LYMA Helped My Menopause Symptoms When I Didn't Want HRT

Gemma’s positive menopause story with LYMA gets published in the Daily Mail.

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The following article was published in the Daily Mail and has become one of the most shared articles of the year, installing LYMA as a go to supplement to help with the symptoms of Menopause.

Gemma Asim, 52, from London, said life began to feel like 'a struggle' shortly before her 50th birthday, when menopausal symptoms left her feeling 'exhausted and flat'.

“I felt like within a week of taking it that I had got my bounce back."

The receptionist went to see her GP, who recommended she take HRT (hormone replacement treatment), but when Gemma admitted she was concerned about an increased risk of breast cancer, she said she felt 'dismissed'.

After confiding in a friend, she was recommended a 'super supplement' called LYMA, containing ingredients including Vitamin D3 and Keratin, which Gemma credits with transforming her physical and mental well being almost 'immediately.' She credited the supplement, called LYMA, with having transformed her wellbeing and health, saying that she felt 'lighter' after taking it Recalling when it started, Gemma said she started feeling the menopause symptoms six months before her fiftieth birthday.

She revealed: 'Everyone thinks menopause is just hot flushes - but it is so much bigger than that. It affects all kinds of things, and your whole life in lots of different ways.

'It would vary day to day - I was sleeping really badly, and then I became anxious about bed time. I was irritable.'

She went on: 'Everything was dry - my hair, nails and skin were all suffering. And all the tiny things were affecting my mental health.'

Gemma said she struggled to feel like herself, admitting: 'I felt like life was a struggle, like it was a huge effort to do anything. I felt all out of sync, dull, flat and emotionless.'

The mother-of-three, who lives with her husband and children, said she found herself in 'the centre of all the arguments.'

She said it came to a head after her husband asked her: 'Why is it always you?'

Gemma's 'first port of call' was her GP - but she was left disappointed with his reaction to her concerns.

Gemma revealed: 'My GP wasn't very receptive or sympathetic - he was sort of like 'Well get on with it'. He offered me HRT or nothing.'

HRT was back in the spotlight in September after an Oxford study found it raised the risk of breast cancer by a third.

Researchers said women aged 50 to 69 were 32 per cent more likely to get the disease if they had taken the most common form of the hormone replacement therapy for at least five years.

The danger was twice as high for patients on the treatment for a decade.

The Oxford team said however that the overall risk was still small – and doctors said the benefits often outweighed the risks.

But as her mother had suffered from breast cancer, she was warned that she would have an increased risk of developing the disease while on the therapy.

Thinking that a female GP might be more understanding, Gemma booked another appointment.

But she revealed: 'She was more sympathetic, she still couldn't offer much though.

'I just thought 'What else can I do?' and decided to ride out the storm.'

After a year, Gemma confided in a friend that she was struggling to cope, and she was recommended a 'super supplement' called Lyma.

Lyma, which costs £149 per month, promises to smoothe skin by 80 per cent, strengthen hair by 47 per cent and nails by 88 per cent, improve sleep and brain energy, maximise immunity and reduce stress and anxiety

Sleep LYMA 1

After taking the tablets twice in the morning and twice in the evening for a week, the mother-of-three said her mood was almost immediately lifted.

She said: 'I felt like within a week of taking it that I had got my bounce back.'

The mother-of-three said she took the supplement for about a month before noticing her nails, hair and skin had also improved.

She said: 'It also helped with my sleep pattern, I wasn't feeling so anxious at night, and I had a better immune system.'

Vesselledgethreecapsules LYMA

The mother-of-three said she now takes four LYMA tablets a day in order to maintain her health and wellbeing.

She added: 'The best effects have been on my joints and body - I feel much lighter and more supple.'

Gemma, who runs regularly, said she takes part in 5km long cancer runs yearly - and revealed after taking the supplement she'd beaten her personal best by 2 minutes.

She said that even her colleagues at work had noted a huge difference, saying: 'I had more energy than girls half my age.'

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