The Grown up’s Guide to Manifesting Your Future

Can you really just ‘order in’ your desires? Here is how to manifest something.

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You’re a high-functioning professional with world class credentials, you’re way too C-Suite to be wishing on the cosmos. Manifesting for success? Come on people, what’s next? Dream catchers in client pitches? But before you dismiss it as too snowflake to take seriously, manifestation might just maximise potential in every facet of your life.

How does manifesting work?

In the broadest of brushstrokes, it’s opening your mindset to the vast potential of what could be. Life is not a vending machine but nor is it pure chaos of chance. Think of manifestation as a clear visualisation and setting intention for where you want to get to. The aim here is not to spark magic but hone focus and buoy motivation. Unlike goal-setting, manifesting starts from a place of imagining you already have what you seek and by visualising yourself living in that abundance, thus generating more of what makes you happy.

Manifesting makes sense

Manifesting is gaining traction right now because after the past two years of chaos and flux, many (smart) people want to take ownership of their lives again. Far from a 2.0 rehash of cosmic ordering, (not even Tom Cruise wants to reopen that Secret debacle), manifesting encourages self-reliance and being proactive. Pragmatically speaking, mapping out one’s life’s trajectory is empowering and that feeling of empowerment triggers commitment to the cause, which in turn, makes it more likely to be achieved. Manifestation can lead to greater productivity but it takes both discipline and specificity.

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How to manifest right

Take heed! Apparently when manifesting, we mustn’t be vague warns Shaman Durek, self-confessed ‘no-nonsense’ spirit guide to Gwyneth Paltrow and goop contributor. “When you say the sentence, ‘let's see what happens’, observe what you feel. Is it like new things are opening or is it like limbo? You won’t feel any sensations of excitement or generation of energy and nothing will happen because you’re operating against yourself by not choosing what you want to happen.” The shamanic perspective is, he says, broken down into three steps: desire, clarity and action. “We do this by identifying our desire, finding clarity within that desire, and finally following suit with action.” He advocates this as a direct route to investing in your future self through making conscious choices, holding yourself accountable and manifesting your life goals. Essentially making yourself your newest project.

How to manifest something

1. Desire.

Put aside your scepticism and identify what you truly want.

2. Clarity.

Get specific, detail-led and into the nitty gritty.

3. Action.

Put in the work and plan exactly how that’s going to play out.

In truth it doesn’t much matter whether you believe you’re willing it into existence or working towards your ambitions, manifestation creates motivation and focus. It increases self-confidence and starts to churn the cogs of progress that make change happen. Taking the time to listen to ourselves and learn what we truly want, can only have a galvanising effect. So perhaps, it’s time to stop underestimating the power of a positive mindset and start getting greedy with life.



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