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When you launch a global-first skincare line and a cosmetic light device that breaks every existing barrier, there’s understandably a long list of questions. LYMA doesn’t expect our customers to be qualified skintellectuals, we know this level of science and newness sparks many questions. Is it better to hold or to glide the Laser over your skin? What about SPF and where does retinol come into it? What if I use two lasers at once? What if I used it on my head? Hands up, who’s got a question about the LYMA Laser and Skincare?

The doctor will see you now

Dr Graeme Glass is a Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. He’s so ahead of his field that he’s been appointed Aesthetic Director at LYMA and is the scientist behind the most advanced epigenetic skincare in the world right now. His impressive credentials make him the perfect expert to answer every question about the LYMA Laser and LYMA Skincare. From the basic to the boffin-level, we put them all to him.

The top 10 most asked skincare questions

Is it better to hold still or glide the Laser over your skin?

To treat facial skin as a whole, glide the LYMA Laser slowly and steadily over the skin for 30 mins a day, for the first 12 weeks. To treat a particular area, such as wrinkles between the brows or on patches of pigmentation, hold it still over that point for three full minutes before moving on to the next.

Is there a benefit to using two lasers at a time like I’ve seen the pros do?

Many high-profile facial aestheticians use the Laser as a pre red carpet treatment as benefits like tone and luminosity are seen immediately. Using two lasers simultaneously in tandem makes more sense from a time-saving perspective, as two lasers will cover a larger surface area than one. So in treatment terms, it’s a smart approach but still the most profound regenerative benefits are from long-term, regular use.

How does a one-hour treatment work for celebrities, when I need 12 weeks?

There are definitely immediate benefits from one-off use and this is why high-profile aestheticians favor the Laser for red carpet events. Having said that, the best results are achieved through long-term daily use. Plus, don't forget that most of these Hollywood clients are also using the LYMA Laser every day at home too.

Do we need to use retinol with the skincare?

The LYMA Skincare products already have a retinol derivative in them called retinol palmitate. It’s both highly effective and one of the milder forms of retinol associated with less redness and irritation, so there’s no need to use retinol in addition to the Cream and Serum. As for the Laser, there’s every reason to think it could be synergistic alongside retinol and in fact, it should mitigate the sensitivity and inflammatory effects of the retinol.

What about SPF and the Laser?

You can use the Laser whilst wearing sunscreen because SPF is designed to filter out UV light only. The LYMA Laser emits LLLT which is near-infrared red light, so won’t be filtered out by SPF filters and you’ll still receive its full beneficial effects.

Am I okay to use the LYMA Skincare around my eyes?

Yes, the LYMA Skincare is entirely safe to use around the delicate eye area. Actually, one of the specific indications we considered in formulating the skincare was managing eye problems like dark circles, fine lines, itchiness and under-eye bags. The Laser is also inherently anti-inflammatory, so it too is highly beneficial for puffiness, fine lines and eye bags. It can even be used directly on the eyelid for a lifting effect.

Can you use the LYMA Laser after fillers?

It’s important to remember that fillers come in many forms. There are autologous dermal fillers such as fat, temporary Hyaluronic Acid fillers and a variety of more permanent fillers. There’s no evidence to suggest that the LYMA Laser is unsafe for use with any of them but it's vital you take your doctor's advice on your specific fillers. Some are more long-lasting than others but the LYMA Laser will not influence the chemical composition of dermal fillers.

I’m not convinced I’m seeing much results from the Laser. What am I doing wrong?

It’s biologically impossible for the LYMA Laser not to work on everyone. However, there are potential reasons for varying results between individuals, so it’s also important to look at your skincare protocol in the context of your overall lifestyle. Potential factors could be extrinsic aging processes like smoking, drinking alcohol or sleep. Are you exposing your skin to some extrinsic factors of aging which will be detrimental to the benefits of the Laser? Next, make sure you’re using the Laser as directed. Although there’s no real ‘wrong’ way to use the Laser, perhaps there’s scope to improve the way you’re using it. If you feel like the results aren’t meeting your expectations then the first port of call is to contact the LYMA Concierge service and get bespoke guidance.

Does the Laser work better on younger or older skin?

The LYMA Laser is not ageist. Near-infrared laser light is inclusive technology that works on every skin across all tones, types and age groups. Laser light energy transference will have a preventative effect on younger skin and reverse many of the signs of aging in older skin. Think of the Laser as a master switch for tissue repair and regeneration which is the same whether skin is young or old.

Can the Laser help with scalp inflammation due to stress?

The Laser is inherently anti-inflammatory, therefore it manages and reduces all pro-inflammatory actions like stress, tissue injury or trauma. So yes, feel free to use it on your head to calm scalp inflammation. Come back to me with how it goes!



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