The Art of Living Positively

How to build strong mind and safeguard yourself from negative connections.

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Mindfulness might have become mainstream and setting positive affirmations as second nature as brushing our teeth each morning, but how often have you been floating out of your morning yoga class awash with calm and clarity, only to have it totally shaken when you step outside into the crowd?

External influences have an uncanny way of rocking our resilience and zapping us of positive energy. Urgent emails, mounting Zoom calls, family commitments and diary appointments can all skyrocket our stress levels. Add to that the huge emotional impact of other people’s negativity that we’re constantly exposed to and you find your good vibes swiftly evaporating. Being a reliable, empathetic friend is important but humans are natural storytellers and taking on other people’s stories as our own, can be highly detrimental.

Maintain the optimism you’ve so painstakingly created, by fiercely protecting it and equipping yourself with some mental power tools. Here’s how to form an emotional force field and keep the positive vibes flowing…

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When you’re feeling laden with other people’s problems, stand still, somewhere with space around you and picture sending those issues outwards, away from you. Visualise pushing them away from your body and creating space between you and the conflict. It might feel strange at first but the mind is a muscle so the more you flex it, the stronger it will become.

Obey your gut.

Modern life is full of choice and people are always moving along different paths, making it so easy to be swayed by the actions of others. Stay quiet for a few moments and listen to what your intuition is telling you. Your gut is your innate navigation system warding you against bad decisions, so always listen to what it’s telling you.

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Bolster positivity levels with good nutrition and effective supplementation. Patented saffon extract, affron® is a hero ingredient in LYMA’s world-leading nutraceutical. Maximum bioavailability in the most potent, non-toxic dosage makes for a powerful mood enhancer that’s been clinically proven to support neurological function, particularly when dealing with adversity. LYMA also contains nootropic Cognizin®; an exceptionally pure source of citicoline, that naturally occurs in the body and is responsible for optimum brain function. Cognizin® increases cognitive function, improves mental focus and gets you operating on your A-game, no matter the curve balls thrown.

The 5 win rule.

Reframe the day’s events in your brain so they’re logged in a more positive light. Before going to bed, highlight your five wins of the day where you managed yourself well or made good personal choices. This ensures you drop off on an optimistic note and get a better night’s sleep.

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Get active.

When the early morning alarm goes off, you might not feel like it but it’s crucial to fuel your future self. Running, yoga, HIIT workouts all boost your mental resilience as well as your physical, making you better equipped to deal with external dark forces.


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