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The best supplements you can take to achieve optimal nutrition.

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28.08.20 (Updated 28.02.22)

On this page on the best nutritional supplements to take orally, Prof. Paul Clayton addresses the following topics:

With eight patented ingredients LYMA has created a supplement which takes nutritional enhancement far beyond anything else that’s on the market.

Prof. Paul Clayton, LYMA’s Director of Science and a world authority in nutritional science, talks about LYMA’s unrivalled formula and explains what makes each ingredient so special.

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“LYMA has created an industry leader. Never before has so much validated science and patented technology been combined into one formula. LYMA has changed the supplement industry and it has the power to change you.”
Prof. Paul Clayton, PhD

LYMA nutritional supplement supports your health in a variety of ways:

Muscle, joints and bones Brain health Restful sleep Menopause Ageing Immune system Sexual functions


Lycored Lycopene™

Vita-algae D3™
(Vitamin D)

(Vitamin K)

(Beta Glucans)

Cynatine® HNS

What are the health benefits of turmeric?

Turmeric doesn't have an effect in humans because of its low bioavailability. Most turmeric extracts simply don't work because there is such a low bioavailability that in scientific circles, we consider this to be a placebo. It’s known as an Invalid/Improbable Metabolic Panacea IMP which discredits it. We don't believe it has much of an effect in humans at all because it isn’t able to get a sufficient, effective quantity into the bloodstream in its generic form.

Ashwagandha plant

What makes LYMA’s form of turmeric so different?

LYMA is dosed with the pharmacologically active form of turmeric, HydroCurc. We knew that in invitro systems this polyphenol had a very interesting range of benefits, including the ability to reduce inflammation which you might know is considered to be a major cause of illness. Australian scientists developed a technology called Lipisperse® which increases the wetting angle on the turmeric particles and results in a huge increase in bioavailability. For the first time we have turmeric in a form where a single capsule will achieve levels in the blood which we know are pharmacologically active. This is a breakthrough. So, there’s an additional functionality in LYMA that you won't find in any other supplement on the market at this time.

Who would benefit from taking LYMA?

LYMA is for people who have good nutrition in place and want to perform at a higher level. I think that for anyone who’s taking care of their nutrition, taking basic supplements and taking the care to eat healthily LYMA is the next step up. You have your good nutrition in place, you have your RNI’s in place for zinc, vitamin c et al, and maybe you’d like to be able to perform at a slightly higher level or you want to look a little better? Maybe you want to have a better immune system? Then LYMA might be for someone like you.

What are some of LYMA’s key ingredients and the benefits associated with them? There’s a whole constellation of advantages that come with LYMA that you won't find anywhere else. Take something like Cognizin, which has proven benefits in memory and intellectual capacity. We have Lycored which is an extremely well recognised form of lycopene with a range of benefits. We know that it is extremely good for the breast and for the prostate. Work done by German scientists, shows that it gets into the skin and protect it from ultraviolet radiation, so it’s a skin anti-ageing product too. The KSM-66 ashwagandha extract, out of all the adaptogens, or as we now know them as xenohormetic currently available; this is the best documented and extremely effective in reducing stress, so there’s a whole constellation of advantages that come along with this tiny package that you won't find anywhere else.


How can LYMA help when taken as a menopause supplement?

LYMA can have a beneficial effect on alleviating many symptoms to support women going through the menopause. The menopause is a complex constellation of different symptoms, which can include physical symptoms, sexual symptoms, social and sematic symptoms that are difficult to measure. In fact, the scoring systems that you use to measure the impact of the menopause, or products on the menopause is a multicomponent tick box system. It’s very complicated. You can concentrate on things like hot flushes, you can concentrate on irritability and libido, or you can concentrate on joint pain, it’s very diverse. Women can experience a wide range of symptoms when they go through the menopause. LYMA is specifically useful as an anti-ageing nutritional supplement because it contains amongst other things the KSM-66 ashwagandha extract, this validated extract which has been shown to have very specific stress reducing properties, and because there is a stress component in many of the signs and symptoms of the menopause, I would expect this to have a beneficial effect. Not on every single component but on many of them.

How can LYMA help men?

LYMA can help men to feel better, less stressed, stronger immunity and reduced allergy and various types of cardiovascular and bone protection. The range of actives in LYMA is extensive and diverse. These actives have a range of effects on masculine as well as on feminine physiology, psychology and wellbeing and overall functionality. One of the things men will notice is impact of our Wellmune® Blend. There we know there is a feelgood effect which has been shown in study after study after study. Even though we weren't looking at that at the offset this kept on coming up. We know that you have reduced symptoms of allergy, we know you have better resistance to infection and because of the K2Vital we know you have various types of cardiovascular and bone protection. The KSM-66 ashwagandha comes in handy too. The masculine role has been under question today more than it ever been before. It can be very stressful being a human being in general, but especially being a man in 2019. The ashwagandha component is going to be very helpful there

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What makes LYMA a great immune booster?

LYMA can improve the efficacy of your immune system and improve resistance to allergies. When we look at the validated constituents, the raft of benefits that they bring along with them is pretty extensive. Take for example the constituents of our Wellmune® Blend. I know that over 300 million dollars has been spent on researching this molecule alone. It is the most effective tool that you can use to improve the efficiency of your innate immune system, and that is the part of the immune system that keeps you well most of the time. So, it improves resistance to infection, there is no doubt about that at all. Or if you are unlucky enough to have an allergy, which is common nowadays, the beta glucans instruct the naive T helper cells which are part of your adaptogen immune system to become TH1 instead of TH2 and this is a profound anti allergy mechanism. So, there is a real two for one benefit that spins off from this one compound.

Why is LYMA especially relevant in this day and age?

Modern life can be very stressful to maintain and perform 24/7. This pressure over a long period of time can get to you and can dampen down the immune system. These are pretty uncertain times. People come up with stuff all the time. Winter is coming. It feels like there’s a correction on the way, and that makes life stressful and there’s a lot of pressure on us to maintain and perform, at work, at home and whatever else in between. That kind of stress, and that kind of pressure over a long period of time can get to you. It affects you. It’s stressful. It can dampen down the immune system.

How can LYMA help alleviate vulnerabilities?

LYMA can make you feel at the top of your game and perform to the best of your capabilities with minimal down time. There are a couple of ingredients which are extremely good at counteracting this kind of thing. We know our Wellmune® Blend is a molecule that has been shown to increase your resistance to infection and reduce your risk of developing allergic symptoms. This works on all kinds of levels. I mean, serious infection is going to take you away from work anyway, whether you're working in the boardroom or a football team or whatever you're doing.

By taking our Wellmune® Blend, you will reduce that kind of down time. But then there are other types of infections which aren’t necessarily making you desperately sick, but you're not taking time off work, you're staying on at the office and you're feeling below par, and someone might notice that and it’s not necessarily going to reflect well on you. By taking our Wellmune® Blend you're going to reduce that kind of problem as well. Then you have the ashwagandha extract which is a sovereign remedy as the old timers used to say, against the effects of stress. It is an adaptogen, or as we call them, xenohormetics that act like a minor stressers to the body, which then upregulates its stress responses and makes it easier for you to cope with challenging circumstances. Put together they're a powerful combination.

Case studies that attest to LYMA's powerful all-in-one formula

LYMA is The Ultimate Supplement. Eight unrivalled ingredients that give extra benefits, beyond a healthy diet. Confidence you can feel. Results you can rely on.

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