recovery by multiple clinical trials, and is based on PEA research by the late, great Nobel Prize-winning scientist Rita Levi-Montalcini.

How will it appear in LYMA?

We include Levagen®+ in our formula at the optimal dose of 350mg, which is what clinical trials recommend.

What are Levagen®+’s physical benefits?

  • Pain Relief: Levagen®+ supports the body’s natural ability to provide pain relief.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Levagen®+ helps to bring down stress, aid sleep and boost immunity.
  • Sleep: Levagen®+ also helps people fall asleep three times faster and wake more refreshed in the morning link to.
  • Joint health: Levagen®+ supports symptoms of osteoarthritis, joint function and joint comfort.
  • Recovery: Levagen®+ significantly reduces levels of myoglobin (a marker for muscle damage) and stimulates muscle protein synthesis.
  • Sports performance: finally, Levagen®+ significantly reduces lactate levels, allowing exercise at higher intensities and/or for a longer duration. Levagen®+ is frequently used by Olympians, major sports teams and other international athletes to support recovery.

What are Levagen®+’s mental benefits?

PEA is sometimes known as the ‘bliss’ molecule due to its ability to instill a feelgood sensation in those who take it. “It helps with sleep patterns, it reduces pain, anxiety and stress,” explains Prof. Paul Clayton “LYMA is all about looking good and feeling good, so it’s fitted in on the feel good side.”

How does Levagen®+ work with the rest of the LYMA Supplement?

Levagen®+ supports our patented curcumin extract Hydrocurc®, as both help to combat inflammation’s causes and effects.

PEA’s benefits for anxiety and stress also make it a perfect ally for Sensoril® Ashwaganda and affron®, two ingredients in the LYMA formula that also support resilience and mental health while lessening stress.



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