Why I Launched LYMA Skincare

LYMA Founder Lucy Goff on creating LYMA Skincare and why she’ll never pick a trendy ingredient.

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LYMA Founder Lucy Goff tells us about the journey of LYMA Skincare, why she’ll never choose a trendy ingredient, and why the world doesn’t need just another skincare brand.

First the Supplement, then the Laser, so why now LYMA Skincare?

We actually started looking to develop LYMA Skincare when we launched 5 years ago but my mission for LYMA, and the promise I made to our customers, was to only create products that are evidence-based and scientifically proven to work. What happens in the epidermis isn’t the benchmark because by that time it’s already too late. The holy grail is to change the age of the dermis; to alter gene expression so as to fundamentally shift the aging mechanisms at a cellular level. When we knew for sure our formulation was achieving that level of profound change, that’s when we knew we'd hit the mark. But even then, stabilizing this world-first formula took a further two years. Cracking that code has taken a long time.

Aren’t you a fan of luxury skincare?

With a luxury consumer background and an addiction to Harrods Beauty Hall, I love a luxury skincare product and there quite literally isn’t anything I haven’t tried. But now I’m 50 and I find myself with skin aging concerns that I want to solve in earnest, I get tired of being over-promised ‘the elixir of youth’ and inevitably being left underwhelmed. Beautiful packaging and a tactile experience are important but scientific endeavor and innovation are fundamental. The true luxury of skincare products lies in trust and the hard proof that they're working.

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Why did LYMA Skincare sidestep the beauty industry entirely?

I was certain LYMA Skincare couldn’t come from a team of cosmetic marketeers who would use words like ‘magic’ and 'miracle’. LYMA Skincare was developed by experts outside the traditional skincare industry – longevity doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and biochemists. These are not token gesture doctors, these are not cool people, these are proper hardcore scientists. Actually, they are very cool because they're so uniquely clever. We are a science company at our core, so it made sense that LYMA Skincare should come directly from the scientists who engineered it.

There’s a well trodden path in the beauty market, why attempt such a feat?

I love exceeding expectations, changing pre-conceptions and proving people wrong. I seem to operate better when the odds are against me and I’ve never been limited by other people’s perceptions of what’s possible or normal. LYMA doesn’t follow the same format that the rest of the industry follows and we never stand still. Science waits for no one, so I will always make sure we’re well ahead of the game.

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How does LYMA Skincare treat the root causes of aging?

With LYMA Skincare, we have flipped the skincare industry on its head by formulating with 80% actives and 20% water, the opposite of nearly all products on the market. Not only is it the most active skin science in existence, it’s the first protocol to address the eight causes of skin aging. We’ve selected patented ingredients proven to change gene expression, supercharge cellular energy to slow mitochondrial decline, support skin’s precious immune system, boost collagen production, repair skin tissue and rebuild the extracellular matrix. LYMA Skincare has every ability to turn back the epigenetic clock and to protect DNA function.

What’s in the LYMA Skincare formulation then?

You won’t find any trendy acids in LYMA Skincare because we will always choose the right ingredient rather than the ‘IT’ ingredient of the moment. We selected actives proven to change cellular behavior and that also work in conjunction with the LYMA Laser. For example, Wellmune® - a modified beta-glucan hydrolysed to a smaller molecular weight, causes the skin to think that it is damaged and so tells immune cells to regenerate and produce more fibers, increasing the ECM. MitoPrime™ - a patented form of Ergothioneine shown to protect skin mitochondrial DNA from damage and increase the number of mitochondria within the skin. Quercevita™ reduces cell senescence, removing ‘zombie cells’ from the skin so they can no longer degrade the healthy cells around them. These are next gen ingredients that change the aging trajectory.

How can all these active ingredients penetrate the skin?

That was the hardest aspect actually, getting molecules small enough that they can pass through the skin's protective mantle, so the body can make use of all of these powerful nutrients. The best skincare active in the world, if not formulated in a way that the skin can readily absorb, is quite literally, pointless. To truly change skin architecture, instead of just superficially plumping the surface of the skin, you have to cheat that system. A great example of this is PrimaHyal™ 50, hydrolysed to a smaller molecular weight of 50KDa, meaning that it can enter deeper layers of the skin rather than just hydrating the outermost layer. Our science community also developed a state of the art delivery system using a liposome small enough to allow for the highest rate of skin absorption. It works by releasing the encapsulated ingredients as the membranes merge with the skin, increasing the penetration of the actives throughout the entire dermis. Product efficacy skyrockets, delivering transformational results.



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