The Best Laser Scar Removal Treatment at Home.

A single light device has changed the game for at-home scar removal treatment

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09.10.20 (Updated 13.11.23)

Over 20 million people in the UK are negatively impacted - either physically or emotionally - by scarring that only serves to be a constant reminder of pain, illness or trauma. Yet there is still a profound lack of public awareness around the physical and emotional toll body and face scars can take on a person, and a severe dearth of effective at home treatments to help those who wish to minimise their scarring.

Until now it’s not been possible to completely remove scars at home, particularly using a device that’s suitable for darker skin tones as well as lighter ones. Whilst laser light has long been the gold standard in scar removal for those with caucasian colouring, it is only now, with the LYMA Laser that at home laser treatment can be guaranteed irrelevant of skin tone. The LYMA Laser is the first of its kind to take a clinic grade, powerful laser beam and put it safely in all of our hands. The first at-home cosmetic device, proven to transform all scars on all skin types and tones, eliminating scars effectively, safely and pain free.

Jenny tells her story on how she reduced the appearance of her surgical scar thanks to The LYMA Laser.

The LYMA technology is a world first and arguably the most effective scar removal solution in a generation. Nothing with this level of transformative power has ever been available to use at home. Portable, powerful, painless; the LYMA Laser provides clinic-grade performance in the palm of your hand. LYMA changes everything.


Before and after of man with acne scars on face. LYMA Laser skin treatment.

The process of scarring

You’re likely familiar with what a scar looks like, but what exactly is it? And why does the body respond to injury in this way?
Scarring, as you’re probably aware, is the body’s natural method of repair in response to trauma or injury. The process of scar development can be broken down into three parts:
  • Inflammation: this lasts a few days and initiates the repair process to commence
  • Proliferation: this is the accumulation of the cells that makes the scar and continues for about 28 days
  • Remodeling: the biological process of changing the scar from a raised, red scar into a soft, flat scar, which can last for several months or even years.
It is a little-acknowledged fact that as you age, scarring can become even more pronounced. Once you move into your twenties and beyond, your skin starts to decline in function, producing less collagen and elastin, and causing the fibroblasts (our skin cells’ primary energy source) to start to work more slowly. This is a result of poor immune response, a reduced supply of nutrients to the skin, as well as impaired circulation and insufficient oxygen to the skin’s surface; all of which are essential for cellular energy production.

Fully optimised fibroblasts are essential for a successful proliferation stage of wound healing - without fully functional cells, the skin struggles to form the scar tissue in the first place and wound healing can become protracted.

Woman uses LYMA

Skincare that increases cellular energy

Disrupting the cosmetics industry once again, LYMA Skincare is a breakthrough formulation of skincare actives that treat the root causes of skin aging. Among these mechanisms is mitochondrial decline. Mitochondria are cells containing thousands of proteins responsible for generating ATP energy in skin. The more the mitochondrial activity, the better skin cell turnover, regeneration and essential barrier protection. As we age, our mitochondrial function declines and skin is unable to heal as quickly.

Powered by Genolytic™ technology, rather than superficially treating the top 20% of cells in the skin, LYMA Skincare targets the remaining 80% of living cells that conventional formulas cannot reach. Cellular energy is supercharged, mitochondrial decline is slowed, and active cell renewal is accelerated.

“LYMA Skincare is formulated to be the most effective topical skincare product on the market, bar none,” says Dr Graeme Glass, LYMA’s Aesthetic Director who was instrumental in the development of this world-first feat.

Mitoprime™ Ergothioneine formulated in LYMA Skincare has been shown to protect skin mitochondrial DNA from damage and increase the number of mitochondria within the skin. This ingredient works particularly well alongside the Laser, which also increases the number/efficacy of skin mitochondria.

Although topical skincare cannot yet remove scars, increasing mitochondria within the skin remains the most effective way of optimising the body's healing process.
Scar on knee treated by LYMA Laser PRO

How does the LYMA Laser work to eliminate scars?

The LYMA system works by delivering photobiomodulation: a concentrated laser beam that diffuses a tiny pinprick of light over a large surface area of skin, stimulating and enhancing cell function.

LYMA offers the only at home protocol which has a beneficial effect on all three stages of scarring by working directly on the cells to alter the growth factors and, in turn, change the scar’s ‘recipe’. When the scar’s ‘recipe’ is changed during the inflammation or proliferation stage of scar development, the product of the scar changes too, resulting in a flatter, smoother and less visible scar. When used for just 3 minutes over each section of the skin scar, daily for two months, the LYMA groundbreaking skin renewal device helps to accelerate the remodeling process in all layers of the skin by increasing supply of nutrients, improving circulation and speeding up the repair process.

In addition to the Laser, there are two additional steps to achieving results with The LYMA Protocol, both of which contribute to even better results. The LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide skincare products contain the highest possible concentrations of Active Stablised Oxygen (ASO) that flood the skin with oxygen and vital nutrients to optimise the skin's innate cellular rejuvenation process.

The LYMA Oxygen Glide triggers an immune response via our Wellmune® Blend's beta glucans, which signals to the fibroblasts that they need to turn their energy and attention to repairing the skin, gradually reducing the amount of scar tissue and replacing it with regenerated elastic fibers. The LYMA Active Mist increases oxygen supply in the skin tissue through Active Stabilised Oxygen which boosts the energy supply.

LYMA red laser mist serum set

The Laser penetrates beyond even the deepest layers of the skin, to the fat and muscle tissue beneath; renewing the muscles, replacing tired muscle fibers and evening out pigmentation to reignite and reveal the skin’s natural hue.

The LYMA Laser doesn’t just help to treat scars. When used at home for twenty minutes daily, clinical trials have shown a reduction in pigmentation by 64%, skin redness by 42%, blemishes by 56% and wrinkle depth by 53.8% in just five weeks. But that is only part of the story. Over time, the bio-stimulation restores cell function and eventually reverses the natural course of biological skin ageing and the cumulative effects of inflammaging on complexion.

The LYMA Laser not only promotes cellular regeneration - increasing blood-flow, oxygen delivery and cellular growth and repair - it also targets more skin conditions than any other at-home device. With no side effects, discomfort or pain, it represents the absolute pinnacle of at home laser technology. Nothing else even comes close.



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