How LYMA Solved My Sleep Problem Within Days

After years of trying every sleep remedy recommended to me, LYMA changed my sleep dramatically.

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Julian had a serious sleep problem that caused him to wake every night, with zero hope of drifting back off. After years of trying every sleep remedy recommended to him, LYMA caught his eye and within days, his sleep changed dramatically. Healthier than ever, he offered to provide a review of the LYMA supplements. Just don’t ask him to come off it…

Sleep was the big issue

When you're an eight-year-old kid, you need an orchestra to wake you up. But I’ve found that as I get older, I’m awake for no reason. Over the years, my sleep patterns have changed significantly. I’ve never had an issue getting to sleep, I drift off easily, it's just staying there that’s my problem. Everyone in my family sleeps less as they age, so it must be in my genes. But that doesn’t stop it being incredibly annoying when you wake up in the middle of the night, fully switched on as though it’s morning. I was repeatedly waking up at 3am feeling completely ready for the day but I didn’t want to be.

I couldn’t find the killer sleep solution

I tried all the sleep aids that everyone assured me would work wonders on men and women but all of them were disappointing. I took zinc and magnesium, various droplets, herbal remedies and endless different supplements over the years that all promised to fix my night-time waking but nothing delivered that deep sleep I was after. Melatonin worked for a while but nothing got close to truly solving my sleep problem. That was until LYMA.

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LYMA caught my eye

The power of the marketing got me hooked. The brand looked so slick, I loved the style and the science behind the Supplement was robust. I was compelled to try it. Most importantly, the claims of what each ingredient could do had been proven, so I was hopeful that LYMA would make the difference I needed. Why not give it a go?

LYMA takes the drama out of sleep

Shortly after I began taking LYMA, I put my children to bed at nine o'clock and went to bed too. I woke up at 1am but I read for a short while and then I went straight back to sleep again. I didn’t wake up again until gone 8am. I couldn’t believe it. My first thought was that I couldn’t remember the last time I got seven straight hours sleep. Now with LYMA, I still tend to wake up in the middle of the night but I’m completely at ease because I know LYMA will get me back off to sleep again shortly. I just think about sleep and I drift back off and when I’m asleep again, it is very, very solid.

I didn’t expect to look better

Improving my looks was not my motivation for taking LYMA but so many friends have commented on the change in my skin and I’ll admit, all the positive comments I keep getting make me feel great.

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There’s been a shift in my mindset

Life for everyone is full of challenges right now, it's tough times all round. Everything feels dislocated but surprisingly, I'm super chilled compared to where I was six months ago. Personally, I’m going through a divorce so I’ve got a lot going through my mind but I think in general I’m calmer. To feel relaxed - with everything that’s happening - is impressive. That must be LYMA working.

I’m ready to climb a mountain

I'm a 50-year-old man, but I'm exercising more than ever before and my energy levels are high. My personal trainer is also a rugby coach and he tells me I do stuff the 20 year olds can't do. I do two classes of HIIT training with him every week, then one of yoga and another of endurance for my mountain climbing. I’m keeping myself prepped and at a set fitness level, so I’m ready to climb a mountain. That’s my goal now - higher and more exciting!

I have no intention of stopping

I’m not in the slightest bit tempted to stop taking LYMA. I know I could stop and see if things return to how they were but I simply don’t want to. I’m on month four, so I think I’ve hit a sweet spot where I’m seeing and feeling the benefits and it’s only supposed to get better. LYMA has been a wholly positive experience for me and there’s no looking back.



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