Model Ken Bek on Why He Loves the LYMA Laser and Supplement

The model talks about how the LYMA Supplement and Laser have given him an advantage.

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As part of LYMA's partnership with the St Regis in Hong Kong, we wanted to speak to some of their high profile clientele who have become fans of LYMA's Supplement and Laser now they can access them through the city's foremost hotel. One such person is Ken Bek, the 28-year-old model and fitness, fashion and lifestyle enthusiast.

Always keen to look good and stay healthy, Ken has been loving the LYMA Laser and Supplement. Below we asked how he's getting on with both, and how he keeps looking Instagram ready.

Tell us a bit about your experience with LYMA and your history with supplements.

I start my day and end my day with supplements. I find it important to keep my body in balance and on top of everything I’m in need of. However having ten different pots of supplement can be such a pain and sometimes I get too lazy. I liked LYMA for having everything I needed combined in one!

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Tell us a bit about what your exercise regimen looks like at the moment.

I’m traveling a lot at the moment so my exercise is balanced and flexible.

How do you make sure you avoid injury/what are your tactics for healthy, speedy recovery from intense exercise?

Always stretch before and after a workout! It’s just as important as the main workout. If you injure yourself you may find yourself unable to workout for a long time and there goes all the effort you previously put into your fitness.

Tell us a bit about what your nutrition looks like at the moment

Right now I’m on that volcanic island organic superfood diet. Very fortunate to find myself in Bali at the moment and it’s safe to say that the food here is incredible. Definitely helps on keeping myself fit and happy!

Tell us a bit about what your sleep rituals/sleep hygiene look like at the moment

Sleep for me is vital. I used to have bad habits, but now I force myself to go to bed early at night, switch out late night drinks to catch a glimpse of the sunrise instead, early morning exercises and starting the day early. I feel more productive in the daytime, and I’ve also learned that being up in the lighter hours of day makes me happier and keeps my mental health stronger.

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What are your guilty pleasures?

Ice cream. Every day. Ice cream.

What are you doing for self-care?

Moving to Bali. I’m writing this Q&A as I’m sitting on the beach in Pererenan listening to the sound of waves and catching the late afternoon sun.

How’s the LYMA Laser been for you, and how have you added it into your skincare regime?

The highlight so far is that I’ve been able to see travel everywhere with my LYMA Laser. Giving me comfort at to know I’ve got it right here with me whenever I need. I'm slowly but surely starting to see a change, and it's making me feel more confident by the day.

What does your health and beauty routine look like over a day?

In the morning

  • Wake up
  • Water
  • Run
  • Water and fruit
  • LYMA Supplement
  • Cold shower and face skincare routine
  • Crush the day

At night

  • Shower
  • Face skincare routine
  • LYMA Supplement and melatonin
  • 30 min/45 min Laser
  • Sleep

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