10 Best Luxury Beauty Gifts for Christmas

Luxury gift inspiration for him and her.

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22.09.20 (Updated 21.10.21)

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. You’re in charge of seemingly everything: the guest list, the multi-course lunch, the decorations and the present buying. We know how you feel. When you’re busy juggling all that quotidian life throws at you - deadlines, family responsibilities, holiday planning - it’s easy to fall-back on socks and book vouchers to placate the crowd.

While we all love to replenish our hosiery draws and line our bookshelves with new tomes, it can begin to feel a little repetitive receiving - and giving - the same gifts, albeit in various guises, year after year. So we have taken it upon ourselves to lighten your holiday load. This week we’re publishing our pick of the most luxurious beauty gifts for 2021 that you and yours are guaranteed to love. We’ve looked beyond the obvious knick-knacks and stocking fillers to bring you suggestions of festive gifts to uplift, inspire and indulge even the most discerning of family members.

Beauty innovation has never been more exciting. There are some awesome brands disrupting the industry and flipping everything we thought we knew about skincare in particular on its head. There’s so much out there that it can be hard to know what not only makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift, but what actually works. So we’ve rounded-up the best luxury gift ideas to make sure that we have you covered; be that serums, creams, masks and more. The ultimate beauty gifts guaranteed to thrill any beauty aficionado and keep them looking and feeling their best into 2022 and beyond.

So if you’re on the hunt for beauty gift ideas ahead of the Christmas season, and are looking for luxury beauty gift inspiration for him or for her, then check out our pick of the best gifts for Christmas 2021:

1. Best luxury beauty gift for fragrance lovers:

Cartier Perfumes Discovery Set

Anyone who says you have to look past the packaging, didn't lay eyes on the sumptuous red leather case housing these 15 scents. This decadent and befitting presentation of Cartier’s full spectrum selection of timeless scents is the last word in luxury beauty gifts. A play on the senses, each fragrance depicts a moment, an anticipation, or a spark of emotion. Just imagine it nestled under the Christmas tree, waiting...

Cartier Perfumes Les Collections de Parfum Discovery Set, 15 x 3.5ml, £325. Available from here.

Sol de janeiro

2. Best luxury beauty gift to bring joy:

Sol de Janeiro Stellar Celebrations Set

Good luck opening anything more vibrant and ebullient than this utter explosion of body positivity this Christmas. Proof that luxury beauty gifts don’t all have to be serious, Parisian or cost the earth, Sol de Janeiro is back, (baby). SdJ’s signature coconut cream, orchid and toasted praline scent caused a beauty editor meltdown when it first launched and has been widely sold out for the latter part of 2021 but thankfully now the range returns with a bang. Give the gift of cocooning their sun-starved skin in the richest formula and feeling as though they’ve jetted off to tropical climbs, when realistically, we’re all more likely to be circumnavigating the M25 this festive season.

Sol de Janeiro Stellar Celebrations Set, £38. Available from here.

Airwrap dyson luxrury hair set

3. Best luxury beauty gift for dream hair:

DYSON Airwrap Complete Styler Set

It’s the gift of your best hair ever, in an age where we all had to become our own beauticians, the Dyson Airwrap revolutionised the beauty tool world. The limited edition DYSON Airwrap Complete Styler Set includes accessories to add volume, smooth out, wave and curl your hair depending on what the occasion calls for. If you’re looking for the best luxury beauty Christmas gift she’ll open this year, you’ve just found it.

DYSON Airwrap Complete Styler Set, £449.99. Available from here.

4. Best luxury beauty gift for vegans:

Hourglass Vegan Brush Collection

Beauty might have a somewhat chequered past with animal welfare but thankfully now there are a swathe of beauty brands doing it right by the natural world. Hourglass’s just-launched make-up brush collection contains every brush and buffer you could possibly lust after, for the most seamless of applications. The perfect luxury gift to replace all those musty old cosmetic brushes in favour of a gleaming new tool kit, (and all badgers’ bottoms left intact).

Hourglass Vegan Brush Collection, £640. Available from here.

