Word's Out! Beauty Editors Just Published Their Honest LYMA Skincare Reviews

The first reviews of the world’s hardest working skincare are in. The world's beauty experts comment

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LYMA Skincare was this year’s most hotly anticipated launch and among the 30,000 person long waitlist were a lot of beauty experts. You see, when you launch an anti-aging skincare formulation that’s never been accomplished before and have the results to back it up, a fair few well-groomed eyebrows get raised.

LYMA had every intention of making waves in the skincare industry. A world of lofty claims and compelling language, we are all promised miracles and magic. Which is why LYMA Skincare side-stepped the cosmetic industry entirely and instead, was born from geneticists, stem cells experts and surgeons who don’t sign off on anything without concrete evidence and hypotheses proved. Dr Graeme E. Glass MD PhD Plastic Surgeon, and his international R&D team utilized breakthrough Genolytic™ technology, targeting cells through every layer of the skin that conventional formulas cannot reach. LYMA then flipped the skincare industry on its head further, by using 80% actives and 20% water, the opposite of nearly all products on the market. “Not only is it the most active skin science in existence, it’s the first protocol to address the eight causes of skin aging,” says LYMA Founder Lucy Goff.

“We’ve selected patented ingredients proven to change gene expression, supercharge cellular energy to slow mitochondrial decline, support skin’s precious immune system, boost collagen production, repair skin tissue and rebuild the extracellular matrix. These are next-gen ingredients that change the aging trajectory.”

LYMA Founder Lucy Goff.

Ready, set, review!

When you have every super luxury skin serum on tap, it’s understandable that beauty editors should make the staunchest of critics. These people have seen it all. Or have they? LYMA Skincare is already being put through the most rigorous clinical trials to date (aka biopsies taken from live, healthy human skin), so odds are it can withstand some seriously honest feedback. Here’s what the beauty editors had to say about it.

On first impressions

“The first promising sign for me was that, after a week of exclusive use, I'd experienced no sign of skin rebellion at all: no redness, irritation and sensitivity. In fact, as the days progressed I noticed my ephemeral ruddy cheeks fade away completely, along with the breakouts along my jawline.” - Roberta Schroeder, Senior Beauty Ecommerce Editor at Harper’s Bazaar

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On skincare protocol simplifying

“These products also contain key ingredients you’re likely already using (like retinol, peptides, and hyaluronic acid) so they can replace other items in your beauty arsenal.” - Samantha Baker VP, Commerce The Skimm

On calming menopausal skin

"I've been using the serum and cream for three days and can confirm my menopausal skin - on the surface at least - is as hydrated and baby-soft as it's been in decades." - Annabel Jones, The Daily Telegraph

On getting skin glowing

“Nearly two weeks in my skin has evidently become used to the formula; it now seems to retain moisture, feels firmer, and my skin texture has smoothed. Dare I say I have a glow about me? I’m yet to see any wild eradication of fine lines, with my 11s still holding strong, but I’m happily going foundation-free and don’t feel the need to constantly spritz my face to keep up hydration levels.” - Mel Evans, Metro

On seeing plumping and wrinkle-busting results

“I have mature skin prone to redness and hormonal acne, and tested the LYMA Skincare serum and cream as instructed: twice a day for 30 days (you can do it just at bedtime, but I opted for both morning and night). After a month of daily use, I saw a reduction in wrinkles and redness, and an overall increase in my skin’s hydration. My complexion was more even, with a smoother texture and feel.” - Samantha Baker VP, Commerce The Skimm

LYMA Skincare two vessels product image

On being amazed

“Now six weeks in, I’m astonished at the effectiveness of these two products: from a brighter, more unified skin tone to moderately lessened lines around my eyes and a complete vanishing of all traces of acne, this is the best my skin has looked in years. While LYMA Skincare is clearly a weighty investment, it may well be worth it” - Roberta Schroeder, Senior Beauty Ecommerce Editor at Harper’s Bazaar

When it comes to reaching the summit of skin health and putting the brakes on aging, we should all become beauty critics and seek the astounding anti-aging results for ourselves. LYMA Skincare is available to buy now. Don’t just care for your skin, empower it.


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