Why Dr Graeme Glass Created LYMA Skincare: The Inside Story

LYMA Skincare started as a reaction to the false promises peddled by the beauty industry.

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Breakthrough discoveries are what happen when frustration drives innovation. The kind of innovation that can only come from a handful of pioneers who refuse to accept existing boundaries. LYMA Skincare may have begun as a reaction to the false promises and limited results peddled by the beauty industry, but it quickly evolved to become a feat of scientific engineering, led by the world’s best geneticists and plastic surgeons. Why merely push boundaries when you can explode them? This is how we do things at LYMA.

Dr Graeme Glass: The engineer of LYMA Skincare.

The story of LYMA Skincare begins with Dr Graeme Glass, a globally renowned facial and limb reconstructive surgeon and leading clinical expert in photobiomodulation and epigenetic stem cell biology. A specialist in optimizing the body’s capacity to heal itself, his work as a surgeon, coupled with his research into technologies designed to accelerate human regenerative potential, set him on a path that would turn the skincare industry on its head.

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Aging cells: The obstacle to healing

It was through observing post-operative patients that Dr Glass started to notice something. Why was a child’s ability to heal so quickly after major surgery so different to an adult’s? Dr Glass’s clinical studies revealed that it was more than just the presence of young cells that radically increased regeneration; it was also the absence of aging cells, which actively slow the healing process. This led to the question: what would happen if aging cells could simply be… removed?

Reimagining the skin's regenerative process

Informed by the concept behind the LYMA Laser, which was originally developed in a research center to heal injuries rather than as a beauty device, Dr Glass assembled a team of pioneering geneticists, dermatologists and biochemical engineers to see if his findings could help create a new kind of skin science. A breakthrough formula that would bypass the outdated and superficial creams incapable of delivering real and sustained change. A complete reimagining of how to support the skin’s regenerative biology. The result was LYMA Skincare. The most active skin science in the world and the first of its kind to tackle the eight mechanisms of aging. Welcome to the most significant epigenetic breakthrough of a generation and the dawn of a new era for your skin.

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