LYMA: The All-in-One Solution You Need To Improve Skin Elasticity.

LYMA's revolutionary new home laser system is the best thing in anti-ageing right now

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25.09.20 (Updated 15.03.22)

LYMA’s revolutionary new home Laser system is the best thing in anti-ageing right now. The Laser’s anti-ageing, skin-plumping, complexion-evening benefits are second-to-none, so now is the time to invest in the anti-ageing results you're looking for.

You can use it - safely, comfortably, and from your own home - to reduce wrinkles, increase skin tension and elasticity, boost collagen production and kick pigmentation to the curb. Forget everything you know about lasers. Nothing with this level of transformative power has ever before been available on the beauty market which makes the LYMA Laser the best at home laser for wrinkles.

Laser in hand reflection

The technology behind the best anti-ageing laser treatment.

If you’re looking for an anti-ageing treatment that efficiently and effectively fights fine lines and wrinkles, and you’re looking to invest in the absolute best, the LYMA laser might just be the one for you. The LYMA laser is the best anti-ageing laser treatment on the market today. Want to know what makes it so special? Read on to find out.

Here’s how the laser works:

Mitochondria are the energy source within your cells, including those all-important skin cells that produce the micro-fibres collagen and elastin. As we age, mitochondria become less efficient, and cellular function is impaired. Collagen and elastin production diminishes, and skin starts to thin, wrinkle and lose its elasticity. Unlike any other skin treatment on the market, the LYMA Laser works to unlock the mitochondria, providing the cells with more energy. This restores their ability to produce collagen and elastin, renewing the skin in the process.

Woman uses LYMA Laser to resurface wrinkles

The LYMA Laser penetrates the skin, causing it to behave as if it is not ageing. Many fashionable controlled methods are currently used to stimulate the skin into self-repair, whereas the LYMA Laser causes no damage to the dermis. Unlike micro-needling, laser resurfacing and muscle relaxant injectables, there is zero risk of infection, scabbing or reddening with the LYMA Laser: no pain, pure gain. It is completely painless and safe to use at home, and can even be used around the sensitive eye area.

The LYMA Laser absolutely revolutionises anti-ageing. You’ll no longer need to make expensive and time-consuming appointments to get muscle relaxant injectables, fillers or facials. The LYMA Laser is a single investment that yields unprecedented results: reducing wrinkles and pigmentation and increasing skin tension and elasticity all in the time it takes to have your breakfast. After applying the LYMA Laser to the target area for just 30 minutes a day for three months, you can expect to see a marked reduction in the depth and quantity of wrinkles, will experience improved muscle tone and will notice reduced pigmentation.

LYMA Laser blue light close-up

The LYMA Laser System is the ultimate at home wrinkles therapy.

The LYMA Laser has been developed as part of a unique three-part system. It begins with the LYMA Activating Serum, which acts as a conduit for the laser. The serum contains our Wellmune® Blend's beta-glucans (the very same beta glucans that you’ll find in the LYMA supplement) which are the highest-grade beta glucans in existence. The serum immediately hydrates the skin, priming it for the laser. It also activates macrophages – immunity cells that fight off pathogens, bacteria and viruses – as well as stimulating fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen. This leaves the skin significantly healthier, as dead cells and debris are eliminated, while also instantly revitalising the skin’s matrix.

After passing the laser over the areas of skin most susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles for 30 minutes, you should apply a spritz of LYMA’s soothing oxygen mist. This truly remarkable, mineral-rich formula contains 100 times the oxygen present in pure filtered spring water, effectively acting as an oxygen mask and working deep into the skin by flooding it with oxygen, resulting in an immediate lift and the emergence of that elusive youthful plumpness that is so difficult to achieve past a certain age.

LYMA Laser being used on chin

The LYMA Supplement supports the look of your skin from inside out.

Used in conjunction with the world renowned LYMA nutraceuticals, the effects of the Laser are further optimised. LYMA’s Supplement contains Cynatine® HNS, a stable and clinically proven form of natural keratin peptides, and uses the latest patented technology to deliver it directly to the relevant cells. Cynatine® HNS naturally protects, repairs and increases the health of skin, hair and nails and helps you keep your glow, no matter your age.

In addition, the LYMA supplement contains a clinical dose of 30mg of Lycored Lycopene™. Lycopene is a powerful anti-ager and antioxidant; oxidation plays a central role in the ageing process and the presence of free radicals is responsible for the break-down of cells as you age, and the patented form used in the LYMA formula is unbeatable when it comes to anti-ageing potential. Supplementing with Lycored Lycopene™ can help to slow the ageing of the skin by inhibiting ‘collagenases’ - the enzymatic breakdown of the skin’s natural collagen. This helps to keep your skin looking plump and allows the skin to more easily retain elasticity and moisture, keeping you looking younger for longer.

LYMA anti-ageing serum

When used at home twice a day, clinical trials have shown a reduction in wrinkle depth by 53.8% in just five weeks. What’s more, over time, the bio-stimulation restores cell function and actually reverses the skin ageing process.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to turn back the clock with LYMA. You can use the LYMA Laser at home and without hassle or pain. The days of suffering to be beautiful are over. Everything you thought you knew about anti-ageing is about to be turned upside down, and it’s about time too.


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