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Can I Get Stronger Skin, Hair and Nails Naturally?

Your hair, skin and nails thrive on being fed with the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Not all of these can be gained from a healthy diet and supplementing with proven ingedients can make a massive difference. With no studies to suggest that ingestible collagen works, we identified a patented beauty ingredient that feeds not just your hair and nails but also your skin. Multiple studies show it can deliver 80% stronger nails, 20% increase in hair structure and growth, 80% smoother skin and a 12% increase in wrinkle reduction.

Will Our Proven Keratin Help You?

Our patented beauty ingredient is a variant of keratin and is the most effective around, derived from sources that match human amino profiles. This means it's easier for the body to absorb. Over time, keratin delivers the triple whammy of restoring hair to its former lustre, strengthening nails, and smoothing out skin, leaving you looking and feeling your best.

Gain the Beauty Advantage

It's not myth, it's fact: LYMA can help your skin, hair and nails. Proven in independent peer-reviewed scientific papers. LYMA's proven beauty benefits will give you the advantage you're looking for.

How LYMA Can Help You

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Case studies

One Woman's Plan to Retain Thick Hair, Strong Nails and Glowing Skin

"I'm 39, but after taking LYMA I'm getting ID'd."

If you want a great takeaway about how effective LYMA is, try this. At the age of 39, Lizzie couldn't buy a bottle of wine the other day because she didn't have her ID on her. "They said they didn't believe I was 21!" she says, laughing. "It's a nice compliment."

Lizzie started taking LYMA because she was looking for a beauty shake-up. "I chopped my hair really, really short about six months ago," she explains. "If I showed you a before picture it's quite shocking." She had been suffering issues with the quality of her hair, but says since taking LYMA, her hair has improved beyond recognition.

The results, she says, have been amazing, and not just in how much it's grown in such a short period of time. "My hairdresser was so impressed to see the strength, volume and texture of my hair has massively changed. It's a huge improvement." But it's not just her hair that's changed: she's seen her nails transform too. "They're so long now! And strong. They used to be quite weak."

Her skin, too, has undergone changes: "My skin has definitely improved. Just the complexion is a lot smoother, and my lines have definitely faded out a little bit," she explains. "I feel the texture as well, it's more rejuvenated and hydrated." She says that travel used to be very hard on her skin, leaving it dry, but now she never suffers from dryness at all.

She even recommended LYMA to her best friend, who said her friend's hairdresser was also astonished by the change. "He couldn't believe how thick and shiny it's already got - because her hair is quite fine - and suddenly she's got a lot more volume and thickness," she explains. "And obviously it's from LYMA, as she doesn't take any other supplements."

Would she recommend LYMA? Absolutely. "You don't have to stop as you get older. I think you should carry on taking care of yourself, taking your supplements. Actually, it's more important as you get older," she says. "'m definitely continuing to take LYMA." Though she will make sure she has her ID with her in future.

The LYMA Supplement Starter Kit

The LYMA Supplement Starter Kit includes 30-day supply, copper storage vessel and membership that gives access to member pricing and benefits.

Monthly subscription from $199/USD

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Industry Reviews

Heather Jackson

"GenM completely supports and applauds the ethos, vision and purpose of LYMA and its founder, Lucy Goff."

Heather Jackson, Co-Founder of GEN M, a digital platform helping women thrive during the Menopause

Diane Nivern

"Taking the formula daily has helped me stay focused, energised yet calm, whilst also giving my hair, skin and nails and real boost!"

Diane Nivern, Award winning skincare specialist & facialist

Dr Adrian Lopresti PhD

"LYMA contains an impressive combination of high-quality, research-driven, patented ingredients that can help people."

Dr Adrian Lopresti PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Researcher

Dr Keira Barr

"Using LYMA simplified my daily supplement regime."

Dr Keira Barr, Dual board-certified Dermatologist and Menopause Specialist

Dana James MS, CNS, CDN

"With LYMA, there's nothing that's superfluous, it's a synergistic product that works on many biochemical levels. It helps with sleep, anxiety, mood, skin and bones."

Dana James MS, CNS, CDN, Triple certified Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Dr Nina Bal, BDS

"Since starting to take LYMA daily, I have noticed dramatically improved skin and it has helped my hair to grow back thicker and stronger than ever following both of my pregnancies."

Dr Nina Bal, BDS, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetics Doctor

Dr Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR

"Each ingredient has been tested, vetted and demonstrated its worth in a clinical trial and most importantly, at the dose that’s in there."

Dr Michael A. Grandner, PhD, MTR, Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona, and Director of the Behavioural at the Banner-University Medical Centre

Dr Donald Cox PhD

"The best way to protect yourself is to take a product like Wellmune® Blend, which is a component of the LYMA supplement, to enhance your immune system."

Dr Donald Cox PhD, Food Microbiologist at Cornell University

Kate Kerr

"LYMA is the most advanced supplement I have tried to date. I can honestly say that it’s, without question, the most effective supplement that I’ve taken."

Kate Kerr, Acclaimed Clinical Facialist

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

From 227 people

6 days ago

I was skeptical about a few things such as sleeping - actually only 2 weeks on I'm sleeping more and more after several years or very poor sleeping.

6 days ago

Best all-round health supplement I've used. Definitely worth the price. I've used Lyma supplements for years. I took a break for a couple of months because I was given an alternative product to try. However, I noticed after a few weeks that I wasn't sleeping as well and my energy levels were lower. Since I started taking them again about 3 weeks ago I've noticed a huge difference in my sleep and my anxiety levels. I intend to keep taking them and with the new subscription model, it works out to be cheaper as well. Best all-round health supplement I've used.

6 days ago

Very efficient, and a fantastic product.

6 days ago

Supplements of Gold I have seen a noticeable improvement in my energy, hair, skin, and nails. The 2 biggest changes for me: 1. I am FINALLY able to get up early enough to work out before work. 2. I have transitioned from walking to running because I feel SO good. Worth every penny!!

Ms Bee
1 month ago

The products are outstanding - the supplements did help me out of a long stretch of overwhelm and back to center during menopause. I tried HRT before and threw it in the bin after just one week as it only got worse and placed my first order with LYMA. Their supplements worked their magic fast. Now I can handle anything life throws at me again with grace, ease, and efficiency. The Skin System works well for me so far, too but I have to admit I still want to be more consistent. My skin is so much better already with using the Serum & Cream in the mornings and after a laser treatment, which I manage to do once or twice a week so far. My issues were breakouts and rosacea, the breakouts are long gone and the rosacea is getting much better. Last but not least I really want to mention the impeccable concierge service (Thank you, Jennifer Von), they always go above and beyond to support you, which I am very grateful for!


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