Why LYMA Is a Great Workout and Fitness Supplement for Men

It seems the boys are supplementing to get faster, leaner and stronger than ever.

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26.06.21 (Updated 24.10.23)

A far cry from the old bulking protein powders stacked up high in gym foyers, energy supplements for men have come on light years and now boast benefits to the mind as well as the muscles.

Our supplement intake is on the rise again and unsurprisingly after the year we’ve just had, our collective focus is on immune system strength, vitality and fitness. But whereas women appear to take supplements for internal health, recent reports show that men are far more interested in sports nutritional supplements. It seems the boys are supplementing to get faster, leaner and stronger than ever.

Men taking supplements to improve their physical health.

But rather than the gym, men all over the world are moving away from indoor apparatus and sprinting towards open air exercise. There are more participants in ultra-marathons, triathlons and extreme sporting events recorded than ever before.

“Right now, the adventure lifestyle is definitely in high demand,” says London based Wellness Coach, James Nielsen. “The recent lockdowns have increased the craving for fresh air, space and free living. Many of my male clients are taking enhancement supplements to push their bodies further and increase their physical performance. They’re advancing into ultra-trail running, free climbing, wild camping and a more organic, natural way of living.” Right now, it seems men are all about bigger challenges.

Healthy man exercising

LYMA is proven to help muscle, bone and joint recovery.

Nutritional protein supplements are a great way to increase physical performance and help build muscle but it’s by supporting the body indirectly, that you gain the most significant health benefits, especially for men over 40. Our Wellmune® Blend, one of the patented ingredients in LYMA’s world-leading supplement has been proved in independent medical trials to increase resistance to infection and make the immune system more robust. Add to that, the world’s first 100% cold water dispersed turmeric, HydroCurc® 600mg, which brings down inflammation throughout the body and accelerates muscle repair, and you have hands down, the best muscle recovery supplement for exercise junkies. When more resilient and better equipped to mend itself, the body is able to work harder and take on more intense physical challenges.

However, the body is far from bullet-proof; overexertion and excessive physical exercise shows in painful joints and stiffness, so must be supported by a targeted nutritional intake. Substantial amounts of fibre, vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients are the best muscle building fuel when ingested alongside omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts and oils that aid the body’s anti-inflammatory response. Vita-algaeD3™ and MenaQ7® Matrix in LYMA, take sports nutrition to the next level by extracting nutrients from your food and distributing calcium to the bones and tissues of the body, boosting strength and resilience for rapid muscle recovery.

LYMA Supplement for Men Fitness

Invest now to improve your fitness and mental health.

It also appears that men are just as keen to slow down the aging process as women, “Thinking ahead to where we want to be in the future is a huge factor in why men take supplements,” explains Nielsen. “I tell my clients to think of it as future-proofing; as men go into their 30’s and 40’s, longevity and overall wellbeing, both mentally and physically become more apparent. How they look and feel is still very important but recovery and health become vital too.”

So it’s not all about the bod then? Men in their forties are increasingly using their smarts and searching for supplements to get them mentally sharper and clear-headed. Perhaps they’re looking to take on the twenty-year-olds in the boardroom as well as on the bike track? Some of us may have had a good titter about the MAMIL’s (Middle Aged Men In Lycra), swarming by on a Sunday morning but isn’t that a far more positive age reflex? Rather than the old cliché of leather biker jackets and shiny convertibles, the midlife crisis has been given a revamp of fitness and betterment. But this increase in athletic performance needs to be reinforced by rest so as not to run the risk of burnout. LYMA’s Ashwagandha root extract has been shown in independent peer-reviewed medical studies to reduce anxiety and achieve better sleep quality. Working in tandem with hero ingredient Cognizin®, proven to optimise neural communication and brain activity, the two can optimise mental focus for keeping a cool head and a competitive edge.

Healthy Man Back

LYMA Supplement helps you think faster, push harder, repair quicker and become stronger in both body and mind. “I think it’s less about being macho and more about optimising yourself to be the best you can possibly be,” says James. “After all, the best you will help raise the vibrations of everything and everyone around you.”



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