LYMA Skin System: Scientists Say This is How We Can Supercharge Our Skincare

Get skincare ingredients into skin more deeply, and your anti-aging results will reach next level.

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Have you ever invested in THE skincare of the moment, the face cream everyone’s raving about, the one that fills your social feed with glowing skin, only to be a little, well, underwhelmed? You did your research, spent your hard earned cash on the one billed as the ‘best anti-aging face cream’ only to see marginal improvements in your fine lines and wrinkles. Well as it turns out, you can make your skin more ‘ingredient compatible’, more accepting if you will, to absorb the nutrients in your skincare.

Switch skin on with laser energy

Face double cleansed, blood pumping from vigorous massage, now what? We need to get our skin firing on all cylinders to draw in all the potent skincare ingredients and use them to their fullest — and Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the proven way to do that. Through a scientific process called photobiomodulation, powerful, concentrated laser light energy is able to travel through all layers of the skin, directly into cells, where it ramps up ATP and redirects gene expression towards regeneration and renewal. “Photobiomodulation is the intracellular conversion of laser light energy into chemical energy. This process supercharges the battery packs of our cells causing changes in the epigenetic balance of cells,” explains Dr Graeme Glass, cosmetic surgeon, geneticist and a leading mind in laser rejuvenation with many published research papers on the subject.

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How does laser light help skin to regenerate faster?

The technology behind the LYMA Laser is second to none. The near-infrared laser light energy travels into skin cells to switch their energy centers back on, increasing mitochondrial activity. This in turn optimizes collagen production, reinforces the skin barrier and strengthens the Extracellular Matrix, providing improved structural support for tighter, more sculpted skin.

The most futuristic technology many of us will ever hold in our hands, when it comes to skin renewal, the LYMA Laser is in a league of its own.

“Think of the Laser as the master energy switch that acts at a genetic level inducing a process of tissue repair and regeneration and suppressing aging and decline,” explains Dr Glass.

LYMA skincare laser

How the LYMA Laser boosts your skincare results

In the first instance, by delivering more energy to the nuclei of cells, the 660-808 nm wavelength of the LYMA Laser improves the delivery of regenerative nutrients to the skin, increasing skin’s uptake of active ingredients in skincare formulations. Then, by temporarily re-aligning the lipid molecules in cell membranes, the polarized light indirectly opens ion channels, increasing the diffusion of lipid-soluble compounds whilst also enhancing the uptake of water-soluble compounds. Both these elements make the Laser the perfect trans-dermal topical delivery system.

“In isolation, LYMA Skincare is highly effective but together with the Laser, the results will be exceptional.”

- Dr Graeme Glass

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THE LYMA SKIN SYSTEM: turbocharged skin renewal

When it comes to fully optimizing skincare, the LYMA Laser and LYMA Skincare are not just complimentary, they boost each other’s capacity further still. Independent trials show that LYMA Skincare’s epigenetic ability to change skin’s behavior on a cellular level is turbocharged by the LYMA Laser, escalating its already transformative results to unprecedented levels. “Through a superadditive skincare formula, the LYMA Skincare is able to prime the master switch (the Laser) with actives able to increase its capability of augmenting gene expression associated with tissue repair and regeneration and down regulate the genes associated with age related decline,” explains Dr Graeme Glass whose vast insight into skin regeneration was instrumental in the creation of the Skin System. “The LYMA Skincare has a synergistic benefit to the Laser reinstating an earlier version of the skin matrix. This is functional regeneration that leads to aesthetic regeneration, creating a comprehensive solution to aging.”

We are entering a new era of epigenetic skincare that’s measured, proven and addresses the root causes of aging, not merely the signs. No more investing in luxury face creams on the promise of youth (no matter how sumptuous the packaging), science has far surpassed the vagaries of skincare claims. With a proven ability to induce unprecedented transformation in the appearance and future of your skin, the LYMA SKin System is the science-backed route to younger, more vibrant skin.



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