How the Laser PRO is THE device Jilly used to anti-age her face and neck

There is nothing better than LYMA Laser technology to anti-age your face and neck.

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Having experienced the gravity defying effects of the LYMA Laser already, Jilly is already a firm LYMA Laser devotee. Only now she’s upgraded to using the newly launched Laser PRO as well. Time doesn’t stop, so she’s doubling her laser efforts.

Before and after image of neck wrinkles treated by the LYMA Laser PRO

Menopause radically changed my skin

“When you hit fifty, aging is in your mind a little but as the menopause dries out your skin and aging picks up its pace, it moves towards the forefront of your attention. My skin was good until my late fifties and then suddenly, towards the end of the menopause, something changed. The skin on my face started sagging and it was truly disconcerting to witness such an acceleration in aging. My neck was good until I was sixty and then I started to see lines and wrinkles that I felt conscious of and crepey skin I felt needed covering up.

The speed they appeared made me wonder if it was something chemical in my body that changed, or if I was suddenly deficient in something? Now at age 63, I am very aware of my crows' feet, jowls and deep set wrinkles around my mouth. I do appreciate they’re from years of natural expression and are a sign of a good life, but I’m still left wanting to prevent the resulting lines.”

Laser pro closeup

You can’t help but notice how we are all aging

“I want to age gracefully, I want to look well and maybe knock just a few years off, not an entire decade. I buy expensive face creams which is not an ego thing or to get comments from others, it’s purely to make myself feel better.

Having said that, since using the LYMA Laser, I have received plenty of positive comments from others. One friend asked me if I use collagen capsules, which of course I don’t. That shows you how much people notice your skin and in truth, I do notice my friends’ skin too. It’s not because I mind, but because I’m conscious of how I’m aging, so I notice it in others.”

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Here I am using not one, but three LYMA Lasers!

Jilly saw such an improvement from using the LYMA Laser on her neck last year that she felt naturally curious to move onto trying the Laser PRO that covers a bigger area and treats skin even quicker.

“The LYMA Skincare and the Laser PRO were completely new territory to me. The PRO is different from the LYMA Laser because the size of the Laser PRO makes treating my neck and jowls so quick and simple. I use the LYMA PRO in the evenings as a targeted skin treatment for larger areas of concern. Also I don’t glide the PRO over my skin as I do the LYMA Laser, I hold the PRO still on specific areas of my neck, nasolabial folds and jowls for three minutes at a time as directed, then moving onto the next.”

“If there’s a product out there that can help you look and feel better no matter your age, why not? It certainly makes me feel better to use the Laser PRO.”


There’s 100% a difference in my skin

Wholly devoted, Jilly has been lasering intensively every single night for twelve weeks and now she’s shifting down into maintenance mode, using it just a few times per week.

“I don’t use anything other than the LYMA Skin System and the results are so clear on my face and neck; firming up sagging skin, adding volume and softening all the lines and wrinkles. When you’re my age, things change quickly and areas of concern appear seemingly overnight, so I have the Laser PRO to hand all the time, it’s the perfect age reversing treatment approach. My skin is glowing.”

You have to put the time in if you want to create a visible change

“I have to say, it really is so easy. The area covered each time makes the speed of treating your skin brilliant. I’m more than happy to make the daily effort and I actually enjoy doing it, so I’ll definitely continue with the Laser PRO. They are both such fabulous products! Women my age constantly feel invisible, the LYMA Laser puts us back in the picture.”


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