Picture of the LYMA's luxury skin treatment gift

5. Best luxury beauty gift to transform skin:

The LYMA Laser

The LYMA Laser is the beauty gift of the future. The world’s most powerful skin regenerating gadget targeting fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, rosacea, pigmentation and skin elasticity with unparalleled results. Delivering powerful, controlled, monochromatic, coherent and polarised laser light, stimulating bio-transformational cellular renewal unlike anything else seen before outside of a clinic. The LYMA Laser provides powerful clinic-grade performance from the comfort of your home and is totally portable and completely painless. The laser is optimised for use on all skin tones - a world first - and, when used for just 15 minutes per day, utterly transforms skin. No more visits to the clinic, no more painful zapping or snapping, call it the gift of your best skin ever.

LYMA Laser, from £1,999. Available to buy here.

Gold cryo facial set

6. Best beauty gift for sleepless skin:

Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Sticks

Any beauty lover worth her Himalayan salts should know about the cooling, calming wonders of cryo sticks. The perfect post-party skin pick-me-up or indeed, the morning-after festivities, they’re an instant solution to angry, inflamed skin and puffy eyes. Also doubling up as a gift of self-care, massaging them over the entire face, allowing them to glide over your favourite serum or oil is a great way to hit the emotional reset button.

Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Facial Set, £98. Available to buy here.

Vintners daughter skin elixir

7. Best beauty gift for every woman over 50:

Vintner’s Daughter Radiance & Renewal Set

The ultimate skin transformation team. This rejuvenating powerhouse essence provides multi-level hydration through 30+ powerful botanicals, hyaluronic acid and over 70 water-soluble nutrients like collagen-supporting vitamin C, strengthening amino acids and the full family of B vitamins. Followed with the oil-based Active Botanical Serum that imparts powerful multi-correctional moisture to deeply feed the skin with over 60 skin-beautifying nutrients, vitamins A, E, and K, magnesium, calcium, and all four omega fatty acids. The result is a complexion quenched, balanced, plumped and deeply hydrated. Eternal youth isn’t too shabby a Christmas gift now, is it?

Vintner’s Daughter Radiance & Renewal Set, £235. Available to buy here.

Charlotte tilbury pillow talk on the go

8. Best beauty gift for women who travel:

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk On The Go

Now that we’re finally allowed to jet off to anywhere we fancy (well, almost) it’s also a welcome return to smart cosmetics and travel-size beauty gifts. This hand luggage friendly, one-stop shop for eyes and lips will have her bright eyed and smudgeproof come touchdown.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk On The Go, £39. Available to buy here.

capsules on shelf

9. Best Beauty Gift for Inner Health:

LYMA Supplement

What you're putting in your body counts just as much as what you're slathering on top, more so in fact. Supplements may not instinctively spark joy but this isn't your average supplement. Encased in a sumptuous copper vessel and copper capsules, LYMA's unique formula of patented ingredients feed vital nutrients to your brain, organs, muscles and skin. Each ingredient is peer-reviewed and proven at that exact dose, (a rare gesture of honesty in a somewhat shady industry). LYMA is the gift of a clearer headspace, better sleep, boosted immunity and a brighter appearance. It's the whole gift-wrapped package of beauty, brimming from the inside out.

The LYMA Supplement, £145. Available to buy here.

Slip pillow case

10. Best beauty gift for a high-maintenance heiress:

Silk Queen Pillowcase by SLIP

You absolutely can buy the gift of beauty sleep. This exquisite pure silk pillowcase took over a decade to create and now boasts the utmost anti-aging state for sleep. Crafted from the highest grade pure mulberry silk and zero toxic dyes, this bedtime beauty essential is designed to reduce skin creases, prevent premature wrinkles and combat morning bedhead.

Silk Queen Pillowcase by SLIP, £85. Available to buy here.

If you’re planning to spoil someone special this Christmas with a luxury beauty gift or stocking filler then we’re sure you’ll find something in this list to fit the bill.

Find out more about how the LYMA supplement formula works to provide a beauty advantage that is totally unrivalled by anything else on the market today.

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