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Everything you need to know about the best laser to tighten loose skin on the arms naturally.

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Anyone who’s lost hours staring down Victoria Beckham’s seriously impressive power arms can attest to feeling equal parts inspired and disheartened by their own somewhat less sculpted wingspan. Though many would agree it’s not the size of our own that might aggrieve us, but the emerging wobble. The marbled physiques of the likes of VB and GP are heavily responsible for the exponential uptake in both professional and at-home sculpting devices to tighten saggy skin on the arms.

Why do we get loose skin on the arms?

It starts with understanding that sagging arm skin has less to do with weight loss and plenty to do with the integrity of the skin’s structure. There are certainly exercises to tighten skin on the arms but these are designed to target muscle tone underneath the skin, rather than improve surface texture.

Significant weight loss, UV exposure and certain medical conditions can all cause sagging skin on the face and body but aging is by far the most common cause, dictated by genetics. Sagging skin can occur on almost any part of the body, but the areas most commonly affected include the stomach, arms, knees, eyelids, jawline and the neck.

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Firming loose arm skin is a matter of collagen production

At a cellular level, sagging skin is predominantly the result of the deterioration or breakdown of skin-tightening collagen and elastin in the dermis. We’re born with plenty of collagen, babies are brimming with it, and we remain well stocked up to a certain age, but with time our collagen production becomes much less efficient.

Collagen production starts to dwindle by roughly 1% each year, causing a gradual loss of structure and volume to skin. “From our 20’s onwards, we start losing our collagen and by the age of 50, you've lost about 50% of your natural collagen reserves. Then by the age of 75, you’ve lost that same percentage of collagen,” warns Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar, The Aesthetics Doctor.

In addition to this slowdown in production, there’s also a natural degradation of collagen and elastin, the brazen culprit being a process called collagenase. An enzyme our bodies continually produces as part of a normal immune response, collagenase inadvertently eats away at our natural collagen reserves. Combine that with external aggressors such as prolonged stress, cigarette smoking, UV radiation and air pollution and collagen is steadily depleted from the body.

How to tighten skin on the arms yourself?

It starts with rebuilding your skin scaffolding. Collagen and elastin are integral structural proteins that help make up the Extracellular Matrix. The ECM, is an intricate network made up of collagen, elastin, fibronectin and connective tissue that’s a hive of activity, constantly changing and being remodeled. The more ECM you have and the better shape it’s in, the younger skin will look because the ECM is where all your innate collagen factories reside.

To reverse saggy skin in the arms, collagen and elastin production needs to be upregulated along with an increase in microcirculation so as to better deliver oxygen and revitalizing nutrients throughout every layer of the skin, not least, the Extracellular Matrix. “One of the main mechanisms of age-related dermal atrophy is a reduction in the amount of ECM, particularly collagen in the dermis. This is largely due to decreased collagen production and increased degradation of collagen,” says world authority on preventative degenerative disease and LYMA Director of Science, Professor Paul Clayton. In which case, it’s wholly worthwhile taking excellent care of your ECM, which Clayton aptly refers to as ‘ECM Economics’.

The Laser that tightens loose skin on the arms naturally

The LYMA Laser is now receiving international acclaim for its ability to improve the texture and firmness of skin all over the body. Customers are reporting their skin is tighter, smoother and noticeably rejuvenated. “Creams are not fast, surgery is fast and painful, but the LYMA Laser is the natural treatment for skin tightening without surgery. It’s the ultimate head-to-toe skin tightening solution,” advocates LYMA Founder, Lucy Goff. “The incredible thing is that LYMA Laser technology was never actually intended for skin, it was developed to deal with issues that are going on beneath the skin’s surface,” explains LYMA founder Lucy Goff.

The Laser proved its propensity for improving sagging skin purely by chance; “Our head scientist Professor Paul Clayton, discovered it purely by accident when he was in Germany looking at a man's knees that were being treated with low-level laser therapy to rebuild cartilage. This technology has been used for decades in hospitals to rebuild cartilage, heal tendons, reduce inflammation and deal with joint issues, all from a physiotherapy approach.

Professor Clayton was looking at the patient’s knee that had been treated with the laser and noticed the skin was smooth, toned and looked about 20 years younger than his other knee. That’s when he realized the power of this technology and we knew the LYMA Laser could be revolutionary for the cosmetic industry.”

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How does laser light tighten loose skin on the arms?

Near-infrared low-level laser light in the LYMA Laser works directly on the cells beneath the upper layers of skin to alter the skin’s extracellular matrix. “The lasers' bio-stimulation output restores skin cell function such that it effectively reverses the skin aging process. This includes those collagen and elastin producing cells that manufacture the proteins responsible for keeping your skin taught and firm,” explains Dr Graeme Glass, Craniofacial, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon as well as LYMA’s Aesthetic Director.

“Powerful laser light switches the genetic switches for degradation off and those for regeneration fully on. The LYMA Laser is able to effectively ‘unlock’ the skin’s mitochondria to provide the cells with more energy, thereby restoring the cells’ ability to produce collagen and elastin, renewing the skin in the process without damaging the skin on any level. Improved cell cohesion and reinforced structure through all layers of underlying tissue, ligaments, muscles, fat even down to bone.”

And the best skincare to tighten loose arm skin?

The LYMA Laser is a rejuvenation powerhouse on its own, made even more effective when used alongside LYMA’s epigenetic skincare for a breakthrough approach to restoring the skin’s underlying architecture. The most advanced epigenetic skincare in existence, the LYMA Cream and Serum formulations treat the root causes of aging by manipulating the gene expression that governs skin’s cellular processes. When it comes to stronger skin, patented skincare ingredient modified beta-glucan Wellmune® tricks the skin into thinking that it is damaged and instructs immune cells to regenerate and produce more fibers, which in turn reinvigorates skin's innate collagen synthesis to rebuild the ECM.

Every active in LYMA Skincare has been specifically chosen to be the best at targeting a mechanism of skin aging whether that be to boost microcirculation, increase both mitochondrial count and function, rebalance the skin’s microbiome or provide long lasting hydration, all actives contribute to plumper, firmer skin that bounces back.

Best lifestyle hack to tighten loose arm skin

It’s also entirely possible to boost collagen production throughout the body by eating the right foods. Get avocados, oily salmon, nuts, eggs and citrus fruits on your weekly shopping list and supplement your diet with the gold standard LYMA Supplement containing patented skin strengthening extracts. LycoBeads® Natural Tomato Lycopene is a hero carotenoid and potent antioxidant that simultaneously prevents cellular damage and collagen degradation.

Proven in over 20 peer-reviewed studies, it’s the most extensively reviewed standardized tomato extract to date. As the world's first 96% solubilised keratin, Cynatine® HNS is an unrivalled skin reinforcer; promoting firmness and elasticity in skin by improving the protein structure and increasing moisture retention. If you're looking at how to tighten loose arm skin, multiple studies show that after 90 days there is an 80% increase in the smoothness of skin.

See real-life skin tightening before and after results of the LYMA Laser here.



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