Meet Dr Michael Grandner: The Man to Send You to Sleep

Sleep expert and Director of the Sleep & Health Research Programme at University of Arizona.

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14.06.21 (Updated 06.07.22)

The quest for good sleep is universal and an issue we here at LYMA, talk about A LOT. It’s also the first benefit most people revel in when taking our all-in-one wellness and sleep supplement. LYMA work closely with experts across the world and we’re thrilled to announce that Dr Michael Grander is the latest to join our extensive expert team.

Dr Michael Grandner knows good sleep. Certified in Behavioural Sleep Medicine and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona, Michael has dedicated his entire career to researching how we sleep, why it’s so crucial and what happens when our sleep behaviour is compromised. He’s written more than 175 articles on the subject and been cited over 8,000 times in critical medical research. But away from the laboratory, Michael also treats patients with real-life sleep issues in his clinic every single week. Needless to say, there’s not a sleep concern this man hasn’t seen or solved and those hefty credentials are exactly why we’re so thrilled to have him on board as LYMA’s official Sleep Ambassador.

We asked Michael to try LYMA, analyse every one of the ingredients and give his honest, expert opinion. We also asked him to help us debunk all the big sleep myths, tell us why we seem to be sleeping worse than ever and how LYMA customers can get the best sleep of their lives.

In his first instalment of sleep sessions, Michael explains why LYMA is so effective at aiding sleep and what makes it different from every other supplement out there.

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Why is sleep so important?

“As a society, we see sleep is unproductive time and there is nothing worse than unproductive time in our society right now! We're constantly feeling like we don't have enough time and so we mortgage sleep to fund more productivity time. We live in a 24/7 society, in a globalised world and the fact that the world doesn't shut down at night, that everything just keeps going, only reinforces this idea. However, the truth is the opposite; our data shows that actually if you want more time, budget a little more time for sleep and you'll be mentally clearer and more efficient the next day.”

How do you help people sleep?

“Often people don't realise that sleep is much easier to fix than a lot of other things. I have people walk into my clinic saying they haven't slept well in years and have tried everything but nothing worked. However, it’s extremely unusual that someone walks in the door and doesn't leave at least significantly better. I don't use medications in my clinic but there's almost always something that can be done, be that lifestyle changes, supplements or behavioural therapy.”

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When you know every sleep supplement out there, why did you choose to work with LYMA?

“I wanted to work with LYMA first and foremost because they don’t hold back on developing a product that puts the science first. There are very few products on the market today that are as committed to being science forward. LYMA don’t mess around, they do it right and they do it right every time.”

What did you make of the LYMA ingredients?

“I haven't seen anything else in this combination before. Every element of the LYMA supplement has undergone published, randomised, controlled trials. Each ingredient has been tested, vetted and demonstrated its worth in a clinical trial and most importantly, at the dose that’s in there.”

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How does LYMA help people to sleep?

“A lot of people think of sleep related supplements as weak sleeping pills, which simply isn’t true. Sleep has its fingers in every system so by strengthening the immune system, improving blood flow or supporting energy balance, you can impact the sleep system indirectly and improve it. Sleep is a universal process that the whole body uses and there are many different pathways to improving the quality of sleep. LYMA recognizes that your body is in night mode, that it’s time to regenerate and the premium formulation boosts those functions, making the body’s nocturnal processes even more effective. That’s where the future of the sleep is and that's why I believe LYMA are leading the way.”

What impressed you most about LYMA?

“The transparency of LYMA ingredients impressed me. Every single ingredient is something you can look up, read the evidence yourself and then make an informed decision as opposed to relying on marketing. Most supplements for males and females on the market are not nearly as transparent as LYMA. Often they will list the ingredients specifically but not how those ingredients were made, processed or how exactly your body is going to use them. With LYMA, you can look up whatever you want and nothing is hidden.”

Want to put your own sleep question to Michael? LYMA is offering everyone in our community the opportunity of side-stepping Michael’s long client waitlist and taking part in a direct Q&A with the man himself on Tuesday 22ndJune at 6pm BST. Register now to secure your seat at the virtual seminar and submit your own question which could be picked for discussion on the day

(journal update: this event has occurred in the past and registrations are now closed).

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