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LYMA has taken laser skin renewal to a new level, developing the most effective skincare system to work alongside The LYMA Laser.

Two cutting edge skincare products designed to engineer your skin for optimal laser treatment

LYMA Active Mist

The LYMA Active Mist is formulated with 36% ASO (Active Stabilised Oxygen), the highest concentration of oxygen scientifically possible. It was originally developed to assist with the healing of skin wounds.

Oxygen is the most important and effective “antioxidant” you can find anywhere in nature. When skin cells receive enough oxygen, they are able to revitalise more efficiently, replace dead cells faster, and improve skin elasticity immeasurably, whereas oxygen deprivation speeds the ageing process. Stabilised oxygen formulates the body's two most important electrolytes, chlorine and sodium, which enable bioavailability: they allow topically applied oxygen to be carried directly into cells. Used in combination with The LYMA Laser, this enables a massive boost in circulation and blood flow to your skin, where it needs it.

The LYMA Active Mist also contains Orchistem™ stem cell technology, derived from the Japanese orchid. This combines with the ASO to improve communication between skin stem cells and fibroblasts, further enhancing the biostimulation from The LYMA Laser light.

The mist's ratio of ions mirrors that of amniotic fluid, which is the perfect pH balance to penetrate skin, nourishing the epidermis to increase turnover of cells, visibly smoothing and improving the skin's texture.

LYMA Priming Serum

The LYMA Priming Serum is formulated with a potent combination of patented cosmeceuticals to regenerate the skin's cellular matrix even further, delivering the deepest cellular regeneration possible, and optimising the performance of The LYMA Active Mist and Laser.

Like the mist the Priming Serum is formulated with highly bioavailable 36% Active Stabilised Oxygen (ASO) and Orchistem™ stem cell technology to improve the performance of the fibroblasts activated by The LYMA Laser.

It also contains Wellmune® Blend (1-3, 1-6 beta glucans), which target the skin with immediate hydration, delivering 20% more hydration than hyaluronic acid. Crucially, Wellmune® Blend also activates the immune cells, inducing the epidermis to hoover up any debris, preparing the site for The LYMA Laser to work effectively.

My PRO Tips.
For Ultimate Results

A-list facialist Nichola Joss has created the ultimate daily regime for The LYMA Laser. It's easy, just follow her masterclass.

The LYMA Laser Starter Kit

The LYMA Laser Starter Kit includes the 500mW LYMA Laser and a 30 day supply of Active Mist and Priming Serum, travel pouch, accessories and an authenticity card which gives LYMA Membership and access to member only pricing.

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Industry Reviews

Mary Greenwell

"To have healthy skin in the long-term, your focus needs to be on looking after it in the kindest way possible. The LYMA Laser, truly, is that kindest way."

Mary Greenwell, Makeup Artist

Joanne Evans

"I’ve found that The LYMA laser gives a really lovely finish to the skin at the end of the treatment, which I was really surprised about."

Joanne Evans, Leading facialist and Founder of Skin Matters

Katelijne Lecleir

"I am happy to connect clients a next-level skin reviving system to perform at home, unlike anything ever seen before. What is also very important to me is that it is very powerful and safe."

Katelijne Lecleir, Gua Sha Expert and Founder of Yuu Studio

Dr Costi

"It's beautiful for the skin and very easy to use and it doesn't cause any damage to your cells"

Dr Costi, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Beirut

Dr Paul Clayton Phd

"The LYMA System is the break-through beauty product of the decade."

Dr Paul Clayton Phd, Medical Pharmacologist

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, BEM

"The LYMA Laser is a ground-breaking laser technology that works for all skin types and improves a range of concerns such as scarring, acne, pigmentation and skin aging. "

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, BEM, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and the Clinical Lead for Innovation-Temps Belgravia

Dr Dendy Engelman

"It's thrilling to now have an at-home device that addresses wrinkles, rosacea, acne, scars, pigmentation, thread veins and cellulite."

Dr Dendy Engelman, Board certified Dermatologic Surgeon at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue

Joanna Czech

"The LYMA Laser not only aligns with my philosophy of protecting and supporting skin but it can be used on all skin types and tones, truly representing inclusive beauty. LYMA is a total game changer - incredibly powerful, portable and most importantly, completely safe."

Joanna Czech, Celebrity Skin Care Expert

Katharine Mackenzie Paterson

"With no downtime, this portable magic wand can be used for a few minutes every day, at any time of the day.  I’ve seen skin looking brighter, more even and just healthier with continued use."

Katharine Mackenzie Paterson, Skincare Expert and Founder of KMP Skin

Pati Dubroff

"The breakthrough beauty device of the decade. I use it on clients’ skin before makeup and it massively reduces inflammation, erases under-eye bags and gives the face a fabulous glow."

Pati Dubroff, Hollywood's Leading Make-Up Artist

Romy Solemini

"The LYMA Laser heals the skin, calms any redness before an event and overall makes the skin appear firmer and bouncier."

Romy Solemini, New York-based Makeup Artist

Diane Nivern

"The Laser is revolutionary in skincare as a remedial and preventative tool helping my clients reverse the signs of ageing and improve their wellbeing."

Diane Nivern, Award winning skincare specialist & facialist

Nichola Joss

"The LYMA Laser takes skin regeneration to a new level. Clinic grade performance for everyday home use that I can’t live without."

Nichola Joss, Facialist to the stars and Skincare Expert

Dr Graeme Glass PhD

"The LYMA Laser captures the efficacy of a Laser-based light therapy previously only available in the clinic and delivers it into the hands of the consumer for use at home."

Dr Graeme Glass PhD, Plastic, Craniofacial and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

Anna Zahn

"I am so impressed with the LYMA Laser's ground-breaking technology. I’m not surprised everyone wants one with results so powerful."

Anna Zahn, Founder and Owner of Ricari Studio Health Spas, with locations in LA, NY and London

Customer Reviews

4 Stars

From 102 people

3 months ago

I'm addicted to the Laser and would not be without it - getting lots of compliments recently and people think I look at least five years younger than I am!

3 months ago

I am in love with my Laser. I feel such a tightening. Just two weeks in and I look forward to it everyday. What a work of ART, beautiful design- so easy to handle. What a work of Science! I can feel it at work - love the results already. Worth every penny!

6 months ago

I am really loving the laser! I have been using it almost every day since I got it last year and I have definitely noticed improvement in my skin tone / texture, overall glowiness and reduction in hyperpigmentation. I will definitely continue to use it and am very happy that I purchased it!

6 months ago

I absolutely love my laser. Melasma is a constant battle for me (I’m in my late 40s and had a beach-y sunny childhood in the 80s) and it has made a huge difference! I love the difference in skin tone, texture and glow. It’s even helped with the dreaded turkey neck!

Hong Kong
6 months ago

I’m loving the results I see on my face and putting my other beauty gadgets away, it’s been promising to see my fine lines are less around the eye area. That’s why I’m considering the second Lyma Laser!


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