“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my arms could look like this”

Jan had accepted her aging skin until the LYMA Laser PRO opened her eyes to what's truly possible.

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Jan Moger is low maintenance with a capital L. Ask her about her previous skin routine and it would be the briefest of conversations. In truth, a simple skincare routine suited her for decades, until she started to see the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. “Without a doubt, seeing your face change as you get older is a huge motivation for wanting to pause and treat aging. Now in my latter years, I am much more aware of needing to take care of my skin. Having regular facials has become more of a priority and I'm able to do it timewise now that I've stopped working and am financially more free.”

I would say I look pretty good for my age

“I mean, some of my friends look amazing but I'm happy with the way I look. Sure, I’d like to look younger but overall I'm happy with where I am. I’m 65 and some people say I don't look it and that's nice, but I'm not going to beat myself up about trying to look twenty again because I'm never going to be.”

So what to do about improving her skin strength and appearance? Jan began weighing up the options, “I knew I wanted to improve the aging skin on my face. I have wrinkles and fine lines on my face and neck and the skin on my arms is that typical wrinkly 65-year-old skin. I'm pretty good at looking after my health and play tennis regularly, so I’m out on the court with my arms out a lot and I noticed the loose sagging skin. I appreciate it’s a very common thing to have crepey arms at my age but it’s not great when you take your jumper off and see this heavily wrinkled skin.”

Laser arm skin tightening hero img

It would never cross my mind to have cosmetic surgery

“I would never have an arm lift, face lift, or any kind of fillers. No, I just wouldn't undergo anything like that. I've seen pictures of people who’ve had facelifts or their lips done and it’s gone horribly wrong and I just think why would I put myself through that really? Obviously, there have been very successful ones as well but for me, it’s simply not worth that.”

The Laser PRO proved the ideal candidate

Non surgical, zero pain, zero downtime and easy to use, the Laser PRO was an option Jan felt fully comfortable with. “I have never used any laser at all before and I was quite skeptical of what it would achieve but I was fully willing to give it a go.”

The latest technology in near-infrared Low-level Laser Therapy, the Laser PRO is an in-clinic iteration of the already industry disrupting LYMA Laser. Advanced laser technology with more biological power, more infrared intensity and triple the treatment area size, yet exactly the same medically proven laser technology.

Three 500mW laser beams containing polarized, coherent, monochromatic light with unrivalled regenerative power switch the power centers of skin cells to operate as younger again, strengthen the extracellular matrix scaffolding, encourage collagen synthesis and re-establish healthy cell renewal. The Laser PRO is perfectly pitched for incredible skin rejuvenation across both face and body.

Laser pro closeup

You want results, you have to commit to the time

Choosing her face and upper arms as starting points, Jan committed to using the Laser PRO every day. “I very quickly found ways to incorporate the Laser PRO into life and established a good routine of using it daily.

“Using the Mist, the Glide, the Serum and then the Cream, all first thing in the morning, I laser areas of my face, holding it still for three minutes at a time on each target area.

“You do need to make the time, but you can easily fit that time into everyday activities. For instance, if I’m concentrating on my face, I’ll use the Laser PRO during a long car journey or I'll get the time in whilst cooking. I’ve been doing three points along my upper arms too, which I’ll typically do when I’m sitting down in the evening to watch TV. It's been a learning curve for me, proving that it’s worth giving yourself that time because you can see a difference - something I never would have known before.”

The Laser PRO has opened my eyes to what I should be doing

“Before I started using the Laser PRO, I had never used an at-home beauty device in my life. I was happy with how I looked, I had accepted it was just normal and not where I would necessarily put my money, but that seems so silly now.

Using the Laser PRO has caused a shift in attitude for me because I’ve seen what improvements I can achieve with a little time and commitment. I’ve started questioning everything and the more I think about it, the more I think, why wouldn’t you spend the money and do something about it to make yourself look and feel better?”

LYMA under arm before after

Seeing the improvements day by day spurred me on

Within 8 weeks of using the Laser PRO, the crepiness on her arms had gone and Jan felt more body confident playing tennis in short sleeves. The difference in Jan’s facial skin has been just as astounding. “My face is so much more hydrated and smoother; I can see and physically feel the difference. It’s not that surgical, dramatic effect, which I definitely wouldn't want, it's more what's changed deep inside my skin, making it feel so much lighter. In fact, the other day I went out in the car and I realized I’d forgotten to put mascara on which is unheard of for me. That's how good my skin looked. For the first time ever, I didn’t need it.”

“I have to say I'm really blown away by it. This device is astounding. It truly is.”

It's been nothing short of incredible. Definitely incredible

“Most of my friends are the same sort of age and all in the same boat of just accepting aging as how it goes. Only now, after using the Laser PRO I’m aware that if you don’t want to accept that, there is a different reality. It really has been eye opening to see what can be achieved without surgery and in not that long a time.”

And next?

“When I first read about the Laser PRO, I thought it was going to be good but I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be feeling like it feels right now. Carrying on, I’m going to keep it up on my arms, perhaps give my stomach a go and use the Laser PRO to treat the cellulite on my thighs. There’s always another area! ”


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