The World’s Best Anti-Aging Face Cream Sidestepped the Beauty Industry Completely

We found the world's best bioactive ingredients capable of transforming skin on a cellular level.

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What if our skincare was brought to us directly by the world-class scientists who developed it, rather than being overlaid with beauty trend buzzwords and cosmetic industry hype?

Over the past few years, the rise of the skintellectual means that the majority of us are able to differentiate our acids from our actives. But beauty industry BS aside, which ingredients make the best moisturizer for aging skin and where’s the hard proof?

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Anti-aging skincare ingredients should come as standard

We might all be starting from different places, but one thing is certain — we’re all getting older, so anti-aging serums & creams are a skincare category we all have a vested interest in. And while the emergence of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles are all a part of it, skin aging goes far deeper than that as cellular activity slows and a plethora of new skin concerns start to amass. Those can manifest as dullness, loss of elasticity, collagen depletion, poor cell turnover, unwanted hyperpigmentation … you name it.

We need to wise up to skincare ingredient trends

We’ve all been told if we’re serious about achieving smoother, plumper, brighter, more contoured skin, we simply must become chemists and fill our bathroom cabinets with brightening vitamin C, plumping Hyaluronic acid, collagen building peptides, and cell sloughing AHA’s and BHA’s. But the truth is, no one’s skin can take that amount of daily product overload. Ask the scientists who formulate skincare firsthand and they'll tell you skincare shouldn’t be about trends, it should be about personalised solutions.

“The skincare industry is awash with mediocre products that are not based on good quality scientific evidence. Many serious claims are made and products are often marketed at a very high end when they are all essentially variations of the same basic formulation of ingredients,” says Dr Graeme E. Glass MD PhD Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery. “In terms of the global skincare market, it’s a saturated market, but it's saturated with products that are all essentially variations on the same idea. The same idea whereby first and foremost, the products must look good, smell good, and feel good."

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LYMA Skincare: straight from the scientists

Which is why LYMA Skincare was developed by longevity doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and biochemists rather than beauty marketeers. Yep, those scientists in their crisp white capes just launched the best moisturizer for aging skin, all by themselves. LYMA Skincare is the first bio-active protocol made up of bioengineered ingredients capable of true skin transformation. Patented skincare ingredients designed to target every single underlying mechanism of skin aging in all skin types. Every single ingredient in LYMA Skincare is proven, patented and optimized to achieve measurable anti-aging results. Welcome to the brave new world of Genolytic Technology™️ a whole new category of skincare that finally fills the void between your typical beauty counter creams and prescription, medicated cosmetics.

The best moisturizer for aging skin is rendered completely useless if it can’t pass through the skin's protective barrier and reach deep into the skin, which is why the LYMA science team has also developed a state of the art delivery system. This specific type of liposome small enough for high skin absorption works by releasing the entrapped ingredients as the membranes merge with the skin, increasing the penetration of the active ingredients throughout the different skin layers. This improves product efficacy ten fold, delivering regenerative results in a quicker time frame than ever before.

LYMA skincare serum and cream vessels

10 ingredients that make LYMA Skincare the best face cream for mature skin

  1. PrimaHyal™ 50 low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that can penetrate below surface level

  2. Ephemer™ antioxidant royalty that neutralizes free radicals and environmental toxins

  3. L22® provides an ideal microbiome environment for skin flora and fauna to thrive

  4. Tego® strong water binding ability guarantees long term moisture retention

  5. Telangyn™ decreases redness and a fast action anti inflammatory

  6. Wellmune® bolsters skin immunity and reinforces skin’s vital barrier

  7. Zemea® breakthrough humectant that pulls water from the air around us, deep into skin

  8. Bakuchiol out performs retinol as a top performing collagen stimulator

  9. Quercevita™ clears away senescent cells to make space for new vital cells instead

  10. MitoPrime™ increases cell energy so they can keep regenerating

How LYMA Skincare is being proven, not promised.

Never one to be outdone, LYMA’s goal is to be the first in the world to achieve next-level testing results. As well as all the usual testing to match competitors, clinical trials of stem cell measurements of mitochondria levels in cells will be taken through skin biopsies. “LYMA is the first skincare to be tested on the base layer of skin and tracking changes, this has never been done before,” says Dr. Ládi Szabolcs who’s overseeing it all. “This is the hardest science imaginable.”



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