Behind the Skin at the Met Gala: Joanna Czech’s Top Skin Prep Tips

Joanna Czech divulges what it’s really like prepping A-list skin for the Met Gala.

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She’s the extraordinarily talented facialist behind the immaculate skin at every A-list red carpet event, including this year’s Met Gala. Whilst the elaborate gowns were still being stitched and the make-up mood boards being deliberated over, Joanna Czech already had a headstart on the skin prep.

“The more artistic the make-up look, the more perfect the skin needs to be. Skin is where every Met Gala beauty look starts and for that, the prep is serious. I like to start with clients a month or so before so we can treat any major concern and put them on an at-home routine. Then, when we get closer to the date it’s about keeping the skin nourished, hydrated, and calm,” says Joanna Czech.

For the 2024 Met Gala, Joanna Czech created the lifted and luminous complexions of Lily Aldridge, Eva Chen, Cythia Erivo and Cailee Spaeny to name but a few.

LYMA red laser model met gala

Phoebe Dynevor’s glowing Met Gala skin

Skin plays a pivotal part in every Met Gala look, so much so in fact, that the design inspiration for Phoebe Dynevor’s ethereal custom Victoria Beckham dress was the actress’ own flawless complexion.

“Hundreds of hand-cut flowers painstakingly stitched onto delicate tulle and vintage lace – each one dyed to a “faded rose” shade chosen specifically to match the Bridgerton star’s skin tone,” reported British Vogue.

“I really wanted to design the gown with her in mind – to be almost like an extension of her. We even hand-dyed the flowers to match her skin,” Victoria Beckham told Vogue. And yes, let’s talk about that skin tone. Joanna Czech was the expert facialist responsible for achieving Phoebe Dynevor’s flawless red carpet skin and that meant employing hermost trusted hi-tech skin tool - the LYMA Laser.

“Almost all of my clients already have a LYMA Laser which is part of the homework I assign them. When they are consistently using their LYMA Lasers, their skin is more unified and a great base for my products and treatments.” - Joanna Czech.

The superpower skin device Joanna Czech uses on all her A-list clients

Czech is a long-time fan of the LYMA Laser and cannot praise it enough for its transformational abilities. The 500mW near-infrared low-level laser light that’s completely cold and supercharges skin cells into renewal without any need for inflicting heat or any damage, signals the future of skin laser rejuvenation. The LYMA Laser emits powerful clinic-grade coherent, monochromatic, polarized laser light that interacts directly with skin cells deep within the skin to redirect gene expression towards regeneration and repair. This zero damage approach generates immediate skin boosting benefits as well as a profound shift in cellular behavior, making it the ultimate device for pre-event skin prep as well as long-term skin health.

“Since using the LYMA Laser, my clients have noticed brighter skin, increased skin elasticity, controlled rosacea, reduced pore size and fine lines, making it the perfect tool for the perfect base.”

LYMA laser lucy goff joanna czech

The LYMA X Joanna Czech Facial

From the comfort and seclusion of her New York SoHo Skin Studio, Joanna Czech carried out her custom LYMA X Joanna Czech Facial on Phoebe Dynevor and a host of other A-list faces. The treatment begins with a sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a combination of targeted serums tailored to her client’s skin's needs on that day. This is followed with the LYMA Laser to improve skin elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and push skincare products deeper into the skin.

The bare faced truth

Joanna Czech gives us the inside track on creating the complexions for fashion’s biggest night out.

What do you love most about prepping skin for the Met Gala?

JC: “I love the Met Gala especially because of my ties to New York. It's fun to be able to work from my studio here and connect with both old and new friends. I love fashion so it’s fun to be a part of it.”

What are the biggest skin trends right now?

JC: “I always say that I love trends when it comes to makeup and fashion but when it comes to skin, you need to treat it with care and consistency.”

What are the skin considerations for celebrities flying in for the Met Gala?

JC: “Different climates can tremendously affect your skin. During this time in New York, the weather is ideal for events like the Met Gala due to the mild temperatures. There is more moisture in the air at this time making your skin more prone to that glowy look. It makes it great for me to do my treatments because I really enhance the skin.”

How are the A-list approaching their skincare these days?

JC: “What I love about this time in skin care is that more people are focused on skin health. Both the fashion and Hollywood crowd are interested in learning and becoming more educated. It's fun helping them come up with a routine for their healthiest skin possible and that’s guaranteed with the LYMA Laser.”


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