The Ultimate Luxury Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Gifts to support their healthy addiction and keep up the good work

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Most Wanted: Luxury Fitness Gifts that will motivate and move them this Christmas

It’s finally time for the 2023 LYMA Christmas Gift Guide; your one-stop portal to all that is luxurious and lust worthy. In truth, we consider ourselves seasoned experts at this gig because here at LYMA, we’re all too used to being discerning, ensuring our products get results and make everyone’s lives definitively better. Yes it’s got to be elegant, yes it’s got to be brimming with style but you can bet it has to deliver on the promise too.
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What To Buy The Fitness Fanatic In Your Life

Despite your (mostly) private feelings about their borderline workout obsession, we’re advocating showing loving support for the fitness obsessive in your life this Christmas. It can often feel like a barrier if you’re not equipped with the best possible gear and sticking to your regime is made far easier when you’ve got the right kit to hand. The fitness world is ever evolving and there’s always a shiny new must-have gadget for tracking or training that will have caught their eye, as well as the sleekest of apparel to slink off to the gym in. Keeping physically strong and healthy is a smart route to prolonging your health trajectory and protecting your future self, so here’s the gear to make that journey all the more enjoyable for the health nut you begrudgingly adore.

1. Best fitness gift of 2022: The Bala Complete Home Gym Kit

Once in a while a fitness brand comes along and gets it bang on the style money and for 2022, Bala is everything. First it was the bangles, then it was the rings, the jump rope, the mat and now the entire set is on the list to kit out their workout space. Choose from an array of gelato tones or opt for the more serious black. Either way it’s the minimalist aesthetic and the fact they feel so sumptuously ergonomically pleasing. Gwyneth gave them her Goop nod of approval and so do we.

The Complete Home Gym Kit by Bala, £470 (+ international shipping). Available from here.
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2. Best fitness gift for her: The Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

What you wear to your workout can be just as important as what you're stretching in. You’d be forgiven for thinking that hoodies would be persona non grata among the style pack but this one is the exception to the rule. Cocoon-shaped, cropped to just the right length and with a hood that makes up the best part, it’s the ideal addition to any gym lover’s workout wardrobe. Check out Wasabi - it’s the killer colour for dark morning runs and winter workouts.

Lululemon Oversized Half-Zip Scuba Hoodie, £108. Available to buy here.

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3. Best wellness gift 2022: The Infrared Sauna Mat

No longer reserved for luxury hotels, spas and the super-rich, the far-reaching benefits of infrared saunas are now to be reaped by us all. This high-tech infrared blanket encourages both circulation and the body’s lymphatic drainage system to rid toxins and replenish oxygen supply to all your major organs, plus it’s heavenly relaxing to use. Slip your gym bunny into this post-workout to relieve their sore muscles following their overzealous fitness endeavors. Christmas for fitness, wrapped up.

Higher DOSE V4 Infrared Sauna Blanket, £539. Available to buy here.

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4. Best fitness gift for a speedy workout recovery: The LYMA Supplement

When you’re working towards fitness goals, factoring in rest days is essential but downtime and injury can throw you completely off track. LYMA is here to change all that. LYMA’s patented formula contains ten unrivalled, peer-reviewed ingredients to provide the body with everything it needs to get back to full speed as soon as possible. Clinically dosed for ultimate immune support and improved muscle function; it’s a gold-standard nutraceutical that’s been formulated to support musculoskeletal, bone and cardiovascular health. Also containing the world’s first 100% water and fat-absorbable form of curcumin, LYMA reduces inflammation throughout the body to effectively speed up muscle recovery. The perfect Christmas gift to combat all that sanctioned indulgence.

The LYMA Supplement, Starter Kits from £199. Complimentary shipping. Available from here.

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Best fitness gift for him: The Gucci X Oura Ring

Would he like wearable tech that would look good on a super yacht this Christmas? Sure, why not? The Oura ring remains the world’s finest smart jewellery with a highly accurate biometric data collection including physical activity tracking, sleep analysis, a temperature sensor and heart rate monitor. Gucci have now made it their own and assigned with the iconic Gucci’s designer seal, so now this is a ring that simultaneously meticulously amasses all your health data and accessories you with an even chicer appearance.

Gucci X Oura Ring, £820. Available to buy here.
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