The ultimate luxury gifts for fitness lovers.


The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. You’re in charge of seemingly everything: the guest list, the multi-course lunch, the decorations and the present buying. We know how you feel. When you’re busy juggling all that quotidian life throws at you - deadlines, family responsibilities, holiday planning - it’s easy to fall-back on socks and book vouchers to placate the crowd.

While we all love to replenish our hosiery draws and line our bookshelves with new tomes, it can begin to feel a little repetitive receiving - and giving - the same gifts, albeit in various guises, year after year.

We have taken it upon ourselves to lighten your holiday load. Over the course of four weeks we’re publishing our pick of the best luxury gifts that you and yours are guaranteed to love. We’ve looked beyond the obvious knick-knacks and stocking fillers to bring you suggestions of gifts to uplift, inspire and indulge even the most discerning of family members.

This week, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best fitness gadgets, workout tools, luxury memberships and stylish wearables guaranteed to thrill the fitness fanatic in your life:

1. Peloton bike.

The biggest trend in at-home fitness right now, Peloton is so much more than spinning in your living room: it’s the future of fitness.

For the uninitiated, Peloton is a bike with a tablet that allows you to stream and download fitness classes wherever you are. From spinning and yoga, to weight and resistance classes, Peloton comes pre-loaded with literally hundreds of classes, and new ones are added every day.

Somewhere between solo at-home workouts and an IRL class, Peloton represents the best of both worlds: a social atmosphere without the peer-pressure or slog to the gym.

Surely, the fitness gadget du jour and top of everyone’s list this year.

From £45 p/m available to buy here.

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2. Theragun Elite.

The world-leading percussive therapy massage tool and featured in Forbes, Vogue and GQ as being the must-have fitness accessory of 2020. In short, it’s a rechargeable massage ‘gun’ that works deep into the muscle and fascia, relieving tightness and restoring flexibility. It’s a tool designed to help you recover faster and more fully from workouts and injury, and have you raring to go once again.

Theragun is a revelation for those of us who work out regularly or who routinely experience tight muscles, niggles and nerve trouble. Backed by over a decade of research and development, the Theragun travels 60% deeper into muscle than its nearest massage rival for more effective results, meaning that the fitness fiend in your life can get back into the gym, doing what they love.

The Theragun Elite penetrates even more deeply than the standard Theragun to melt away tension and release soreness, empowering its user to care for their body daily.

From £375, available to buy here.

3. LYMA Supplement.

The fitness fanatic in your life can forget about skipping the gym next time they're feeling sore. It can be frustrating for them when they have to factor in too many ‘rest days’, but LYMA can change all that. LYMA’s patented formula contains three unrivalled, peer-reviewed, ingredients to provide their body with everything it needs to get back in the gym as soon as possible:

K2VITAL® DELTA offers unrivalled stability, efficacy and bioavailability and supports both the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems in recovering more quickly after a workout. Likewise, Vita-algae D3™ is clinically dosed at 2,000 i.u. in LYMA for ultimate immune support and improved muscle function; the hero nutraceutical has been formulated and optimised to support musculoskeletal, bone and cardiovascular health. Finally, HydroCurc® is the world’s first 100% water and fat-absorbable form of curcumin and is completely indispensable for the gym bunny looking to speed up their muscle recovery and reduce inflammation in the process. Hydrocurc™ is curcumin in its most bioavailable form.

LYMA is the ultimate supplement for complete and speedy workout recovery.

From £149 p/m, available to buy here.

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4. Liforme Rainbow Hope Yoga Mat.

The ultimate gift for the yogi in your life, the Liforme Rainbow Hope Yoga Mat features the brand’s signature alignment system to help the user remain in balance and prevent injury. The intelligent markers printed on the mat provides as much or as little navigational help as you need and is specifically designed to prevent injuries and provide balance in your practice. The system works perfectly for Yogis of all shapes and sizes.

The mat has a non-slip surface to support to enhance safety, and is guaranteed to stay grippy even when 'sweaty-wet' for a stable practice.

All Liforme’s mats are planet-friendly, PVC-free, biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions, durable and painted in non-toxic, eco-friendly ink. Their mats also come with a complimentary yoga mat bag and they eschew any plastic in their products and packaging.

From £135, available to buy here.

5. Balenciaga Speed 2.0 Trainers.

The iconic trainer revamped for extra comfort and style. If you thought Balenciaga's 'Speed' sneakers were comfy, wait until you try the new 2.0 version - Demna Gvasalia has split the signature chunky sole into five individual segments for extra support and ultimate flexibility. They're made from the same breathable stretch-knit as the original design and have a snug, sock-like fit. Pair them with a skirt, wide-leg trews, jeans, dresses, you name it. We particularly love this lace-up version.

From £595, available to buy here.

6. Subscription to Equinox.

The membership to trump all others: when it comes to fitness it doesn’t get any better than Equinox. An Equinox membership will allow the fitness freak in your life to workout in total luxury. Every branch features state of the art facilities, a spa that offers luxury facials and massage, gym, unlimited classes, personal training, exclusive access to Equinox at-home via their groundbreaking app. It really is the gift of dreams.

As if that weren’t enough, when you subscribe on their behalf, your giftee will also receive a complimentary fitness assessment, a complimentary personal training session, a one-on-one studio pilates or virtual mat pilates class of their choosing, and a discounted stay at the Equinox hotel.

From £220 p/m plus £400 initiation fee. Enquire here.

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Keep an eye on the journal for more great gift ideas across luxury living, wellness and lifestyle. Next week: our favourite beauty buys for 2020.


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