How LYMA Helped Gillian Learn to Love Life Again

After a hysterectomy, menopause hit Gillian hard. Now she’s regained both her temper and her sleep

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21.10.21 (Updated 21.09.22)

For many women, HRT proves a vital support against menopause symptoms but for a significant subsection, it's not an option.

Gillian was one of them and due to an ongoing liver problem, doctors told her she wasn't a viable candidate for HRT. She would simply have had to live with all her menopausal symptoms, both physical and psychological for the next decade. Here she gives us her month by month account of how LYMA took the place of HRT and turned her life around.

"I went into the surgical menopause after a cancer scare 10 years ago and, like most who have a hysterectomy, I hit the menopause head on and began getting horrendous hot flushes straight away. Plus there was chronic insomnia and dreadful brain fog, which meant that I struggled with my concentration and made holding down a job as a working single mum a real hardship."

Month 1 - the power of rest

"I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to try LYMA, which I had read so avidly about. Within the first week my sleep started to improve massively. I used to sleep a couple of hours before waking up, remaining awake for about 4 hours at a time. With LYMA I was - almost immediately - getting 4/5 hours at a time. In the first month I had a couple of 8-hour nights straight through! My body went into some kind of shock I think, it had never known this kind of rest!"

"Although I was still getting hot flushes, they barely bothered me. I found that I was so much more chilled out and relaxed and far less irritable. With this came a newfound optimism and there seemed to be a glimmer of light in my outlook on life."

Month 2 - a better outlook on life

"As I progressed into month two, I definitely noticed a reduction in my hot flushes. My sleep was improving all the time which led to my mood improving dramatically. Where I would normally be filled with a sense of impending doom, I was much more positive and much less sparky and chippy with my family and friends. Fewer things bothered me and others I just let slide past me. I can only describe it as a general sense of happiness and wellbeing that I hadn’t felt in years."

Month 3 - perspective and realigned priorities

"All of a sudden, I felt like the woman I used to be 15 years ago, pre-menopause; light-hearted, happier and more open to the positive ideas entering my head. I have never taken antidepressants; I felt I always had to be on the ball for my children, especially as for large part of their upbringing I was a single working mum. Looking back, I may well have been depressed, but had no time to address it. I was just too busy getting through life. Having seen this new side of myself, it has dawned on me how truly fed up I was with life in general and how I was just surviving rather than living. LYMA has helped get the old Gillian back. I am deeply proud and very unapologetic about my dark and very sarcastic sense of humour which has served me well, and it is at its best these days."

"I definitely know which battles to choose now and with my mood so much better and more manageable. There are fewer battles, and I have managed to prioritise what is important in my life."

Month 4 - a brighter future ahead

"I would recommend LYMA to any woman who is struggling with both the physical and psychological symptoms of the menopause. It’s only when you take it that you feel the difference, and you realise how truly low you have been (possibly for many years). If you can, and your mental and physical health is important to you, try and take it. You won’t regret it."

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