How LYMA Skincare Finally Gave Georgie the Skin Confidence She’d Been Searching For

After decades of breakouts, Georgie put her trust in LYMA Skincare and it more than paid off.

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We might think we’re all out there wishing for plump, youthful, glowing skin but some of us don’t dare dream that big. Having struggled with her skin for decades, Georgie, 47 scrapped any high skin hopes and simply wished for skin she wasn’t ashamed of. Not daring to risk any new skincare for fear of it causing an all-out fallout, she stuck to what she knew. But something caused her to say yes to LYMA Skincare.

“Other women my age use all these expensive serums because they want to achieve plump, youthful skin but I just wanted to look normal.”

I’m an expert in skincare for breakouts and knowing what to avoid.

Most of us love the blind, thrilling hope of experimenting with a new skin cream but the years have taught Georgie to be super particular when it comes to any topical skincare. “I truly mean it when I say that I will override a doctor on ointments because I know my skin so well and I know what I can and can’t do.” Any incorrect decision results in an outbreak the following day and spots around her mouth and across her cheeks. “I don't even wear that much makeup to cover it because makeup has a habit of making it look worse. I wouldn't try new skincare lightly, so I was more than a little apprehensive to try LYMA Skincare. I don't know what made me say yes that day, but I’m so glad I did.”

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I never grew out of my teenage skin

Georgie first developed bad skin and spots when she began to get hormonal at age 13 and she’s been in and out of doctors’ surgeries, scrutinized by medical students, and sent to hospitals to assess for intervention and new medications ever since.

“I’ve tried a lot of products from cheap to very expensive, I always hoped one of them would be the one to solve it or that I would simply grow out of the breakouts. The only time I saw significant changes in my skin was during my pregnancies but still, it’s never been anywhere near perfect.”

“My skin confidence hit rock bottom”

At one point, the breakouts got so bad that Georgie admitted she didn't want to leave the house or go to work. “I worked on a shop floor at Gucci for a long time. Not only did I avoid speaking to customers, I would avoid eye contact with all the glamourous, perfectly put-together women. I thought it would never end, no one should ever have to experience that. Sure, it’s common when you’re a teenager but that should pass, only for me it didn’t.”

My next skin chapter was rosacea

Then, just after having her children, out of nowhere, Georgie developed rosacea. “I think probably from lack of sleep and the stresses of daily life. Suddenly I had rosacea on my cheeks and nose which I'd never had a problem with before. I have always refused topical prescription skin care and gels for redness because my skin instantly reacts to them, so I have to take it in another form, like pills. My doctor put me on a strong antibiotic to target my rosacea which effectively shifts breakouts and spot clusters within a few days but if you go in the sun, you get yellow patches.” So again, her skincare approach wasn't something she could fit into her life.

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I love the LYMA Laser for redness and breakouts

Georgie’s aversion to any topical treatments for rosacea prompted her to try the LYMA Laser. “It calmed my skin redness down quickly and cleared all the spot clusters up. At last, the Laser was something that I could have complete control over and use every single day or as and when I saw the redness triggered by a bad night’s sleep or stress.” What’s more, Georgie soon found her dedicated fifteen minutes of laser time immensely calming, which came with the unexpected benefit of treating the cause of her skin redness too.

So, I gave LYMA Skincare a try

Following Georgie’s positive experience with the Laser, she gave LYMA Skincare a chance. “When you put the Cream on, it’s visible on the skin and you have to allow time for it to sink in. That was a bit surprising but like sunscreen, it shows you where you haven't applied it so it’s actually super helpful.” And as someone who would usually run a mile from thick textures for fear of a reaction, Georgie’s skin seemed to drink it up. “The LYMA Cream is lovely and you don't need a lot of it, a lot will go a long way.”

“At this point, I haven't touched my rosacea tablets for six months and I haven't had a single breakout.”

Skincare designed for hectic lifestyles

Anti-aging skincare routines can often be complex and time-consuming, something that most busy women can’t accommodate. LYMA Skincare was developed with demanding schedules in mind and the bioactive two-step protocol takes just a few minutes, something Georgie appreciates. “My routine starts by getting up at half six, getting the children to school and getting the dog out but I always moisturize, it's just part of getting ready in the morning and I would never not. It’s been so swift and simple just applying just the Serum and then the Cream.”

This has proven the best skincare for my super sensitive skin

Whilst applying LYMA Skincare morning and night, Georgie is pleased to report that she hasn't experienced any negative flare-ups, which for her is unheard of. “I've recently been away in Portugal and previously going from a hot country back to the UK, the heat change and stress of traveling would in itself, cause an outbreak for me but my skin has stayed completely calm. I’m so happy! Also, I had a Visia skin scan a few months back and it showed I had very dehydrated skin and now just a few months on, my skin doesn’t feel dry at all, it just feels really nice.

“My skin is calm, hydrated and breakout free. I never thought that would be a reality for me.”

“If something works, I’ll spend my money on it and I know this does”

“For me, the right skincare is more important than designer clothes because otherwise, I’ll go back to being that girl who doesn’t make eye contact and who’s never comfortable in her skin. For me, investing in skincare isn’t about anti-aging or having plump skin, my skin goal is to be completely clear of spots and to have healthy skin - that’s exactly what LYMA’s done. My skin hasn't been this consistently good in decades."



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