Review: Chris' Laser Treatment For Face Scars Before and After

95% of blemish sufferers are left with residual scarring. But for Chris, the LYMA Laser fixed that.

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22.10.21 (Updated 25.07.23)

Chris leans in closer towards his laptop webcam, turning his cheek to face the screen, in a bid to demonstrate the extent of his scarring. But even after trying a few different angles, it’s hard to detect anything in but a few days’ worth of stubble. “Three months ago, my facial scarring would’ve been all you could focus on,” he informs me. “Now when people meet me, they find it hard to believe how bad the scarring was because the improvement is so significant.”

There’s relief in his tone, because he never thought he’d be saying these words. Like many teenagers, Chris developed acne and watched as it stormed angrily across his face, worsening by the day. “I feel like I blocked out these memories even though it was the entirety of my school days. I had such bad skin and it felt like everyone was staring at my skin when they were talking to me. It was not a good time and in those formative years, my confidence plummeted.”

Before and after photos of Chris' scars treated with the LYMA Laser:

Before and After laser treatment of face scar

Treatment: two minutes over each concern area, daily for 3 months.

Results: visibly improved skin texture, scars lifted and redness faded.

Chris tried everything before LYMA

Like most teenagers, Chris had no concept of how his lifestyle was exacerbating his skin. Eating a highly inflammatory diet, blissfully unaware of his food intolerances. “There's a lot of things that no one tells you and you just have to find out for yourself. For example, looking back I know now that what I was eating was only making my skin worse. Too much milk and gluten, which nowadays I stay completely clear of but at the time, were doing a lot of damage.”
His skincare routine consisted of high-street, astringent spot clearing creams which only proved to strip his skin and further inflame the breakouts.

“It’s been quite a journey over the years; I’ve had to spend a lot of time researching products for scarring myself because the information isn’t there for you when you need it. I started with the cheap creams and got nowhere so my doctor put me on prescription medicine but that was too harsh on my skin. Then I started on more expensive stuff, spending a £100 a time and even though the acne improved, I was left with the scars.” And therein lies the double sting, because long after the breakouts have gone, the scarring remains.
Chris tried the LYMA Laser System

In the adult world of job interviews, socialising and dating, Chris’ scarring was still holding him back, so he made the bold move of seeking professional treatment. “I came across microneedling at a local dermatology clinic and went for a consultation to treat my scarring. They said it would need to be a GP who administered the microneedling because it required the deepest needle. It was the most painful thing I've ever done to my skin. My face bled a lot after the treatment and there were lots of things I was restricted from doing for the weeks following, like going out in the sun or even exercising. I had to apply a very thick sunscreen if I went outside and that made me feel horrendous. What’s more, microneedling cost me hundreds of pounds and I had to go back for more sessions. I changed tack and went on to try a few sessions with the Dermaroller but again, the damage it caused my skin was huge. Also, it takes a lot of time because there are all these set moves they have to carry out. Five rolls up and five down, then repeat that in four different directions and move onto the next section – it was too much.”

At this point in our chat, Chris shakes his head, sighs and says,

“You get the picture - I’ve been waiting for the LYMA Laser for a long time. If it had been around five years ago, I would have definitely grabbed it with both hands.”

Perhaps a little later than he’d have liked, Chris was introduced to the LYMA Laser and although understandably sceptical, he gave it a try. “I've been using the LYMA Laser for two years now and still, every day I feel like it's making more of a difference.”

the laser itself

How the LYMA Laser helped Chris' skin

A world-first 500 megawatt coherent Laser beam diffused 25,000 across a 3cm lens, the LYMA Laser is light technology at its most advanced. No heat, no burn, no danger and no recovery required. This unique Laser scar treatment has the power to transfer energy into flagging cells, switching them into recovery mode. Therefore, even established scar tissue is able to be rebuilt.

Add to this, it’s been cleared by international safety standards to be entirely safe for use at home, by yourself, meaning no more clinic visits. “There’s no great secret honestly, the LYMA Laser is so convenient. I just switch between holding it in one place for a few minutes and then moving it slowly across the whole cheek area. The results are already more than I could ever have dreamed of. I'm still using it every day because I know that’s only going to improve further. It's working, so why not? My scarring played such a huge part in my life and now it’s barely detectable.”

When asked if anyone else has remarked on his smoother appearance, a broad smile creeps across his face, “Ah, yes, that would be my Aunt. I don't see her regularly but when I did recently, she got all excited, squeezed me and told me my skin looked incredible. She doesn’t hold back from saying what she thinks but I’ll admit, I liked hearing it.”

Family embarrassments aside, what about those with similar failed attempts behind them, looking at the Laser and wondering if it’s right for them? “I get it, there's a lot of people that maybe don't believe the reviews but I'm here saying I've used it and it works. I look back at the pictures of me before using the LYMA Laser and I’m shocked, I can’t believe I’m already forgetting how bad it looked. Now my skin is the best it’s ever been, even before the acne and that’s something I’d never envisaged happening. I guess I’m the proof that this Laser 100% does what it says it can do.”


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