How To Smooth Away Under Eye Wrinkles Yourself With Laser

The best laser to get rid of under eye wrinkles, smile lines and crow’s feet has landed.

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23.07.21 (Updated 11.07.23)

Under eye wrinkles, smile lines and crow’s feet can be the first signs of aging and often begin etching their way across your face in your late twenties. Although we should all celebrate a life of free expression, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a handle on smile wrinkles early in the game. Ask any millennial and they’ll tell you those long days of proving their worth scuttling up the career ladder and the subsequent long nights letting off steam, are sure-fire triggers for dark circles, eye bags and under eye wrinkles.

Why do I have crow’s feet at 25?

Fine lines and wrinkles in your early twenties are more often than not, down to lifestyle. Managing the 4 S’s - smoking, sun, sugar and sleep; none of the first, protection against the second, little of the third, and lots of the fourth. Dehydration is also a huge contributor to under eye wrinkles as the skin is often the last organ of the body to receive hydration. Small habits make a big difference to this so keep on sipping water throughout the day and eat it in juicy fruits and water-rich vegetables like courgettes and peppers.

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Skincare science for under eye wrinkles

So, your collagen levels are tanking? Okay, perhaps a tad dramatic but even as young as our early twenties, our collagen production starts to dwindle by roughly 1% each year, causing a gradual loss of structure and volume to skin. Collagen and elastin make up part of the dermis; the lower layer of connective tissue that sits right in-between the higher epidermis and the lower level of fat and muscle. Because under eye skin is ten times thinner than that on our cheeks, smile lines and crow’s feet from making facial expressions, start to show up there first.

Slow down the aging process at source by getting educated on epigenetic skincare. The gold standard being LYMA Skincare peer-reviewed and proven to alter complex gene expression by dialling up regenerative cellular functions and dialling down cellular degradation. LYMA Skincare is formulated to work together with the LYMA Laser in order to help the Serum & Cream's patented skin actives sink deep down where it matters. Increasing mitochondrial function, rebalancing the skin microbiome, providing long lasting hydration and reinvigorating skin's innate collagen synthesis. Plumping, strengthening and revitalising skin is the surefire way to smooth out under eye wrinkles.

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4 Tips to prevent and reduce under eye wrinkles:

  1. Cover your eyes to avoid the sun: Not altogether, but from direct sunlight in your eyes that causes you to squint. Be that by investing in a super chic wide-brimmed sunhat or a pair of oversized sunglasses to avoid getting any sun damaged skin.
  2. Eat the right foods to boost collagen production. Barely a hardship, in the most part they’re delicious and really help reduce skin pigmentation and sagging. Get avocados, oily salmon, nuts and citrus fruits on your weekly shopping list. Do not hesitate to supplement your diet with LYMA health and beauty tablets containing patented food and herbal extracts shown to improve overall health and beauty.
  3. Apply caffeine-based creams under your eyes. Every. Single. Day. (and night, even if it’s literally the only thing you do). Caffeine eye creams have been repeatedly proved to get the best results on dark circles, under eye wrinkles and puffy eye bags.
  4. Half-moon massage under your eyes. Using a light facial oil and your ring finger or your favourite skin treatment Laser, sweep in half moon motions from just below your tear ducts, outwards towards your temples. This carries underlying toxins out to your lymphatic drainage system.
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Why under eye laser treatment is big news

Some of the in-clinic surgical laser under eye treatments such as the Pixel, Fraxel and CO2 can cause serious damage to delicate under eye skin and to the eye itself, so arguably they’re better left for much further down the timeline. Right now, it’s time to get acquainted with the next big thing in non-surgical under eye wrinkles treatment and that’s low-level laser therapy. The best non-ablative under eye wrinkle treatment to date, is the LYMA Laser. Not only is it the most powerful handheld Laser ever to be engineered but it’s also the first created with zero heat or pain and completely safe to use yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The continuous lightsaber beam shines straight through the top layer of skin, transferring light energy into cells deep down to reverse the signs of aging. No white-uniformed therapist required, just you and a magic wand in front of Netflix. With daily use over just a few months, results show dark circles are diminished, under eye wrinkles smoothed and skin tone transformed. Suddenly those late-night eye bags, premature eye wrinkles and panda dark circles have been wiped clean off your face.

What’s more, the LYMA Laser can be used to reverse skin concerns all over the body; blemishes, pigmentation, skin sagging, even scarring. Check out these before and after pictures to see the real-life results.



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