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Luxury gift inspiration for him and her.

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Beauty and betterment are inexorably interlinked and the very act of smoothing in a rich face cream sparks joy but it’s entirely valid to demand the longer-term visible results too. When you adore skincare and wellbeing as much as we do at LYMA, what you invest in has to look good, feel good and work harder than even you do. That’s why this year, we’ve rounded-up the freshest selection of luxury beauty gift ideas to surprise, delight and are guaranteed to leave them merry and bright into the New Year and beyond.

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. You’re in charge of seemingly everything: the guest list, the multi-course lunch, the decorations and the present buying. We know how you feel. When you’re busy juggling all that quotidian life throws at you - deadlines, family responsibilities, holiday planning - it’s easy to fall-back on socks and book vouchers to placate the crowd.

While we all love to replenish our hosiery draws and line our bookshelves with new tomes, it can begin to feel a little repetitive receiving - and giving - the same gifts, albeit in various guises, year after year. So we have taken it upon ourselves to lighten your holiday load. This week we’re publishing our pick of the most luxurious beauty gifts for 2021 that you and yours are guaranteed to love. We’ve looked beyond the obvious knick-knacks and stocking fillers to bring you suggestions of festive gifts to uplift, inspire and indulge even the most discerning of family members.

Beauty innovation has never been more exciting. There are some awesome brands disrupting the industry and flipping everything we thought we knew about skincare in particular on its head. There’s so much out there that it can be hard to know what not only makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift, but what actually works. So we’ve rounded-up the best luxury gift ideas to make sure that we have you covered; be that serums, creams, masks and more. The ultimate beauty gifts guaranteed to thrill any beauty aficionado and keep them looking and feeling their best into 2023 and beyond.

So if you’re on the hunt for beauty gift ideas ahead of the Christmas season, and are looking for luxury beauty gift inspiration for him or for her, then check out our pick of the best gifts for Christmas 2023:

1. Best luxury skincare gift for 2022:

When Santa really delivers in the skincare stakes. The LYMA Laser is the world’s most powerful skin regenerating gadget targeting fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, scarring, skin redness, pigmentation and skin elasticity with unparalleled results. Delivering controlled, coherent laser light energy to stimulate bio-transformational cellular renewal unlike anything else seen before outside of a clinic. This is a 500mW clinic-grade laser beam, 100x stronger than an LED that’s been safety approved, is totally portable and completely painless, hence all the fuss. Optimised for use on all skin tones, (that’s another world first), and when used for just 15 minutes per day, visibly transforms skin. No more visits to the clinic, no more painful zapping or snapping. The best thing they’ll unwrap this year.

The LYMA Laser Starter Kit, £1,999. Available to buy here.

Picture of the LYMA's luxury skin treatment gift

2. Best luxury beauty gift for the woman who has everything:

She's tricky to buy for because her bathroom cabinet already houses every beauty product under the sun but odds are she doesn’t have one of these. More of a surprising stocking filler rather than her main gift under the tree, this is the expert care set for her prized collection of luxury candles. The wick trimmer ensures an even burn, whilst the snuffer tool extinguishes flames without creating that undesirable splay of wax. Now, birthdays aside, she doesn’t even have to blow out her own candles.

Urban Apothecary Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set, £25.
LYMA candle snutter
LYMA skincare menopausal skin

3. Best skincare gift for the beauty aficionado:

The ultimate skincare gift for the sophisticated woman who knows her Barbara Sturm from her Augustinus Bader. LYMA's powerful epigenetic Serum and Cream are unrivalled at engineering natural ingredients and world-first formulations. LYMA has used unique hi-tech extraction processes and ingredients that have been engineered to maximise the power of the LYMA Laser. This powerhouse Skin System is the world's first bioactive protocol to empower all layers of the skin simultaneously and aims to interrupt and reverse the eight mechanisms of skin aging.

For the discerning beauty buff who demands nothing short of greatness, this super combo comfortably sits among the best anti-aging face skin treatments in the world.

LYMA Skincare Starter Kit, from £495. Available to buy here.

4. Best luxury beauty gift set for make-up lovers:

We’re hard pushed to conceive of anyone who wouldn’t be beyond excited to open this on Christmas morning. Two dozen creamy, sumptuous Hermès lipsticks in all manner of matte and satin shades. A full lipstick wardrobe, nay, encyclopedia of lip shades. No matter the event, the outfit, or your mood, there’s a lip colour to work it. Like having your very own Selfridges beauty counter every single day.

Rouge Hermès limited-edition 24-colour lipstick piano set, £1,400.

5. Best gift for better beauty sleep:

Cotton pillowcases are devils for absorbing the precious nutrients in your nighttime skincare, creasing up the eye area thus aiding wrinkle formation and reversing hair fibres to exacerbate frizz. All this time, we’ve been sleeping with the enemy. Enter the ultimate gift that brings a host of beauty benefits and helps them sleep better, aka the Christmas present jackpot. This skin smoothing, hair gliding, mulberry silk pillowcase gives the gift of juicy skin, good hair days aplenty and the best night’s sleep in yonks. Rest assured that after they open this, you’ll be getting the pick of the figgy pudding this year.

Beauty Pie SLEEPEASY™ Luxury Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, £80.

If you’re planning to spoil someone special this Christmas with a luxury beauty gift or stocking filler then we’re sure you’ll find something in this list to fit the bill.

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