The Ultimate Gifts for the Busy Woman in Your Life

What the buy the woman who has everything.

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The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. You’re in charge of seemingly everything: the guest list, the multi-course lunch, the decorations and the present buying. We know how you feel. When you’re busy juggling all that quotidian life throws at you - deadlines, family responsibilities, holiday planning - it’s easy to fall-back on socks and book vouchers to placate the crowd.

While we all love to replenish our hosiery draws and line our bookshelves with new tomes, it can begin to feel a little repetitive receiving - and giving - the same gifts, albeit in various guises, year after year.

We have taken it upon ourselves to lighten your holiday load. Over the course of four weeks we’re publishing our pick of the best luxury gifts that you and yours are guaranteed to love. We’ve looked beyond the obvious knick-knacks and stocking fillers to bring you suggestions of gifts to uplift, inspire and indulge even the most discerning of family members.

For our second edition, we guide you through the best luxury gifts for the busy woman in your life to something special. Time saving, stylish, functional but beautiful gifts are in order. Here are our pick of treats from around the web:

Luxury LYMA supplement parcel

1. Best gifts for busy women to boost energy: The LYMA Supplement Subscription

What better gift for the busy woman in your life than the gift of continued energy, positivity and va va vroom that arrives promptly each month? It’s the gift of overall good health and longevity, the LYMA supplement aids cognitive function, encourages restful sleep, combats anxiety and low mood as well as boosting organ function and immune system resilience. Packed with anti-inflammatory adaptogens, nutricosmetics and spices, the LYMA formula delivers a daily dose of nutriceutical Cynatine® HNS, affron®, KSM-66 Ashwaghanda as well as powerful technology-enhanced natural carotenoid Lycored Lycopene™. Patented, proven and dosed to deliver the optimal results, day in, day out, it’s the support that any busy individual needs to keep firing on all cylinders. Looking after the one who looks after all the rest - good call.

The LYMA Supplement Subscription, £149p/m. Available to buy here.

2. Best gifts for busy women to keep them glowing: A course of facials with Nichola Joss

Busy women have packed schedules and full diaries so getting a course of skin transforming facials booked in is an ideal gift for the more mature and sophisticated woman in your life. Nichola Joss is one of the beauty industry’s most revered skincare experts and is the beauty therapist of choice for a bevy of A-list beauties such as Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Gisele Bundchen and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Based between London's Harley Street and her clinic in Manhattan, a course of Nichola's signature ‘Inner Facial’ treatments is our top pick. The Inner Facial combines lymphatic drainage massage with deep tissue pressure point massage and sculpting techniques to lift the facial muscles, relaxing and reviving the facial muscles, improving the skin tone and texture by increasing circulation to the jaw muscles whilst lifting and toning the face. Think of it as an instant 'face lift', designed to restore the skin's natural glow and elasticity. Each facial is completely bespoke and tailored to the individual's unique skin and muscular needs.

Nichola's Facials start from £350.

Penny with laser and Christmas tree

3. Best gifts for busy women to keep on track: The Fitbit Sense

Time in the kitchen eating into things she’d rather be doing? This stylish and versatile multi-cooker from KitchenAid comes with 12 pre-programmed time-saving functions, including 24 hour auto keep-warm capability and the ability to slow-cook for up to 12 hours. Just bung veg, meat, spices and seasoning in the pot first thing in the morning, cover with stock and leave the multi-cooker to work its magic. Come evening you’ll have a gorgeous, rich and sticky savoury stew, filling and hearty, ready to sate any hungry tums.

Fitbit Sense, £395.

4. Best gifts for busy women no matter who they are: Louis Vuitton Pocket Organiser

The perfect gift to help her organise her bag and to ensure she has her Amex, cash and business card at her disposal. There is no more stylish way to keep these all-important items to hand than in this compact and convenient wallet complete with classic monogram canvas. Fitting perfectly into any handbag or back pocket, it’s the classic gift for busy women to make even the mundane into gloriously luxury. Safe to say, there’s not a woman on this planet who would be disappointed with this.

Louis Vuitton Pocket Organiser, £235.

Rose gold LYMA membership card

5. Best gifts for busy women to help them relax: Silk eye mask from Slip

‘Let her rest’ -the words every single woman wants to hear. Not only do silk eye masks help to keep the light out, improving quality and quantity of all-important snooze time, they have some unique properties that set them apart from any old eye mask. Silk eye masks can help to keep eyes moisturised, prevent dark circles, defeat wrinkles and fine lines and are wonderfully gentle on the super-sensitive under-eye skin. The tightly woven nature of silk locks in moisture and stops skin drying out, making them the ideal gift for women who travel a fair bit and are frequently subjected to the dehydrating effects of long-haul flying. We love the silk eye masks from Slip. Their current range of zodiac-inspired masks are super fun, but their classics are totally divine.

Silk eye mask from Slip from £50.

6. Best gifts for busy women's daily skin routine: The LYMA Laser.

There is no better gift for the time-poor beauty aficionado in your life. If anti-ageing, skin pigmentation, scarring or blemishes are getting her down then this is your chance to upgrade her life.

This revolutionary skin-rejuvenating protocol can be used at home with total ease and safety to heal the skin on a cellular level. The LYMA Laser is the most effective skin renewal system in a generation and offers clinic-grade performance in the palm of your hand.

Just 15-30 minutes per day is all it takes to improve the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin, blemishes, bruising, scarring, cellulite or skin redness. No matter what her concern is, the LYMA Laser can address it. Nothing of its calibre has ever been seen in the beauty world before.

A starter Kit includes the LYMA Laser plus a bonus 30-day supply of LYMA Active Mist and Priming Serum to help take her beauty regimen to the next level.

£1999 available to buy here.

Keep an eye on the journal over the next few weeks for more great gift ideas across luxury living, beauty and lifestyle.


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