It's an exclusive... LYMA Skincare launches on goop

We are delighted that our US customers will now find LYMA Skincare at goop.

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We are delighted that our US customers will now find LYMA Skincare at goop - it's an exclusive for our American friends. Our FDA-cleared Laser created seismic beauty waves when it launched in 2022, selling out not once, not twice but three times in its launch month.

Gwyneth and her goop team are wellness pioneers, proving time and again they’re willing to explore where many of our comfort zones wouldn’t stretch to. Their tough, critical approach to assessing all the newest launches and ensuring the claims stand up aligns with our approach to testing, efficacy and ensuring results are not hoped for, they are proven.

Largely responsible for that monumental task is goop Buying Director Kelly Faulds, when we launched the laser we sat down with Kelly to understand more about what all that science-based scrutiny entails. Here’s what she divulged….

Talk us through the vetting process for GOOP and how LYMA made the grade?

“We have a scientific and regulatory portal for vetting the products we sell at goop, ensuring that they deliver on our promise that products at goop are made and sold with integrity and follow specific safety, efficacy and quality standards. Our world-class science and research team uses an evidence-based approach to screen products’ ingredients and claims. We screen for additional factors above and beyond what most companies require and identify new standards and measures to raise the bar in terms of quality. We partner with like-minded, quality-committed brands. Our team has been working with LYMA for over four years as they navigated the complicated (and often timely) process to obtain FDA clearance.”

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When we strive to keep life simple, what role do you think tech plays in the future of wellness?

“Despite a movement to slow down during the last few years, we have seen the customer transition back to a similar pace of life as pre-pandemic. That said, the appetite is leaning towards more streamlined and straightforward routines, where the consumer can have more control over their wellness and beauty routines. We have seen this demand take off particularly in at-home devices that can target multiple concerns in a variety of verticals; from skincare, infrared, fitness and sexual wellness.”

What’s the goop attitude to aging and taking action to alter the physical appearance?

“At goop, we are proponents of celebrating the aging process, as it’s a natural (and beautiful) part of life. That said, we understand the strive for healthy, glowing skin; taking care of yourself from the inside out and supplementing with efficacious and clean skincare is our solution.”

What’s hands down the best thing about your role and working at goop?

“There are a lot of incredible parts of my job, but one of the best is discovering and working with new brands, and bringing them to market to introduce to the customer. I am truly grateful to work with such an incredible team, and so many cutting-edge brands that are changing the industry through safe and effective products.”



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