Al Had Been on Antibiotics for His Blemishes for Five Years. LYMA Cleared it in a Week

After five years on 'really strong' antibiotics, the LYMA Supplement worked in seven days.

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Blemishes in adulthood are rare, but crippling when they happen. After years of trying to nuke it with antibiotics, Al found a much easier solution with LYMA.

Al MacCuish had pimples as a teenager, and never expected that it would return in his adult life. “Those of us who had it when we were teenagers remember the discomfort and the awkwardness and the self consciousness,” he explains, “so it was a really big deal for me.” At 50, he’d been on “really strong anti-inflammatory antibiotics” for five years, “and I knew that was definitely not good for me or my health long term.”

That was when he was recommended LYMA. “Within a week, the spots had completely gone.” Converted, he stayed on LYMA for seven months before taking a break. “Within six weeks, the blemishes came back,” he explains. “So I am back in the fold, taking LYMA twice a day, and have clear skin again.”

But it wasn’t just his skin that improved: “the first, immediate benefit you feel is incredible sleep. I had weeks of vivid dreams, and waking up feeling genuinely rested.” The sleep helped to make him feel more focused too, and he was amazed at how it culminated in such a marked improvement in his life and skin.

Al is conscious of his health - “I’m 50 so there’s no excuses for not knowing the facts” - and thinks that it’s always worth investing in. That’s why he thinks LYMA is worth it for anyone who needs, at the very least, dermatological support. “It has been genuinely transformative. I will tell anybody who's got issues with their skin and are having challenges managing it: LYMA works.”

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How does the LYMA Supplement improve your skin?

LYMA uses Cynatine® HNS, a patented form of keratin. Keratin is one of the biggest names in the beauty supplement game, but few have the right amino acid profile to actually be accessed by you or I.

LYMA’s patented form of keratin, cynatine HNS, the world’s first fully solubilised keratin, meaning your bod can absorb it much easier than any other form. Cynatine will work to improve your skin, hair and nails: after 30 days of supplementation, a study showed that:

  • 60% of the participants reported an 80%+ improvement in the smoothness of their skin
  • 79% of participants reported that their skin felt less rough
  • 75% of participants registered a 12% decrease in the depth of their wrinkles

Learn more about keratin here. Worried more about scarring from past blemishes than a new outbreak? Here’s how LYMA’s breakthrough Laser can tackle pimple scars.

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How does the LYMA Supplement fight blemishes?

LYMA contains two ingredients that are particularly primed for improving your skin. One is Lycored Lycopene™, a potent carotenoid that studies show can fight spots by diminishing excess oil, balancing the skin’s natural bacteria, and reducing the appearance of pores.

Carotenoids are the pigments that give tomatoes, watermelons and guavas their vibrant colour. Our body can’t produce it on its own, which is why supplementation is the best course of action. By taking our patented and extensively reviewed Lycored Lycopene™, you can increase the carotenoid level in plasma, skin and adipose tissue, which also supports healthy circulation and heart health. Lycopene also inhibits the skin’s natural breaking down of its collagen levels, keeping skin plump and younger.

Learn more about the many benefits of lycopene here.


How does the LYMA Supplement work?

Most supplements out there on the market today are a placebo: they use ingredients with no medical evidence to back up their efficacy, in amounts that vary per capsule, in forms that aren’t necessarily bioavailable and therefore useable by the body.

This is what we wanted to tackle: a market full of options that don’t seem to work. No more trying to devise a cocktail of perfect supplements from the shelves of your local shop. Our beautiful copper capsules come to your door once a month, and manage to truly supplement your health in ways a healthy diet can’t and any other supplement could never manage to do. Whether it’s your immune system, mood, sleep or physical appearance, the LYMA Supplement’s combination of patented, clinically trialled and proven ingredients are the product of top scientists figuring out how to give you a real advantage in life.


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