How Ashwagandha Helps With Sleep As Well As Everything Else

Ashwagandha is well documented as being the ultimate stress-busting , sleep-inducing botanical, why?

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14.01.21 (Updated 18.10.23)

In today’s world where we are constantly ‘on’, always connected, expected to work hard, play hard, look great, and keep smiling throughout, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. Balance is the name of the game, but when the juggle is so real, it sometimes seems somewhat unattainable. The combination of expectations unmet, pressure to excel in all areas and keep the pace, results in many of us feeling stressed, experiencing prolonged insomnia and suffering from bouts of anxiety.

The way to mitigate the daily hustle and maintain balance is through good quality sleep that nourishes the nervous system, heals the vital organs and strengthens the immune system, ready to fight another day. But how to lock that good sleep down night after night? The answer could lie in the ancient healer herb, Ashwagandha which has long been used to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and re-calibrate the brain.

Here, we break down everything you need to know about Ashwagandha and its unique stress-relieving and insomnia-busting properties. Your health won’t get better by chance, it gets better with change.

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So, what is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha, also referred to as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry, is a member of the nightshade family of plants, and has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners to help support people’s sleep, stress and anxiety cycles. It has become more readily available over the past few years as people have begun to appreciate the myriad of benefits provided by adaptogens more widely.

Can ashwagandha improve sleep quality?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Ashwagandha is a member of the species somnifera which, in Latin, means ‘sleep-inducing’ and this can make it a very effective treatment for insomnia. This is down to the leaves of the plant containing ‘triethylene glycol’; a compound that is responsible for sending sleep signals from the brain to the body and back again. Ashwagandha benefits the body’s systems and this sleep supplement helps you to wind down more quickly and easily and stay asleep for longer, all the while experiencing a better quality of sleep.

What's the best way to take ashwagandha?

Sensoril® ashwagandha is an entirely non-toxic, engineered version of the ancient herb that has been made fully usable and absorbable by the human body. Several randomized studies have been conducted that show full spectrum root extract KSM-66® to be the safest and most effective form of ashwagandha for human consumption.

Sensoril® ashwagandha is also the most bioavailable form of ashwagandha out there and has the proven ability to improve stress and anxiety resistance, promote relaxation, increase quality of sleep and maintain normal cortisol levels to help relax the body and mind. When taken orally, it’s a stress pacifier, endurance booster and helps with memory power and insomnia. Sensoril® ashwagandha has even been found effective to reduce food cravings.

The gold standard formulation of ashwagandha and LYMA

The best way to take ashwagandha for meaningful health benefits including undisturbed sleep is Sensoril® ashwagandha in the LYMA Supplement. Here it's formulated at a daily dose of 250mg, independently verified to be the exact amount to produce positive health benefits. It can take as little as two weeks to start sleeping better, coping better and feeling yourself again. Consumed in conjunction with the rest of the LYMA evidence-based formula, enables the body and brain to unlock their full potential. There’s no better feeling than feeling your best.

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